Benefits of CBD Oil for Calmness and Sleep

Sleeping soundly is vital for a healthy lifestyle and well-being. That is why doctors recommend that people sleep at least seven hours at night. The seven hours of sleep is vital and makes one well-rested, fully energized, and ready to partake in the next day’s tasks. Further, a good night’s sleep contributes to mental development, muscle growth, tissue repair and prevents illnesses. 

Unfortunately, getting enough sleep and rest it’s not an easy task. Medical research reveals that 70% of Americans, especially workers, fail to reach the recommended seven hours of sleep. However, there are many solutions to avoid sleep struggles and achieve better sleep, although they vary from person to person. The most common solutions include using natural and prescription sleep aids and maintaining personal hygiene. CBD is an excellent and natural solution to sleep struggles. 

Using the best CBD for sleep, such as, has a plethora of health benefits, including enhancing sleep and decreasing anxiety. Therefore, this guide entails all you need to know about the benefits of CBD oil for calmness and sleep. 

What Research Says About CBD Oil and Sleep

Understanding the causes of poor sleep is essential for us to reveal if CBD oil can help curb sleep disorders. Medical research reveals that people can suffer sleep disorders from various conditions such as medications affecting the sleep cycle and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Also, daily use of caffeine, physical conditions, and environmental factors such as an uncomfortable bed and loud noise can cause sleep disturbance. 

CBD can help you resolve the sleep problems that result from environmental issues easily. Similarly, 2017 medical research suggests that CBD can help manage sleep problems caused by mental health conditions such as anxiety. A further study states that CBD can treat chronic pain; hence it can treat pain-related sleep problems. Also, in general, CBD is reported to influence users’ sleep cycles. The compound prevents the symptoms of RBD, a condition known to cause nightmares and poor sleep.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Calmness and Sleep


The research on the effects of CBD oil on sleep is still in its infancy. By implication, more research is needed to deepen our understanding. However, we still believe that CBD compounds have excellent potential health benefits on sleeping patterns and calmness. 

To understand the benefits of CBD oil for calmness and sleep, it is essential to look at various sleep disorders. Every sleep disorder has a different origin. As such, the effect of CBD for sleep might vary from user to user. Nevertheless, here are a few generally reported positive effects of CBD oil in different conditions.

Anxiety and CBD

Anxiety is not a sleep disorder; however, it can contribute to sleep disorders and poor sleep. Since CBD helps to calm the nervous system, a new pilot study suggests it can reduce anxiety and related sleep problems. The study showed that 80% of people who used CBD oil to reduce anxiety could also gain better sleep at night.

Insomnia and CBD

People who have insomnia undergo hard times while they try to fall and stay asleep at night. The disorder affects the ability to focus, mood, and wakefulness. Further, people having poor sleep history experience anxiety from insufficient sleep, which in return increases sleeplessness.

Given the potential effects of CBD on anxiety, it is also speculated that it can treat anxiety related to insomnia. Also, a new study relating the effects of THC and CBD on insomnia patients suggests that the compounds can promote sleep. 

Excess Daytime Sleep Disorders and CBD

People with excessive daytime sleep disorder experience difficulties staying awake during typical day hours. In such situations, CBD is one solution that can help get enough sleep at night and stay awake during the daytime. However, some studies suggest CBD can work as a “wake-inducing” drug, while others suggest it can induce sedating effects. Therefore, more research is required to strengthen the understanding and differentiate which of the two claims is viable.

REM Sleep Disorder and CBD


Having REM sleep disorder makes patients experience aggressive movements. The condition happens during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, and it is more severe in aged patients. Also, suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, makes the condition more rampant.

However, researchers indicate that CBD oil can help manage sleep problems related to REM in Parkinson’s patients. Also, the study suggests that CBD is a better treatment option for REM sleep disorders, thus letting users have a sound sleep. 


Anxiety, insomnia, and REM sleep disorders are the most common effects of poor or insufficient sleep. While some patients depend on prescription drugs to curb the conditions, the benefits of CBD for calmness and sleep can still work out well. Taking CBD for sleep appears to be safer, although there is limited research about its long-term effects. Also, doctors are unsure if CBD oil can treat sleep disorders. So, that calls for more research to deepen the understanding and determine the amount of CBD oil one should take to support sleep.

Huynh Nguyen

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