‘Billions’ Season 6 Episode 8 Summary: Chuck’s New Prince Wins Deeply

Every episode of Showtime’s Billion in Season 6 was already a seesaw. One week Prince won, only to lose to Chuck the next week – then rinse and repeat.

Thankfully for fans, this Sunday’s installment shows that the New York Attorney General’s ultimate victory at the end of Episode 8 isn’t so obvious. Ever since Chuck started treating his battle with Prince as a game of strategy instead of a match of chess, he has become more ruthless and bitter. He is telling his new second-in-command, Dave, that their fight is against the rich and entitled to one percent.

But in reality, the war was – and always will be – about Wendy. In episode 7, it seems that the former couple has turned aside and started to get close and even love each other again. That is, until Chuck saw how happy Wendy was that Prince had brought the Olympics to New York. Suddenly, Chuck’s mission becomes more petty and personal.

This is especially notable because Chuck is still vilifying that he lost his original right-hand woman, Kate, to Prince’s hard-to-beat professional perks. When Chuck realizes how much Wendy idolizes Prince, he can’t help but sharpen his knife faster and stronger.

Billionaire, Olympic officialsThat’s why at the beginning of this week’s episode, Chuck asked Dave what’s worse than getting what you want. When Dave says “get what you want and then lose it,” Chuck’s eyes light up with a new light shining on the border. First, Chuck goes to the female president of the Olympics and says that her Prince is corrupt and that he used bribes to get the games.

That didn’t work, as he didn’t have any actual proof, so Chuck decided to go after the billionaires who had backed Prince to get the Olympics to the Big Apple instead. This means threatening to levy high capital gains taxes and then wooing governors from neighboring states to make sure those billionaires can’t move their businesses to their states for quick tax avoidance.

Unbeknownst to the billionaires, Chuck didn’t actually lock the pledge from those governors, but thanks to Dave’s dinner, it all worked out, and that’s all it took for the hate politician to get his way. The rich tycoons quickly abandoned Prince and his games. to protect himself and eliminate Prince as a corrupt entity.

Billions, Taylor and RianWhen the female Olympic president came across this, she withdrew the games and shipped them to Los Angeles. Prince, in turn, suffered not only an embarrassing loss but also the loss of Andy, his estranged wife. The love of his life Andy was the only reason he wanted to bring the games to New York, so she could practice there and they could reconcile. Now Prince is the one with the rage in his eyes and Chuck still hasn’t figured out how to win Wendy back, which means in the end, no one really wins.

Elsewhere in the episode:

Taylor almost succumbs to childish rivalry at work as she pours a fortune into Hypersonic, a risky new airline with questionable technology. Rian tried to warn them and gave up until Wags offered helpful words of wisdom.

As another twist, Phillip (the source of Taylor’s fury) went to help Taylor and Rian unload to make it seem like it was because the Olympics were moving and not because the technology was unstable. Meanwhile, the Wags accept monogamy and live in the same house, while Gabby Reece, Megan Rapinoe and Gayle King all appear as guests.

What do you think about this week? Billion And who are you cheering for, Chuck or Prince? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

https://tvline.com/2022/03/13/billions-recap-season-6-episode-8-prince-chuck-wendy-andy/ ‘Billions’ Season 6 Episode 8 Summary: Chuck’s New Prince Wins Deeply

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