Best Sportsbooks to Gamble on American Sports

Sports betting is a big part of American culture. The American population loves to wager on their favorite teams, players, and events, whether it be baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or, more recently, soccer. But the question often arises: “What are the best online sportsbooks for American sporting events?” In this article, we look to answer that exact question. We will review a few of the most popular and successful sites, giving you an excellent betting experience.

The Criteria

Before we start, it is only fair to let you know the criteria we use to judge these websites. First and most important are the odds they set up. If the odds are good, everything else is secondary. So that is going to be our primary concern. However, it will not be our only concern. We will also judge the websites based on their transaction options, speed, welcome offers, and history. So, without further ado, let us get into the best sportsbooks for an American audience.

The first website we look at is (or simply BetOnline henceforth). Founded in 2001 by Eddie Robbins III, the bookie’s staff has decades of experience. And it shows. Without a doubt, BetOnline is one of the top 3 sportsbooks in the USA, covering a wide variety of the country’s favorite sports. The website also offers some of the best odds.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. BetOnline has a 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1000. Once you sign up and make your first deposit, you will be awarded 50% of the amount, as long as it does not exceed $1000. Of course, you should review this offer’s terms and conditions, as it comes with certain caveats you must follow.

BetOnline is licensed by the Panama Gaming Control Board, which isn’t the most trustworthy license. However, their 20+ year track record has proven that the website is safe and worth considering, especially among an American audience.


Bovada is headquartered in Costa Rica, one of the safest online betting and gambling jurisdictions. The company started in 2011, and since then, it has thrived in the industry. They’ve recently adopted the cryptocurrency trend, so you can place wagers using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Tether. Alternatively, credit and debit card transactions are always an option.

On top of that, Bovada also offers excellent welcome bonuses. Like BetOnline, they also offer a 50% return bonus on your first deposit. However, theirs goes up to $250, meaning you can get around a $125 return. Still, the promotion is worth checking out, and the wide variety of sports and games they offer makes Bovada a website worth checking out.

The one downside to Bovada might be that their transaction methods are pretty limited. We already talked about the cryptocurrency option and credit cards. However, those are your only two choices. If you prefer e-wallet deposits or direct transfers, you should look elsewhere.


Established in 2006, Betway operates out of London, Malta, South Africa, Guernsey, and Cape Town. The company has partnered with English Premier League clubs, such as West Ham United. They are also partnered with the National Hockey League in the USA and the South African cricket league SA20. The company is one of the most successful and trustworthy sportsbooks in the gambling industry.

Their casinos are nothing to sneeze at, either. In 2015, Betway paid the then-record jackpot worth around $20,000,000. Higher-paying jackpots have surpassed Betway’s since then. However, it still shows that Betway offers some excellent gaming experiences.

When discussing Betway, we can’t help but mention their 2020 fine, which amounted to 11 million pounds sterling. The fine was issued for failings in customer protection, as they allowed one of their users to bet over 8 million pounds and lose around 4 million in four years. It is worth noting that Betway has not had similar issues since then, and it seems they’ve improved their customer protection measures.


Online sports betting is rising, not just in the USA but worldwide. It might surprise many to learn that women are a lot more likely to sign up for mobile sportsbooks than men are. If you are a US resident interested in trying out sports betting, the three previously mentioned are a great place to start. They offer excellent odds and fantastic bonuses and have garnered a lot of experience. On top of that, all three double as casinos. Which means they can provide entertainment for bettors and gamblers alike.

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