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CHICKEN is a staple in many homes due to its versatility, but can be inconsistent when cooking and reheating.

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s safe to reheat your delicious chicken dinner, we have the answer.

Leftovers can be a concern if you don't heat them properly


Leftovers can be a concern if you don’t heat them properly

Can you reheat boiled chicken?

In short, yes you can, which is good news for those who hate waste.

When reheating any type of poultry, you must be careful not to undercook it.

However, if you cook it too long, the chicken could also dry out and become inedible.

There’s a fine line to be drawn, but checking your food as it’s reheating should ensure your leftovers are cooked to perfection.

You should also be aware of how long it has been in the fridge. Anything longer than three days and you should throw it away!

How many times can you reheat chicken?

Lydia Buchtmann of the Food Safety Information Council told that you can reheat chicken as many times as you want.

The most important thing is that it should be consistently hot.

Chicken should reach at least 70 degrees Celsius and the only accurate way to measure this is with a cooking thermometer.

Get one and you’ll be golden!

How to reheat boiled chicken?

Depending on the tools you have at your disposal and how you cooked the chicken in the first place, you can reheat your meal in a variety of ways.


A crucial step in keeping your chicken tasty is to preheat your oven before cooking.

Pat the chicken you plan to eat before adding some oil to crisp up the skin.

Food should be heated until it holds a temperature of 70ºC or more for two minutes.

Make sure it is consistently hot before serving.


Microwaves don’t always heat food evenly, so this requires a little more attention than the oven.

Halfway through cooking, remove your food and stir to ensure your food is heated evenly.

Cook on full power for at least three minutes, then let the dish rest for two minutes before serving.

The best way to ensure your meal is ready to eat is to cut the chicken into smaller pieces.

This will ensure the meat is fully heated and will prevent the center from going cold, which can happen if it’s a large piece of chicken.


Add oil or butter to the hot pan before adding the chicken, then cover if you want to retain moisture.

Heat for about five minutes, turning halfway to ensure the meat is thoroughly warmed through.

If the meat has been divided into smaller pieces, make sure they don’t overlap or touch.

Adding a few drops of water or chicken broth can also keep it from drying out.

Can you reheat thawed chicken?

If the chicken was raw when it was frozen and you thawed and cooked it fully, you can freeze the leftovers after cooking.

For good food safety, you should not thaw and then refreeze raw chicken or meat without cooking it.

At best, all you have to worry about is poor quality or freezer burn, at worst, there could be bacteria making you sick.

The Food Standards Agency says: “Reheating is re-cooking, not just reheating. Always heat food until fully steaming hot (you should only do this once).”

You can safely store and reheat your leftovers while avoiding food poisoning. Just make sure everything is cooked before storing. Can you reheat boiled chicken? – The US sun


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