Best moves set for Probopass in Pokemon GO

Probopass can provide some solid defense for teams in Pokemon GO.

Probopass is an evolution of Nosepass, who the trainer can catch in the process The Mountain of Power incident. The combination of Stone and Steel that Probopass gave it a lot of resistance (although it was slain by a Battle-type Pokemon). With a good set of movers, the Probopass can somewhat replace the Bastiodon.

Which move works best with this defensive Pokemon?


Probopass’ moves fast so it’s easy to be Spark. Both options (Spark and Stone) last for a second in PvP. However, Spark charges 8 energy per use, while Rock Throw only charges 5 energy.

The only use that Rock Throw can have is to pair it with Rock Slide to turn Probass into one Type of stone Attacker raid. Unfortunately, however, Probopass is actually a poor Raid attacker. Since it only has 135 Attack, it is much better to use this Pokemon as a PvP tank or a member of the Gym Defense team.

As for the charged moves, Probopass will definitely want one of them to be the Rock Slider. Since it only costs 45 mana, Probopass will frequently click this move during matches. It can also deal quite a bit of damage from its 80 base power and STAB.

Probopass is both Rock type and Steel type (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Probopass is both Rock type and Steel type (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The other STAB charge move Probopass can learn is the Magnetic Bomb, but this is definitely a sub-denomination option. Magnet Bomb has the same energy cost as Rock Slide, but has 10 less base energy. Steel also doesn’t provide the best coverage; it can hit fairies for super effective damage, but some fairies like it Togekiss folded into Rock Slide.

Instead, Probopass can use Thunderbolt, a much more robust option. 55 mana is a fair cost for a move with that power. Since the Probopass can already use the Rock Slide as shield bait, it would prefer to have a powerful option like Thunderbolt, versus another shield decoy move. Thunderbolt can also unexpectedly capture Water forms like Azumarill.

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