Best places to sell cigarettes in India in Red Dead online

If you’re looking to make Snake Oil, you’ll need to know where to find Indian Tobacco.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Indian Tobacco Places Online Level
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Daily challenges in Red Dead Online will take you on foot across the vast American West in search of countless species, plants, and animals alike. However, if you’re pacing back and forth without mapping out any specific hunting grounds, you’ll make more than a day of work for yourself. However, these various tasks do not need to be a drive in your boot process. No matter how rare, you can still find any plant or animal the game asks you to track, as long as you do a little research before you go hunting.

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It is especially important to map out a few good collection sites when looking to buy Indian Tobacco, as tall plants with pointed leaves do not grow in abundance in each state. Indian tobacco mainly grows in New Hanover and Lemoyne, although it is said that you can also find it in Ambarino.


It is a pity that Tobacco India does not boast of a freer development, as it is very beneficial for shooters to expand Dead eyes when consumed raw. Indian tobacco is also a major ingredient in both Strong snake oil and Special snake oil recipes, along with Potential miracle tonic Brewer. Now that you know how incredibly useful this plant can be, here it is The best places to sell cigarettes in India in Red Dead Redemption 2 and RDO.

Tobacco Places in India

India Tobacco Map Rhodes Calibans Seat Van Horn Red Dead Location Online

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New revenue

New Hanover is the best state to choose Indian Tobacco. You can find the tree growing in both The Heartlands and Roanoke Ridge.

  • Caliban’s Chair is the best area to collect Indian Tobacco in the Heartlands, with ten plants spread across four different regions.
    • Three patches of Indian Tobacco are growing along the streets west of Caliban’s Seat, with several plants to harvest at each location.
    • There is another development of Indian Tobacco in field south of Caliban’s Seat also.
  • Head east to Roanoke Ridge, you’ll also see some Indian Tobacco growing at the end of a dead-end road between Van Horn Trading Post and Elysian Pool. The area is lush with a wide range of vegetation, so if you have other harvesting quests on your list you can see how many items you can check out in one go by brush the area to the east of nearby farmland.


Scarlett Meadows is the best area to collect Indian Tobacco while you’re in Lemoyne, although we’d still recommend looking around New Hanover before there’s a greater need.

  • West Rhodes, there was a patch of Indian Tobacco growing in the fields on the far side of the interconnected roads. From the fork fork south straight to Braithwaite Manor, instead turn around and head northwest, and you’ll find a few patches of Indian Tobacco in the grasslands there.

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