Best Spells Upgrade your Vampire Blood Command Deck

Innistrad: Crimson Vow is Magic the Gathering’s the newest deck, and to go with it are two brand new pre-built Commander decks that you can play straight out of the box.

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Strefan, Maurer Progenitor is the commander of the black and red Vampire Noble of the precon Vampiric Bloodlines, and his deck is all about crafting Blood cards and using them to scam others Vampire free of charge.

His deck is pretty private and unplayable from the start. But with a few selectable upgrades, you can take Strefan from a good Vampire Tribe Commander to a terrifyingly powerful Blood Token focused. Here are the five best upgrades you can get Innistrad: Crimson Vow’s new precon of Vampiric Bloodlines Commander.

Phyrexian Reclamation

Phyrexian Reclamation

One of the areas where the Vampire Bloodline deck struggles the most is due to the creature’s relative lack of regenerative abilities. Strefan asks you to keep swinging with your vampires, and so not having any way to get them back into the graveyard can be a big drawback.

Phrexian Reclamation is a cheap spell that allows you to pay two mana and two lives to return a creature from the graveyard to your hand. It’s by no means the best upgrade for critter recovery (we’ll get to that), but it’s a cheap, reproducible effect that can help replenish your forces in a great way. easily.

Olivia, the Crimson Bride

Olivia, the Crimson Bride

Olivia, the Crimson Bride is by far the best respawn Vampire has available to them, whenever she attacks you bring a creature from your graveyard back to the battlefield and mine and attack. The creature will continue to play as long as you control a legendary vampire, otherwise it will self-destruct.

It should be pointed out that the creatures Olivia brought back don’t need she to continue playing, just any other Legendary vampire. You always have a contact with Strefan in the Command Area, and Know the Sage Ruin, Baron of the Bat Timothar, and Kamber the Plunderer all also in precon as a backup. Given the number of legendary vampires introduced in the Crimson Vow, and the pairing already in this deck (Strefan and Anowon, Ruin Sage), it shouldn’t be too difficult to meet Olivia’s requirements.

Anje, Maid of Dishonor

Anje, Maid of Dishonor

You can use Anje, the Maid of Dishonor to massively speed up the production of Blood tokens, allowing Strefan to outwit creatures even faster than usual.

Whenever she or another vampire enters the battlefield under your control, you can generate Blood tokens once per turn. “Once per turn” is a somewhat annoying limit, but in just two turns you’ll have enough to pay for Strefan’s ability, making it worth it.

Anje also acts as an instant speed sacrificial drive, allowing you to sacrifice a creature or Blood Token to make each opponent lose two lives and you gain two. Sacrificing the Health cards to Anje can be avoided to make sure you save them to Strefan, but as a way to kill creatures you don’t need anymore (or want to respawn with Olivia), it’s not that bad.

Olivia’s Attendants


Anje only generates one Blood Token per turn, but Olivia’s Attendees can six through combat damage, this is made easier because it has intimidation. Also, you can earn as much as you can afford with their two common and one red energy drain abilities.

Olivia’s Attendants is an expensive card that costs a whopping six mana…unless you have Strefan and two Health cards on hand, and then they can be dropped onto the battlefield super fast. Just one hit will allow you to get three more Vampires into play, making it a bomb total of one card in this deck.

Florian, Voldaren Scion

Florian, Voldaren Scion

Florian is a great inclusion for this deck as he is synergistic with what you are doing and does not require major changes to your strategy to be extremely helpful. At the start of the main phase after battle, you look at the number of cards on the top of your library as the total number of lives your opponent lost this turn. You can then save one part and play the rest of the turn, and put the rest at the bottom of your library.

You’ve cost Strefan a life, and Florian gives you a great way to flip through your deck to find the right card you need. The card is minted from exile, so try and avoid bringing a Vampire with it that you will otherwise play from your hand with Strefan, but anything like a spell or talisman is an option wonderful.

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