Best Electric-type Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

There are times Pokemon Legend: Arceus is through messing around. Some characters near the beginning of the game threaten the player’s character with exile if they don’t prove useful, and that sets the pace for the times when you’ll be out exploring Hisui alone as along with a group of roving Geodudes with murder in their eyes.

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Electrics can’t help you much when that happens, but they’re powerful elsewhere. For example, any trip to the Cobalt Coastlands will inevitably involve splashes with water Pokemon. And if you’re tired of all the flying-type Pokemon bombarding you before you can get a clean getaway, Electric will help you.

During your travels, you’ll come across dozens of Pokemon from every type in the game. But if you’re looking to make more space on your list for one of the best Electric-type friends in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, check out these six fine specimens.

Hisuian electrode

Statistical Value
HP 60
Attack 50
Defense 70
Special attack 80
Special Defense 80
Speed, velocity 150

From a design perspective, the Hisuian Electrode is awesome. It tries so hard to intimidate, but everything just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes, it’s extremely worrisome. We suspect that the Hisuian Electrode will gain popularity for many years to come as a positive symbol for overcoming stress and anxiety. So great.

In other respects, the Hisuian Electrode is not quite as mighty. Though its stat spread clearly emphasizes the speed level that only four Pokemon in the entire series surpasses – Ninjask, Pheromosa, Deoxys (Speed ​​Form) and Regieleki, if you’re wondering – HP Its low really hurts a game where enemies attack as hard as they do. It’s still a better choice than some of the other Legends: Arceus products, but Electrode is far worse than what’s coming.


Electric Pokemon Jolteon
Statistical Value
HP 65
Attack 65
Defense 60
Special attack 110
Special Defense 95
Speed, velocity 130

Did you know that you can catch Eevees from the very first steps you take into the wilderness? That’s right. And with Thunder Stones readily available at Jubilife Village (as long as you’re willing to spend some time accumulating Merit), Jolteon is one of the first Electric-type Pokemon in the game.

The only way Jolteon’s Speed ​​stat can overwhelm you is if someone just came across Electrode. Alas, that may have happened. Make no mistake, 130 is great; this still helps the little fox zappy get ahead of the vast majority. A high special attack that allows Jolteon to perform some Thunderbolt actions while staying ahead of the curve.

There’s a downside here, and it’s substantial. Jolteon’s HP and Derfense will be an issue for players throughout Legends: Arceus. It’s a trade-off, and sometimes, it works in your favor. But that’s not always the case.


Statistical Value
HP 70
Attack 70
Defense 115
Special attack 130
Special Defense 90
Speed, velocity 60

Magnezone’s below-average HP is the exact opposite of its above-average Defense. It still balances out in favor of the big coworker, especially since Magnezone has access to various summoner spells to keep it on the field for a long time. If Legends: Arceus follows a competitive multiplayer setting, with Skills, Item Holds, and the like, then Magnezone will be an absolute monster.

Without those bells and whistles, it’s still a pretty cool option. Magnezone weaponizes Water and Fly types out of the way, and its Special Attack scene is high enough that you can single-shot neutral-type Pokemon at roughly the same experience level. Just some advice: don’t bother with Agile Style. Magnezone outstrips most Hisuian Pokedex. Sometimes getting two turns isn’t worth its primary buff.

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Luxray Legends Arceus
Statistical Value
HP 80
Attack 120
Defense 79
Special attack 95
Special Defense 79
Speed, velocity 70

Luxray, like Jolteon, can be raised within seconds of starting Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Well, to be clear, it’s the Shinx that you’ll find everywhere in the first area. Shinx evolves into Luxio, who then evolves into Luxray. Remember that you can gain some exp when you drop your active Pokemon at berry trees and quarries. Level 30 will take some time, but if you regularly use this attack-prone friend, you’ll soon have your final form.

It wasn’t unusual for an Electric type to sacrifice Speed ​​for an attack, but that was part of Luxray’s allure. After all, it is modeled after a lion. (It’s not that lions can’t run, but you get the points.) 120 Attacks and 95 Special Attacks give Luxray some special based protection if needed, but it’s better Make full use of physical output with moves like Thunder Fang and Crunch. The latter provides solid Dark coverage when you need it.


Pokemon Sinnoh Crossgen Evolutions Electivire
Statistical Value
HP 75
Attack 123
Defense 65
Special attack 95
Special Defense 85
Speed, velocity 85

With a slightly higher Attack stat and decent Speed, Electivire doesn’t completely outperforms Luxray – the difference in move pool and other player preferences still counts – but overall it’s still a stronger pick. There’s only one problem. Electabuzz, Electivire’s pre-evolved, doesn’t start appearing in Legends: Arceus until as far as the Coronet Plateau.

If you plan to play the game until your entire Pokedex is complete, that will still give you plenty of time with Electivire. Instead, if you just want to start the main story and continue after its game, you’ll probably want another type of Electric on your side sooner. And if you stick with that temporary Pokemon for life in the meantime, we understand. Good luck, Electivire.


Incarnation form

Statistical Value
HP 79
Attack 115
Defense 70
Special attack 125
Special Defense 80
Speed, velocity 111

Therian form

Statistical Value
HP 79
Attack 105
Defense 70
Special attack 145
Special Defense 80
Speed, velocity 101

The best Electric-type Pokemon in Legends: Arceus is Thundurus, one of a quartet of Legendaries known as the “Forces of Nature.” With a term like that, it’s a bit awkward if these four are statistically overwhelming, so it’s good to know what they mean here.

Thundurus’ Therian Form, which you can switch between as soon as you capture all of Nature’s Forces, is the superior of the two. Accelerated Special Attacks at the cost of a small loss of Speed? That will do fine. And because it’s Electric / Flying, Thundurus can take advantage of powerful special moves that few people in the game have. Needless to say, the amount of time it takes before you can add Thundurus to your party against it. But if you simply want to build the strongest team in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, then this god will help you achieve your wish.

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