Call yourself a man of the people Prince Harry? You live selfishly and don’t know what to do without a job

Oh, Harry. Sitting on it will likely be increasingly cold, lonely and alienated, aloft your virtuous horse.

As you glide through the fields of gold and enlightenment leads you to the promised land of endorsements and brand representations, stop sometimes to belittle us as mere mortals and share with us the splinters of your privileged wisdom.

Ulrika wrote


Ulrika wroteCredit: Getty

But you still have to feel uncomfortable. What a wonderful life you must have.

But your latest tips didn’t work out for someone hoping to be a men’s man.

It’s not only careless and stupid to tell people who are struggling at work that it doesn’t bring them joy to quit is not only careless and stupid, but it’s another sign that you’re completely out of touch with reality.

My disappointment is palpable. Of all the royals, you always show humility and vulnerability. And your acceptance of a fluctuating mental health makes you love me.

However, to hear from an Eton-educated, elitist and advantageous man, speaking from his £11 million mansion in California, that ‘retirement should be organised’, is an irresponsible act that cannot be forgiven.

Harry, you are so out of touch. You are so isolated and confused that it would be funny if it weren’t so worrying.

Of course the theory of quitting your job because it makes you inferior or lets you down and makes you want to suffocate your co-workers is an ideal one.

It can be the answer to many people’s problems and deep unhappiness. After all, we spend a third of our lives working.

However, the lack of foresight and responsibility, the sense of privilege that flows from your own words, Harry, angers me.

Imagine you quit your job with a mortgage hanging over your body and without any means – to support yourself, unlike the princes among us who can separate themselves from the big family their more to pursue commercial projects that will bring endless wealth. That would be financial suicide.

As a champion of mental health awareness, your words are, at best, careless.

Imagine what a financial hit, losing your credit rating, and facing a bleak financial future would do to your mind and spirit.

Your observations are a preservation of the wealthy, laid-back, wealthy upper/middle classes who don’t need to stress about where the next meal might come from.

There is a very active movement towards quality of life and understanding that we should all strive to work to live – not live to work.

Ulrika Jonsson

Recently I came across a few young people who appeared to be experiencing existential crises.

They are wondering what to do with their lives, taking the time to contemplate and consider their role in the world and the contributions they can be expected to make.

The pursuit of happiness is essential. But so is the food on the table and the ability to pay the bills in a rat race that we find ourselves.

There is a very active movement towards quality of life and understanding that we should all strive to work to live – not live to work.

The Swedes established decades ago and created a better working environment for most, if not all, workers, providing and implementing laws that implement and parental rights in most cases. all businesses and industries.

I think every day about the people who take our trash away, about the people who work the night shift because they have mouths to feed on, about the people on the bare minimum wage forced to clean the toilets and wipe the blood on the hospital walls. our institute, of those who are out in our fields in all weather, picking the crops with their ailing bodies.

Do they have the luxury of wondering what could bring them happiness?

Will they squander it to give up their meager wages, turning away from tumultuous jobs in pursuit of happiness and joy? I think not.

I’m fortunate to have a job that I mostly love but I’ve had complicated times in my career where I wanted to give up and start over.

And then I would look over my shoulder and see four mouths to feed and bills to pay and I kept plowing.

I think we can all agree that if you, Harry, are not from Windsor House but are instead sitting on a council estate, those bold words won’t come out of your mouth. century, your prerogative.

‘Elegant’ tip from stupid to Bey-lieve

Talking to work, a certain random woman, Anna Bey, who calls herself an “elegant coach” and is giving unsolicited advice is falling on deaf ears in the house. I.

Obviously, if you follow her instructions, which I seem unlikely to be able to do, they will help you live a feminine lifestyle in hopes of attracting a wealthy partner.

Anna Bey looks relaxed in a yellow dress


Anna Bey looks relaxed in a yellow dressCredit: annabey / Instagram

Well then, it’s my fault. But anyway, I never imagined a bunch of money.

Here are some of her tips for picking a man by bringing out your best and most elegant:

1. Luxury ladies should avoid excessive sharing and indulgence in certain things.

First, I’m not a woman. I like to overshare. I gave it to myself and if it was too much I would apologize, but I won’t. After all, I was never enough.

2. Classy ladies should not repeat rumors.

Are you sure you’re racing? You know how boring my life would be without a little trouble. I want to know it ALL. And while you can trust me, know I’m the ears.

3. Classy ladies should not brag about good deeds.

Fair score. But if I didn’t mention the number of toilet rolls I changed and the amount of dirty clothes I picked up on the floor, who would pat me on the back?

4. Classy ladies should not discuss their future plans or exchange controversial opinions.

Oh, you still haven’t met me, have you? I won’t always edit what comes out of my mouth. A woman without opinions is known as a doormat. I am not one of them.

5. Classy ladies do not reveal intimate details of their love life.
Professor. It might be a little late for that. I am Swedish. We discuss anything and everything. We are trash.


CHRISTMAS wouldn’t be Christmas without controversy, would it?

What will dominate the majority of disputes this year will certainly be about whether there are tax-free people in our homes. God willing, BoJo and the No10 drivers really let us spend time together.

Party spoiler... Boris Johnson


Party spoiler… Boris JohnsonCredit: Reuters

I surround myself with reasonable people. All my close friends and family have done their best for society and against Covid.

They have rolled up their valid sleeves when required, tested regularly, and quarantined or quarantined when required.

I’m totally fed up with the anti-vax team. Many of the people I have met are the younger generation. They are conspiracy theorists.

They believe that it is all a myth or a lie and that we are being controlled. Strong. They are entitled to their opinion.

But I’m afraid if you’re pretty happy that the rest of us have vaccines – which I might add, we’re not just doing it for our own good, we’re doing it to protect others. else – then you shouldn’t ‘not take advantage of the tentative freedoms we have. No matter how stingy.

If someone hasn’t been vaxed and wants to come over to my house for Christmas when I have others here, you won’t cross my threshold.


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is changing his threat to introduce a £33 fee on Home Counties passengers entering the capital.

There is already a Congestion Charge, I have no objection. Extremely low emission zone fees – good thinking. Low emission zone – fair enough.

Sadiq Khan is threatening to tax Home County commuters


Sadiq Khan is threatening to tax Home County commutersCredit: Getty

But now, potentially, a fee in the London Boundary, essentially a levy on people entering from the outer boroughs.

I mainly go to London for work and it’s usually by car. It doesn’t happen often and I can afford the new charge.

But what about all those people who have the right jobs, real and very important, like those in the emergency services, the very people who feed us but don’t make enough money.

How the hell do they have to shoulder such a tax?
Not everyone can use reliable public transportation. Not everyone can travel while the train runs.

If public transport in this country were half better, I could be converted. But I am now more likely to go to London by donkey than by train.

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