Big Brother Season 25 LIVE – Spoilers reveal new head of household as fans call for Jared Fields removal

‘Big Brother’ FANS are calling for the removal of this week’s head of household after live feeds revealed he had called a houseguest a controversial insult.

The 24/7 live feeds, available with a Paramount+ subscription, revealed Jared Fields won this week’s Head of Household contest featured in tonight’s episode.

The home’s feeds also saw Jared calling fellow guest America Lopez the R-word – and later apologizing to other housemates for using the controversial slur.

“Big Brother” fans are now urging CBS producers to sack him, and many are comparing it to Luke Valentine’s sacking.

A fan wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Jared was caught using the R-word on the live feeds just as Luke was caught using the N-word on the live feeds.”

Another added: “The hypocrisy of it all. If others are removed for using offensive words, so must he be. Ridiculous.”

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  • Red bursts into tears

    In the journal room, Red cries as he reflects on his relationship with Cameron.

    He says he thought Cameron was a good friend, but that he should have known not to make good friends in the BB house.

    Both Cameron and Red will attempt to save themselves by winning the Power of Veto contest.

  • Jared names his destination

    Jared says Cameron is his ultimate target.

    He says he doesn’t like the way he treated Red.

    Cameron says he will fight for the veto.

  • The nomination ceremony begins

    Jared nominated as head of household


  • Jared reveals Red Cameron’s behavior

    Jared tells Red that Cameron was ready to abandon ship.

    “This is devastating,” Red says in the journal room.

    He says he hopes it’s not true, but doesn’t know what to think.

  • Cameron suggested Red

    Fans are shocked that Cameron threw Red off when talking to Jared despite their friendship.

  • Cameron talks to Jared

    Jared asks Cameron what he thinks about standing next to Red.

    Cameron says he’s “pretty sure” Red will step up, even though he and Jared have a good relationship.

  • Cory is exhausted

    AmeriCory cuddles together on the hammock and conversation strategy.

    America says she doesn’t want Cirie to be in charge of the whole house.

    “We’re very expendable,” Cory warns.

  • Felicia drops her microphone backpack

    Felicia dropped her microphone backpack in the toilet three times.

    “It’s going to be pretty fun because there’s a lot going on,” Bowie tells Jane in a journal room.

  • Cirie gets emotional

    Cirie, Izzy and Jared talk in the kitchen while celebrating his HOH win.

    “He’s developing into a great player right before my eyes,” Cirie says in the journal room, tears in her eyes.

  • Jared wins HOH

    Jared Fields won the Head of Household competition this week.

    Blue says in a journal room that a great burden is lifted from her shoulders.

    After winning, Jared picks up Blue and turns her around.

  • Comp is “too easy”

    Fans think the HOH competition is too easy.

  • Cameron was eliminated immediately

    Despite choosing HOH again, Cameron was eliminated first in the competition.

    Next, Bowie is eliminated.

    The competition is hosting a scavenger hunt featuring former BB contestants who weren’t in a relationship.

  • Scrambleverse HOH competition revealed

    This week’s HOH competition is based on Big Brother performances.

    The houseguests have to decipher some strange BB pairs using love letters with clues they receive.

  • Fans beat up Jared

    As Jared tries to make up for his mistake in talking to Jag about Matt and Cirie’s secret, fans take on X to criticize his decision.

  • Jared let it slide

    Jared told Jag that he had a good feeling about the eviction – which suggested to Jag that he might know something about Matt’s power.

    “What does Jared know and who did he hear it from?” Jag wonders.

    Cirie says in the journal room that Jared needs to do better.

  • America and Izzy find out

    America and Izzy believe Matt has superpowers because he and Jag are so close.

    “Cameron’s week meant nothing,” Izzy whispered.

  • Matt revealed his secret to Jag

    It turns out that before the eviction, Matt told Jag he had superpowers – so Jag knew he would be saved.

    “You can’t tell anyone that,” he said to Jag.

  • Turn on!

    Tune in NOW to watch the latest episode of Big Brother!

    Participants are shown competing for the head of the household.

    The competition comes after Jag was rescued in a shocking eviction night last week.

  • This is how you watch

    Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays, with live episodes on Thursdays.

    You can watch the live episodes on CBS or Paramount+.

    Paramount+ also offers a 24-hour live stream of in-house guests.

  • Big Brother spans the globe

    Below is a list of some countries that have their own version of Big Brother:

  • Cirie and Jared knew they were both cast on the show

    Jared Fields revealed in a confessional in an earlier episode that he knew his mother, Cirie, would be with him at Big Brother’s house.

    “I knew my mom would be here,” Jared said in the journal room.

    After Izzy Gleicher revealed she knew the duo’s secret, Jared said: “We planned to keep it a secret but it’s a bit scary that someone found out our identities and we’re not even in the house an hour .”

    “I hope Izzy doesn’t say anything. From day one, I don’t feel like setting myself any goals.”

  • First twist of the season

    “Big Brother” normally has 16 house guests, but as a special feature of this season, a 17th cast member was added, namely Cirie Fields.

    In a different twist, she is the mother of fellow guest Jared Fields.

    Cirie made her debut on the series at the end of the first episode of the season.

  • More about house guests – Cirie Fields

    In a surprising turn of events, Cirie Fields – who rose to fame in 2006’s ‘Survivor: Panama’ – was added to the houseguest list.

    Cirie is a registered nurse and television personality who was born on July 18, 1970 in Jersey City, New Jersey.

    She was added to the cast list during the first episode of the season.

  • More on house guests – Reilly Smedley

    According to Big Brother fans, the Portland native is said to be in charge of the drama.

    The 24-year-old bartender currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee and works at Whiskey Row.

    Reilly’s time on the show was short as she was the second houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

  • More about the house guests – Hisam Goueli

    The latest season of Big Brother also features a doctor.

    Hisam Goueli from Minnesota is a geriatric doctor and knows about competitions.

    The 45-year-old ran for Seattle City Council in 2017 but was unsuccessful.

    He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and works in Washington.


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