Black Clover Chapter 324 Raw Scan featuring Yami and Nacht

While fans expect to witness some breathtaking action in the Black Clover Chapter 324, no one expected what the rough scan revealed. This chapter reveals the various combination spells being used, as well as another dual Demon Alliance mode.

There are rumors that the manga might take a hiatus next week, but it has yet to be confirmed. As usual, the pages are out of order and not translated properly, but a rough idea can be formed.

Rough scan shows Yami and Nacht managed to scar Lucifero in Black Clover Chapter 324

The most curious dashboard I’ve seen so far. Why did Tabata put the bubble chat inside the dark panel (top of page 2)? It’s a suggestion for Yami 💀 Please don’t die Yami!# BlackClover323

inside last chapter, while trying to heal Yami, Gray noticed that his body resembled Liebe’s. William gave Yami the Misteltein Sword, which contained all of his World Tree Magic. Back in the fight, Lucifero immediately understood that Yami used Dark Magic and punched him and Nacht away. Zora and Secre come to Asta’s aid.

Yami advises Nacht that he should live and save life as Morgen wants him to. Nacht regains his spirits, and with two old friends prepare to fight Lucifero.

According to the spoilers, Black Clover Chapter 324 is titled “Playground for children. “

Black Clover Chapter 324 spoilers

According to the raw scan, Zora met Lucifero’s punch with her own in Black Clover chapter 324. Before Lucifero can attack their comrades, Nacht and Yami appeared in front of him. Yami’s body was filled with mana, though he didn’t understand how. Slotos went down after Lucifero’s last attack, so Nacht used Grimodelo and Plumede.

Entering the Mana Zone, Yami used “Dark Magic: Deep Black Blade” and Nacht used “Devil Union: Canis X Felis” to attack Lucifero. Dark magic and Dark magic strengthen each other, allowing captain and the vice captain of the Black Bulls to combine their magic.

They open up “Shadow Magic X Dark Magic: Kid’s Playground.” The raw scans aren’t clear exactly what the spell does, but it seems to cover the entire ground in darkness, from which many shadow soldiers emerge. This combo attack succeeds in harming Lucifero, giving him a small scar, much to Adrammelech’s surprise.

#BCSpoilersNot to burst your bubble, Lucifero, but the four adults you’ll have to face are truly parentless and long-dead Morgen.

Lucifero is not pleased with the turn of events and seems suspicious of grimoires in general. He goes into a more serene but menacing state and declares how he will destroy everything. Yami and Nacht didn’t seem scared as they prepared for a final battle. Asta and Yuno appear in the final panel of chapter 324, side by side and ready to fight at Yami’s orders.

Final thoughts

In the raw scan, chapter 324’s caption says a life-or-death battle has begun. Yami herself calls this the final battle, indicating that the arc is coming to an end. Fans still hope that Noelle will return to complete the so-called “Light Trio”.

#BCSpoilersI would say that these four have enjoyed playing with death, especially Asta and Yuno since they were children.

Asta seems to have healed considerably from the last two chapters. Hope that official scan belong to Black Clover Chapter 324 will explain more about his recovery. With Asta, Yuno, Nacht, and Yami combining their powers and attacking Lucifero together, they might have a chance against the Demon King. Black Clover Chapter 324 Raw Scan featuring Yami and Nacht


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