Can You Marry a Hologram?

If you could marry anything in this world, what would it be? For some, they could marry the weirdest things and even fictional characters found in darmowe gry hazardowe. Marrying non-living things has become the norm as we have recently witnessed. 

People are attracted to other things other than their usual ‘human soulmates.’ For instance, someone married a tree, and others are tying knots with their dolls. Another woman married the Berlin Wall, and a man in Los Angeles married his phone. In short, more people are marrying bizarre things including a duvet, a chandelier, cardboard cutouts, and even their pets.

With that mentioned, in 2018, Akihiko Kondo, a civil servant in Japan, married Hatsune Miku, an over-sexed virtual home assistant created by a Japanese company named Gatebox. Kondo’s mother did not approve of the wedding. But this did not stop the two lovebirds from getting married. 

The small ceremony still took place and did cost over $17,000. It was attended by about 40 guests but excluding all the man’s relatives. Since Miku is a hologram, the bride was represented by a stuffed doll, which still wears the wedding band on its left arm. 

Miku is a virtual forever 16-year-old singer who, according to Kondo, does several things that a normal wife would do. She wakes him up in the morning, turns the lights on and off, texts him through the day, and acts just like any other virtual assistant. However, Miku does not do other wife duties such as demand for emotional intimacy or any other physical activity that couples may engage in. 

A Not-So-New Relationship Experience

Kondo is not the only one. At least 3,000 people are going for marriage certificates featuring their favorite or “forever after” fictional characters since 2017. According to Amazon, over a million people have asked Alexa to marry them and the number is growing continuously. 

People with who technology is playing a part in their sexual orientation such as Kondo are referred to as “second-wave digisexuals.” First-wave digisexuals are people who use things like dating apps to find their real partners. On the other hand, second-wave digisexuals are not interested in a human romantic relationship but want one with technology such as holograms or fictional video game characters. 

However, these new couples are still dreaming of digital possibilities. Some wish that technological advancement will allow them to interact with their digital partners in the future and allow them to grow together.

Well, you might think you have seen everything in the world, but it seems not. People are indeed getting married to unexpected things and we might see more of these weddings in the coming years, especially with the advanced technology and development of the metaverse. 

Although the marriage between Kondo and Miku might seem strange, it is what some people are wishing for. So, if you are wondering if you can marry a hologram, the answer is yes. The only problem is that such kinds of relationships depend on hardware and software. This means they depend on upgrades and are short-lived.

Huynh Nguyen

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