Can I watch Hustle with children?

Hurry is an inspirational, feel-good sports comedy coming to Netflix tomorrow, June 8th. Featuring the movie stars Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah, as well as cameos from countless NBA players, many people are looking forward to seeing the new film. But is it okay for families or parents to watch with kids?

Those reading this are probably curious as to how abusive or adult they are Hurry is like a movie. With Adam Sandler on board, many might be confused as to whether or not it’s okay for families. Sandler has done a lot of family-friendly comedy, but he’s also done much more racy, hard-hitting R-rated movies.

Below we give you the (spoiler-free) facts about it Hurry So you can decide if it’s suitable for a family movie night.

Hustle maturity level

Hurry is rated R because of the language. For the most part, there’s not much else in the film that’s worth giving it an R rating for being a feel-good sports drama.

Are there swear words in Hustle?

In case of Hurry, I’d say it’s relatively tame when it comes to adult themes. However, there is some crude language and crude jokes. You’ll hear a lot of swear words from the characters, but it’s mostly used for trash-talking on the court or for comedic purposes. Parents should use their own discretion, but when it comes to R ratings, this one is mild.

Is there nudity or sex in Hustle?

A scene set near a pool also features a topless woman (but it’s from behind so you can barely see the side of her chest). Otherwise, no, there’s no actual nudity (apart from some shirtless men playing basketball) and there aren’t any sex scenes or much romance at all.

There’s a running joke that a character is addicted to porn, and some references to masturbation, but nothing is shown, so it falls more under crude jokes.

Is there drug use in Hustle?

No, there is no drug use in this film and even drinking is kept to a minimum, with a few characters drinking in bars and that’s about it.

Hurry begins streaming on Netflix tomorrow, June 8th. Can I watch Hustle with children?

Aila Slisco

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