Boris Johnson must stand up to rail unions and ban strikes that threaten national infrastructure

Brutal rail

Enough is enough.

Strikes by militant, greedy, Marxist-led unions crippling rail and subway systems must be permanently crushed.

Boris Johnson must face up to rail unions


Boris Johnson must face up to rail unionsPhoto credit: AFP

They are reminiscent of the gloomy 1970s. . . Tactics and practices in 2022 as obsolete as the phone booth.

For Boris Johnson to survive, he must be braver.

He should start immediately banning work stoppages that shut down vital parts of our national infrastructure.

Members of the RMT are well paid, have enviable pensions and have been kept in jobs by huge sums of public money when demand collapsed during Covid.

They are already carrying far fewer passengers than they used to.

Yet they insist on ZERO job losses and a staggering 11 percent increase.

RMT boss Mick Lynch feigns regret.

In reality, he enjoys inflicting grief on the Tories.

Great Britain is in crisis.

We all feel the pain.

How dare these thugs make life worse for commuters and families?

Just as Margaret Thatcher opposed the miners, Boris had to fight the railway unions.

Up is not down

WE hope we don’t have to explain to Downing Street what a tax cut is.

Here’s what it’s not: A promise to mitigate the looming corporate tax hike if companies meet certain conditions.

Rishi Sunak must curb government spending


Rishi Sunak must curb government spendingPhoto credit: AFP

We know that Tories, who describe themselves as tax cuts while raising levels to a 70-year high, can be confused.

But when a tax goes up, it’s an increase. If it goes down, it’s a cut. happy to help

“Lower taxes” does not mean lower increases.

It means lowering income taxes, removing environmental taxes from energy bills and lowering VAT on fuel.

And we’re far from the only ones asking Chancellor Rishi Sunak to do just that — and rein in government spending, too.

The OECD think tank projects Britain will underperform every other major economy except Russia next year – and the remedy is to boost growth through tax cuts.

Do it, Rishi, before the rot really sets in.

New leader

FEW thought we would see another Hitler.

The trauma of World War II certainly made it impossible.

There are startling parallels between Putin and Hitler


There are startling parallels between Putin and HitlerPhoto credit: AFP

And yet he is sitting there in the Kremlin.

The chilling parallels between Nazi and Putin tactics are clear to our Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace:

Mass executions of civilians.

Forced deportations to secret camps deep inside Russia.

The steady extermination of a sovereign nation.

Legions of young soldiers sacrificed in cold blood on the altar of the dictator’s mad ambition.

If necessary, this new leader even wants to starve millions worldwide.

But still the midgets who rule France and Germany try to reason with him.

President Macron insists Russia must not be humiliated.

How much horror will it take for him to grow a spine? Boris Johnson must stand up to rail unions and ban strikes that threaten national infrastructure


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