Burn Injuries in Car Accidents: A Victim’s Guide To Seeking Legal Help in Florida

Sustaining a burn injury due to a car accident is a traumatizing event. Medical treatment for burns can be painful and could go on for months, sometimes longer. Medical procedures like skin grafts, surgery, and rehabilitation could quickly consume your life. You’ll need to focus on your recovery and won’t have much time for anything else.

Burn injuries caused by a car accident can be incredibly costly. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you’re entitled to compensation. Your ongoing medical bills shouldn’t be your responsibility, and your pain and suffering should also be considered. And what if you never fully recover? Who pays for that?

What To Do if You Receive Burn Injuries in a Car Accident in Florida

After you’ve received immediate medical care and are on your way toward recovery, you must seek out a professional car accident lawyer in Miami. You’re entitled to compensation from the liable party for medical bills and several other things. Your attorney can help you navigate the legal process, protect your rights, and maximize your damages. Overall, a lawyer can handle negotiations with insurance companies and file a lawsuit if necessary, ensuring that the plaintiff’s interests are represented and their chances of a favorable outcome increase.

The Sunshine State’s statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit is four years from the date of the accident. Possible compensation can be paid for:

  • Ambulance rides
  • Hospital stays
  • Doctor visits
  • Consults with specialists
  • Plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery
  • Medical devices
  • Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Medications

You may also be able to receive compensation for things other than medical bills. This will need to be discussed with your accident lawyer; however, other damages from the accident could include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Current and future lost wages
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Florida

Once you’ve chosen a professional personal injury attorney, you can start the process of filing a lawsuit to receive compensation for your damages. Although you can technically file the lawsuit yourself, you’ll have a much better chance of receiving proper compensation for your injuries by working with a professional. Your job is to heal. Their job is to ensure you’re properly compensated for all damages.

Although no two personal injury cases are identical, the process of filing a lawsuit more or less follows the same path. Here’s what to expect.

Gather Evidence

Your lawyer will help you to gather all of the required evidence to prove that your burn injuries were due to neglect and were caused by the driver who caused the accident. This can include police accident reports, photographs of the accident scene, dashcam footage, and witness statements.

File a Complaint with the Court

Once you’ve gathered all of the evidence available, your lawyer will file a formal complaint with the appropriate court. This document will contain your legal claims and what damages you are seeking.

Serve the Dependent

After the complaint has been filed with the court, your lawyer will serve the defendant a copy of the complaint and a summons. The defendant must respond to the complaint within a specified time.


The discovery phase is when both parties meet to present what evidence they have. Depositions will be taken, and information will be exchanged between both parties. During the discovery phase, both parties may agree to avoid a trial and use resolution dispute methods such as mediation or arbitration. Most personal injury cases don’t go to trial and are resolved during the discovery phase.

If both parties cannot reach a settlement agreement, the case will proceed and go to trial. During the trial, both sides will present their information to either a judge or a judge or jury. Be aware that Florida’s average personal injury trial can take anywhere from 9 to 18 months.

Know What To Expect When Seeking Compensation from a Burn Injury

Seeking compensation for damages after a car accident can be a time-consuming experience. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer can save you the headache of navigating Florida’s personal injury laws. The defendant’s insurance company will try to settle with you quickly to avoid a lengthy and costly trial. However, they will always lowball the amount, so hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is crucial.

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