Big Brother Season 25 LIVE – Felicia’s fall leaves fans worried as the Veto winner is called a ‘flop’ in the ‘Waste’ episode

BIG Brother houseguest Felicia Cannon’s fans are worried for her after she crashed out of this week’s Power of Veto competition.

Felicia fell to the floor during the competition, which saw six houseguests quickly spun around before having to run and play ski ball. In the following lap, the 63-year-old collapsed to the ground from heat exhaustion.

Heat exhaustion combined with the fall had fans sharing their worries on X, formerly known as Twitter, with one person writing: “Mama Felicia is making me nervous.”

“Felicia goes down. That looked scary,” one added, while another fan shared: “I hope Felicia is okay. Those were some really bad falls and stumbles.”

Jared Fields ended up winning this week’s golden POV and didn’t use the Force to protect his mother Cirie from being nominated as a replacement candidate – but that didn’t stop fans from calling him a “flop.” coupled with overwhelming criticism that Wednesday’s two-hour episode was a “waste of time.”

One fan wrote: “Cirie is a true survivor legend but her son Jared is such a BB flop that she will always have an asterisk next to her name when it comes to him.”

“Jared is a flop, what else is new?” another added, while one scolded: “You really won’t show any of the BS Jared did? It was a two-hour episode and they didn’t have time to show that,” one viewer remarked.

Big Brother’s live eviction episode airs tomorrow at 8pm ET on CBS, while the live feeds are available with a Paramount+ subscription.

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  • More on the cast – America Lopez

    America Lopez is 27 years old and was born and raised in Texas.

    America has since moved to Brooklyn, New York and worked as a medical receptionist before applying for the reality TV show.

    She still competes and put on a show with Cory.

  • Tomorrow wall competition

    In tomorrow’s live eviction episode, airing at 8 p.m. ET, either Izzy or Felicia will be evicted from Big Brother 25.

    The houseguests will also compete in “The Wall” – a legendary endurance competition in which “Big Brother” contestants attempt to stay on a wall for as long as possible.

  • The veto meeting begins

    Jared reveals at the veto meeting that he won’t be taking Izzy or Felicia off the block.

    “This is simply the best decision for me going forward and I hope everyone can understand it,” says Jared.

    Felicia says in the diary room that she is disappointed but determined to stay in the game.

  • Jared reveals the plan

    Jared tells Cirie and Felicia that Cameron has a plan to run Cirie as a replacement candidate and that he needs Jared to carry out the plan.

    Felicia says in the diary room that she needs Jared to get her off the block, but can’t talk about it in front of Cirie – even though she’s stuck to her in the kayak.

    “Now I’m starting to realize that this is really affecting my game,” says Felicia.

  • Izzy and Cameron get caught in the mud

    Izzy and Cameron have to wear pig costumes and push one pile of dirt onto the next.

    “This punishment is going to be a mess,” Izzy says.

  • Felicia and Cirie are kayak companions

    Cirie and Felicia are stuck in a kayak together for the next 24 hours – complete with life jackets, helmets and paddles.

    Except for using the toilet, the two of them have to do everything together.

    “If I had to get attached to anyone in this house, I would want it to be my friend Felicia,” Cirie says in the diary room.

  • Jared wins POV

    Izzy chooses Cameron as her piggy buddy.

    Felicia chooses Cirie as her kayaking companion.

    Jared has won the golden power of veto!

  • Final prices announced

    Jag won $5,000 and decided to keep it.

    Matt won Duhamel-a-maniac, which means he has to wear “Josh-approved clothing” and “gets to hang out with Josh all week.”

    Cory says, “I don’t think Matt knows what he’s up to.”

  • Jared is next

    Jared trades kayak companions, which means two houseguests sit in a kayak for 24 hours, for the veto.

    Felicia is glad that Jared has taken over because she believes he will protect her.

  • Felicia is recovering

    Felicia gets a fish that gives her a European vacation for two.

    She trades it for the veto fish.

    “Mama Fe has veto power for now,” Cameron says.

  • Felicia collapses

    Felicia says she feels hot and falls to the ground during the competition.

    “I’m hot,” she says as the houseguests crowd around her.

    “I do not get air.”

  • Izzy and Cameron switch

    Cameron is eliminated from the POV competition and receives a fish labeled “Piggy Pals.”

    It’s still unclear what this means, but Cameron doesn’t accept any changes and switches to Izzy.

    Now Izzy has piggy buddies while Cameron has the veto fish.

  • Fans are worried after Felicia falls

    Felicia crashed in the competition and fans said the accident looked “scary”.

    “Felicia goes down. That looked scary,” one fan shared.

    Another wrote: “Every time Felicia falls I want to cry.”

  • Izzy is eliminated from the POV competition

    Izzy received the lowest ski ball score after spinning for 30 seconds, causing her to be eliminated in the first round of the POV competition.

    Josh Duhamel floats a fish with a surprise on it – but instead of a reward, the fish just says the word “Veto”.

    Jared, Matt, Cameron, Felicia and Jag are still in the competition.

  • The POV competition is hosted by Josh Duhamel

    Actor Josh Duhamel hosts the Veto Buddy Games-themed competition.

    Buddy Games is a new CBS show that airs Thursdays after Big Brother.

  • Izzy and Cirie share an emotional moment

    Izzy says she wants to stay in the game because she wants to feel good about competing.

    Izzy breaks down in tears as she reveals how hard she is on herself.

    Cirie says she entered Survivor with the same feeling.

    In the diary room, Cirie breaks down and says she’s “never made a connection like this before.”

    “I’ve never met anyone here,” she says through tears.

    “I almost feel like I’ve found my person.”

  • Jared and Matt talk

    Matt and Jared say they will keep the nominations if they win the power of veto to protect Cirie.

    Jared says if they win, they can hear Cameron’s full plan.

    “If he wins today, I’ll be sick,” Jared says of Cameron.

  • Veto Competitive Players Revealed

    In addition to Cameron, Izzy and Felicia, the three nominees vying for the golden power of veto are:

    • Matt, drawn by Cameron
    • Jared, drawn by Felicia
    • Jag, chosen by Izzy
  • Cameron reveals part of his plan to Jared

    Cameron tells Jared that he convinces Felicia and Izzy that they are both pawns.

    He added that he has the rest of the house thinking that he has Blue and Jag in mind as replacement candidates.

    However, viewers know that he sees Cirie as a replacement candidate and is keeping this a secret from everyone, including Jared.

    Jared says in the diary room that he suspects that Cameron is going to house Cirie – which he says absolutely can’t happen.

  • Matt and Jag make up the final two

    Jag and Matt form an alliance called the Minutemen – and they even shake hands.

    Jag says their partnership reminds him of Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur from Big Brother 16.

    “Now we’re the Minutemen and time is about to run out for all these other houseguests,” Jag says.

  • Cameron sees Jag as a replacement

    Cameron admits in the diary room that he’s going to put Jag on the block so quickly his head is spinning.

    Jag says, “None of this makes me feel any better about Cameron.”

  • Izzy will sacrifice herself

    Izzy tells Cirie that if she wins the veto, she will consider not changing the nominations to prevent Cirie from being nominated as a replacement candidate.

    “It’s crazy, but Izzy is just crazy to do something like that,” Cirie says in the diary room.

    “That’s what makes Izzy so phenomenal.”

  • Izzy is “extremely worried”

    Cameron tells Izzy that he loves Cirie, who is Izzy’s greatest ally.

    This sets off alarm bells for Izzy, who realizes that Cameron may be targeting Cirie as a replacement candidate.

    Izzy says she is “extremely worried.”

  • Cameron plays the game!

    As soon as Izzy enters the room, Cameron hugs her.

    “I never liked Cameron,” Izzy says in the diary room.

    “He gives me goosebumps.”

    Cameron tells Izzy that he wants to work with her and admits in the diary room that he is completely lying.

    “You’re not my target,” Cameron says to Izzy – and that’s exactly what he said to Felicia.

  • “You are not my target”

    Cameron tells Felicia that she is not his target.

    Felicia says in the Diary Room that she refuses to be a pawn, so she will try to win the Veto.


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