Best Ground Moves in Pokemon BDSP

One of the original 15 types of Generation One, Ground Pokemon have gained a reputation as a collection of powerful beasts possessing a diverse range of physical moves. Since the first wave of Pokemon In the game, ground-type Pokemon are still relatively stable in terms of move changes or trait differences, but they’re still quite useful in competitive teams for the matches they make and the damage they do. may cause.

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In Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls, Ground moves can come in handy, especially considering there are some gym leaders and Pokemon alliance members who have obvious weaknesses against Pokemon native to the crust of the earth. . These moves can especially be a lifesaver in the high-leverage battles that come your way to conquering Sinnoh.

TM83 – Bulldoze (Physics)

A pokemon is about to launch a bulldozer

A move that shows your Pokemon curling up against an opponent in front of it, Bulldoze is a high physics move that is guaranteed to reduce the Speed ​​stat of the Pokemon hit for the rest of the battle.

By smashing the ground below it, the move sends shockwaves in all directions hitting the opponent every time it’s used with the 60 smashing power stat supporting it.

Spikes (Status)

Spikes Pokemon move.

One of two Ground status moves available to learn in the game, Spikes is a great move to prevent your opponent from constantly switching Pokemon.

When Gai is used, your Pokemon will throw a ring of raw spikes that form a circle around the enemy team dealing damage each time a party member is moved out. The spikes remain there for the entire match, dealing damage to ground level Pokemon similar to a burn or poison effect.

Drilling (Physics)

Drill Run is used in the Battle of Brilliant Diamonds & Shining Pearls

Inspired by real-life construction vehicles, the creators of Pokemon got super creative for this type of hyperphysical Ground move.

When using Drill Run, your Pokemon will twist its body in a drill-like fashion, hurling itself at its target with massive impacts that often result in a fatal blow. Only a handful of Pokemon are learned, the peripherals are guaranteed to learn it as the power and accuracy ratings are both above 80.

Stomping Tantrum (Physics)

A pokemon is stomping in place

Like a child getting upset over not being able to buy a toy at the store, using the Stomping Tantrum will set your Pokemon out of pure frustration. If cast during the turn after the user misses their attack, 75’s damage power is doubled, making it the most powerful Ground move in the game.

It also has an accuracy rating that will keep it from going missing, so teach it wisely to Pokemon whose other moves tend to go missing over time.

Rift (Physics)

Cracks cause Pokemon to fall through cracks in battle

A move made for players willing to take a gamble, there is no move throughout the Pokemon series quite like Fissure. With an indeterminate accuracy rating that changes every time you enter battle, the high-risk-reward move is guaranteed to make the target swoon by creating a crater on earth that the enemies pay for. straight in.

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The problem with this move lies in its low PP rating of five, which in rare cases can result in the user missing five times without ever hitting the target. However, as a type of Hail Mary move, it can be useful if you roll the dice in a difficult situation.

TM28- Digging (Physics)

Pokémon use Digging to dig underground burrows normally in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Another classic move that’s been around for more than two decades, Dig is known for its two-turn setup that requires you to waste a turn digging deep underground. However, while underground, your Pokemon is practically immune to taking damage – except for negative status effects or moving through the ground, which can rarely happen.

During your turn’s set-up phase, your Pokemon will gather power from rising through the cracks of the surface, exploding just below the target with a devastating blow. The result is a move that carries an 80 power rating and perfect accuracy. It should be noted, the engineering machine is located in the Ruin Maniac cave.

High Horsepower (Physics)

Pokemon Sword Shield moving horsepower

A move that became a reality in games of the previous generation, Sword and Shield Pokemon, High Horsepower is one of the strongest and most unique blows out there. A rather rare move that can only be learned by four different species, making it a must-learn move if given the chance.

With a burst of 95 power, your Pokemon physically knocks down its target with power infused from its own body, in one clip missing just 5% of the time.

Earth Power (Special)

Pokemon hit with Earth Power during battle

Similar to the style of Rock move Ancient Power, this ground special attack features the user using the power from below the surface and detonating it from below the enemy with a ton of force behind it. .

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This devastating move creates a 95-strength medium punch that never hits its target, with a potential bonus that dramatically lowers the enemy’s Special Defense if there is contact. Learned by almost every Ground type in the area at some point through leveling, well worth learning if you want a powerful move that has stat changes attached to it.

TM26 – Earthquake (Physics)

Nidoking uses Earthquake in Pokemon anime

Probably the best engineering machine you can find in the game, this well-hidden move can be found in the basement of Wayward Cave after completing a short puzzle. A move that has been around since the days of Pokemon Yellow, Earthquake remains one of the top Ground-type moves, and it looks like nothing will derail it from here in future titles.

If the spectacular 100 damage and perfect 100 accuracy rating aren’t impressive enough, the diverse collection of 150 different Pokemon that can be learned it should be quite tempting when assembling a team.

Precipice Blades (Physics)

The player travels to Groudon, the legendary red dragon of the earth

Ground-type Pokemon’s mascot – Groudon has become a favorite in the Pokemon community because of his recognizable ancient characteristics and immense power possessed by the fiery Red Dragon of the ground.

Found in Ramanas . Parkone of its signature moves is Precipice Blades, which conceivably has the highest damage of any move in the Eighth Generation with a whopping 120 rating. The physical move is worth it. fear shows Groudon hurling jagged stone blades at his opponent, hitting him 85% of the time.

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