Brittany Murphy’s brother speaks out in search of ‘justice’ 13 years after ‘murder’ during hunt for Star’s missing mother

It’s been thirteen years to the day since Brittany Murphy passed away, but it’s still painful for her brother Tony Bertolotti.

The Clueless actress died suddenly on December 20, 2009 at the age of 32 in the bathroom of her Hollywood Hills home.

Brittany Murphy died on December 20, 2009 at the age of 32 in the bathroom of her Hollywood Hills home


Brittany Murphy died on December 20, 2009 at the age of 32 in the bathroom of her Hollywood Hills homePhoto credit: Getty Images
Murphy's brother has opened up about his quest for


Murphy’s brother has opened up about his quest for “justice” 13 years after her deathCredit: Facebook
Murphy's brother believes their mother Sharon knows more about her death


Murphy’s brother believes their mother Sharon knows more about her deathCredit: Facebook

Murphy’s husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, 40, died five months later in similar circumstances.

The LA coroner ruled the deaths were a result of pneumonia, anemia and drug poisoning after dozens of prescription pills were found in the actress and Monjack’s system.

Tony believes neither was an accident and both were murdered, but he has given up seeking justice.

He’s disgusted that her mother, Sharon – who lived with the couple and was rumored to be in a relationship with Monjack – went into hiding for over a decade without providing any answers about what happened that night and where all the $10 million was Fortunes were went by Brittany.

Brittany Murphy's half-brother refuses to watch HBO documentaries about her life
Brittany Murphy's husband has

The 74-year-old is linked to Brittany through father Angelo, who died in January 2019 at the age of 92 after years of trying to uncover the truth about his daughter.

Tony exclusively reveals for the first time that his father discovered three people were in control of the estate after Brittany passed away – Sharon, a newspaper editor, and a doctor who treated her.

Monjack was reportedly written out of the will and the entire estate went to Sharon, but as Brittany’s estate was held in a trust this avoids public probate records and the contents of her estate remain confidential.

Monjack is believed to have siphoned off hundreds of thousands with her chief executive Jeffrey Morgenroth, who suggested up to 80 per cent had disappeared, adding: “There were huge amounts of money in there [Brittany’s] Retirement plan and bank account, and it’s all gone.

“I would see it on the statements. Simon withdrew money, hundreds of thousands.”

Speaking exclusively from his Florida home, Tony adds: “Sharon knows the truth and she has not answered the phone with any family member and told them the truth.

“I’m the eldest since my father left and I haven’t heard anything. As far as I’m concerned, she’s worthless to herself and to everyone else.

“That has nothing to do with it [finding the] Money. Believe me. I wouldn’t touch the money anyway because it’s all evil. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that money. Forget it, this is dirty.

“But do I have faith that something will happen in the future? No I haven’t, it’s a dead matter. I don’t think justice is done, absolutely not.

“The estate was left to Sharon, an editor for a major Hollywood newspaper, he was on the paperwork for her estate and also a diabetes doctor from Miami who she saw.

“Those were the controlling names on the estate. Brittany had no control over this property.

“So they had the estate wrapped up. My father had the blood test done [toxicity report]who found impurities in her blood including arsenic.

“There’s no way she died of natural causes. It is impossible. It’s bullshit, total crap.

“It was obvious to me, she was taken out.”

Tony has turned down interview requests from documentarians and other media, but says someone needs to testify for a breakthrough in the case.

He says if Sharon can’t, the butler is the main other link to the dead couple.

“Someone would have to produce evidence and testify. You have to have solid evidence of a player,” says Tony.

“The guy who has the real information is the butler. He knows more than anyone. He quit because the place was a madhouse. He confided in my father.

“Pop died and couldn’t come forward or he’d still be moving.

“She didn’t die of natural causes. Did she die of the flu? In my eyes this is absurd. What are you kidding? She only had to walk five blocks away and they would take care of her [at a hospital].”

Brittany was found unconscious on her bathroom floor by her mother Sharon at 8am and Monjack heard her screams before putting his wife in the shower to revive her.

But Tony suspects someone somewhere is not telling the truth and there is a cover up.

But with Sharon practically wiped off the face of the earth and Monjack dead, we’ll always wonder if Brittany was poisoned by whom? And why?

“We see how corruption is exposed in today’s world compared to then and if you look at Brittany’s death through the glasses we have on now, I feel like the circumstances were ignored by the detectives who said it wasn’t replies.

“Why did they put her in a hot shower, that’s how you get the temperature up. They knew what the hell they were doing. She’s been dead a long time. Why?’

But he doesn’t hold his breath because Sharon suddenly appears in public life, but suspects that she lives somewhere in the USA under an alias.

Tony, a former professional saxophonist who has played with Bruce Springsteen and Diana Ross, now lives quietly on his Florida ranch, living off the country as he can no longer let the subject “burn” him.

“Sharon is not dead as if someone would tell me. In the business she was in, she had to have a different name. It was made by the people in the house, whoever they were,” he says.

“There’s a difference between thinking about it and burning about it. I’m not burning anymore I only pray that my sister rests in peace.

“I’ve been contacted by people from all over to do documentaries, to do this, to do that. I tell them I only want one thing… I want my sister to rest in peace now.

“When that thing happened with Brittany, things happened to me, I had to go to the doctor, I had to get blood pressure meds. I’ve been trying to keep myself from going insane now, staying calm. I had to stop.

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“I had to stay home on my little ranch. I’ve been here for 25 years. We have chickens and goats and my neighbor has some cattle in the backyard, we bake our own bread. I have solar panels for when power goes out and all that stuff.

“It’s nothing special, I live within my means. I feel satisfied.” Brittany Murphy’s brother speaks out in search of ‘justice’ 13 years after ‘murder’ during hunt for Star’s missing mother


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