Batman Too Poor In DC Universe Lex Luthor Wants To Pay His Bills

Batman is going through These days have eased the circumstances. Billionaire Bruce Wayne is now Simple a millionaire, was forced to downsize his Batman operation. Wayne Caves and Manor has been closed to replace a brownstone city and a series of “micro-caves” and caves hidden in the sewers of Gotham. And if he breaks the Batmobile these days, he’ll have to fix it himself.

But what does that mean for Batman’s only occasionally mentioned international activism, Batman Inc.? That’s the question Joshua Williamson’s Batman run is ask. Are all the international vigilantes getting enough funding?

The answer is no, and Lex Luthor immediately jumped in to correct Batman for falling from super-rich to “ordinary.”

What else is happening in the pages of our favorite comics? We will let you know. Welcome to Funnies Monday, Polygon’s weekly list of the books our comics editors loved over the past week. It’s the social pages of superheroes’ lives, the reading recommendations section, the “look at this interesting piece of art.” There may be some damage. There may not be enough context. But there will be great comics. (And if you missed the final edition, read this.)

Batman #119

Lex Luthor adjusted his tie after Bruce Wayne threw him back in his seat, coughing.

Image: Joshua Williamson, Jorge Molina, Adriano Di Benedetto / DC Comics

Some members of Batman Inc. appeared to have been charged with murder, and Lex invited Bruce to the most expensive dinner possible to fund his efforts to clear them.

Everything about it is Smithy Bend; Lex ordered a priceless bottle of wine, poured herself a glass, and poured the rest on the floor. He is in no way trying to hide that he is here to lock Bruce into an unresolvable situation. “Hey, are you low enough that I can make you dependent on me? Just check in, haha. ”

You absolutely hate him and he didn’t even do any crimes. He’s offering to help fix a crime! Its Great.

Inferno #4

Destiny explains how Doug Ramsey just changed the entire game, reshaping Krakoa's future in an instant, as Doug confidently explains why they won't be able to kill him in Inferno #4 (2022).

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Valerio Schiti, Stefano Caselli / Marvel Comics

There is so much to talk about Inferno, the last issue in Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men film, but if there’s one thing I enjoy watching it’s that comic creators have a palpable penchant for underserved characters. Case in point: Hickman dropped the microphone on the X-Men by making Cipher the smartest and most principled person on Krakoa. “It’s always something to be proud of, following the rules you set for others.” Subliminal.

Detective Comics # 1047

Middle-aged reporter Deb Donovan drinks a beer and a full breakfast while chatting with Kate Kane in Detective Comics #1047 (2022).

Image: Mariko Tamaki, Ivan Reis / DC Comics

It’s 2022, a woman is writing the core Batman title for second time in history, which is DC’s oldest title and title, and she’s working on a 12-episode weekly collection of Bat-family short stories about a new crack in the city’s super-criminals’ custody. Gotham, Arkham Tower. That’s all impressive enough, but I think what I like best about Mariko Tamaki Comic detective story is a supporting cast of commoners she has established over the past year or so in the title, notably Deb Donovan, a plump, tough middle-aged reporter who believes in a better Gotham City. even though she knows it will always let her down.

X-Men # 6

Captain Krakoa (actually the disgraced Scott Summers/Cyclops) hovers over two Superman-like bystanders.

Image: Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz / Marvel Comics

OK, so we don’t have the full story about it yet, but it looks like in the midst of issues about X Men, Cyclops died very openly – and ever since mutant resurrection remains a secret, which means he can’t return to the very public X-Men team. So Krakoa’s Council of Quiet is asking him to get a supersuit and superhero identity to be allowed to fly as… Captain Krakoa.

He hates it. That’s funny. This Pepe Larraz outfit is goofy and perfect.

Shang-Chi # 7

Shang-Chi's mother reveals her life as a guardian of Ta Lo's alternate dimension in Shang-Chi #7 (2022).

Image: Gene Luen Yang, Dike Ruan / Marvel Comics

I think comic books should be the main driver of creativity in superhero fiction. But I make the exception when there are cases where comic book creators borrow from what movie adaptations have done to correct some of superhero fiction’s most profound flaws. Ta-Nehisi Coates, for example, is looking to bring cinematic-inspired versions of Nakia, M’Baku, and Killmonger into the modern Marvel continuity. And now, Gene Luen Yang and Dike Ruan have incorporated Jiang Li, Shang-Chi’s mother, and Ta-Lo’s mythical dimension into the Marvel Comics rulebook.

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