Breasts Lost Shape? Try These Methods and Products

As a young woman, your breasts tend to be perky and full. However, as you advance in age, their appearances change. They may not be as well-endowed as they used to be, and the nipples may even point downwards.

As much as this may not have any health implications, sagginess can affect your self-esteem and confidence. While age is a huge contributor, many other factors may facilitate breast shape and volume changes.

What Causes Breast Sagging?

Breast sagging is typically due to the loss of elasticity of the connective tissue under your bust called collagen. Let’s look at the factors causing this loss of springiness.


As you become older, your skin loses elasticity due to the low production of elastin and collagen. Since the boobs do not have any muscles for support, gravity will inevitably lead them to drop due to the weakening ligaments.

Rapid Weight Changes

Your bosom contains a large percentage of fat. If you experience rapid weight loss, it will lead to fat loss in the bust. When this happens, your boobs will sag due to the excess skin. 

On the other hand, your bust grows bigger if you rapidly gain weight. The additional fat causes tension on the connective tissues that cannot hold the new weight. Then, the breasts will begin to sag and lose their shape.


Your genes play a role in the strength of your ligaments. If your parents had low ligament strength, you are predisposed to having saggy breasts.

Exercising Without Proper Breast Support

Exercising without wearing a proper sports bra can cause your breast ligaments to stretch since rigorous activities such as running cause a lot of bust movement. Eventually, this will cause the bust to sag.


Smokers have a higher chance of developing saggy boobs. This is because smoking damages collagen, which keeps the skin supple.

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

During pregnancy, breasts increase in size to prepare for breastmilk. After birth, they become filled with breast milk and stretch. However, after the breastfeeding period, they may lose volume due to the shrinkage of fat cells.

How to Prevent Your Boobs From Losing Shape

Thankfully, all hope isn’t lost. There are ways to slow the effects of age and keep your breasts firm. 

Wear a Comfortable and Supportive Bra

Whether working out or just running errands, you should wear a bra that gives good bust support. This will reduce motion, which would otherwise cause the breasts’ ligaments to stretch and sag.

Maintain a Healthy and Consistent Weight

Maintaining a healthy body eliminates the chances of having excess loose skin due to drastic weight loss or gain. Loose skin can overwhelm the breasts’ connective tissues, causing them to lose shape.

Do More Upper Body Workouts

Upper body exercises such as pushups can work on the pectoral muscles below your bust. Such workouts will give your boobs a natural lift.

Apply the Right Enhancing Products

A high-quality bust enhancer can give your bosom volume and shape while reducing stretch marks. You’ll find products ranging from creams, sprays, or lotions to boost your confidence by giving you perky and full breasts. However, be cautious. Only buy trusted products as some may not be safe for you.

Quit Smoking and Use Sunscreen

Smoking accelerates aging and results in saggy boobs, so it’s wise to avoid it. Additionally, the daily application of sunscreen is vital to prevent damage to the skin around your bust, which is vital in holding the weight of your boobs.

Consider Plastic Surgery

Procedures such as breast lifts and breast implants can give your bust a youthful appearance. However, this option is expensive and inappropriate for women who still intend to bear children as it can interfere with breastfeeding.

Love Yourself

You mustn’t compare your boobs with those you see on TV or social media as they represent an unrealistic standard. However, if you are uncomfortable about the current shape of your boobs, try these tips. You’ll improve their firmness and perkiness in no time.

Huynh Nguyen

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