Bachelor 2022 – Clayton Echard fans SHOCKED as he knocks out ‘mean girl’ Sarah before being disqualified

The Bachelor is BACK next Monday after this week’s explosive episode.

The hit show will air Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC with a host Jesse Palmer.

Clayton Echard finally spoke up on episode seven of Bachelor when he told “bad girl” contestant Sarah Hamrick, 23, that he didn’t believe a word she was saying.

Sarah seemed to burst into tears when she talked about her bad relationships with the other women on the show, but Clayton stopped her and said it sounded like she was crying fake.

After explaining that he couldn’t trust her, he kicked her out of the show.

Earlier in the episode’s dating – which includes couples therapy sessions – Clayton felt there were too many “walls” between him and Genevieve, which resulted in her having to leave the show.

Susie dated the infamous Pretty Woman with Clayton and came home with a red evening gown, some Louboutin shoes, and finally a rose.

Clayton also enjoys a private date with Serenity in Vienna before giving her a rose.

Teddi, Mara, and Eliza were brought home for the rose ceremony of episode seven.

The remaining women for next week’s hometown episode are Rachel, Susie, Serene, and Gabby.

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  • Who is left?

    The remaining contestants who continue to come to the episode in their hometown next week are Susie, Gabby, Rachel and Serene.

  • The movie continues

    Next week’s teaser shows the protective families questioning Clayton as well as the girls who brought him home.

    Clayton’s infamous snippet saying “I love three women at once” is also coming, as there are only three episodes left of the season.

  • Teddi leaves

    “She’s so charming,” Gabby whispered as Teddi walked to the car with Clayton.

    Teddi cries in the car as she talks about how safe she feels around Clayton and how she wants to be someone’s first choice.

  • Gabby received the last rose

    Clayton gives Gabby the last rose of the night, which means Teddi won’t be coming home next week.

  • Rose Festival

    Rachel, Susie and Serene are safe tonight.

    The last rose is left to Gabby or Teddi.

  • Serene got a rose

    Clayton gave Serene a rose after their date, meaning she’ll officially be taking him home to see her family next week.

  • Serenity is for Clayton

    During dinner at a one-of-a-kind date, Serene tells Clayton she’s in love with him.

    “You just have to honestly make it so easy,” she told him.

  • Serene and Clayton’s date

    The couple spent their one-of-a-kind date walking around Austria and going on dates together.

    They danced in a town square and ate hot chestnuts before ending the day with a romantic dinner at Belvedere Palace.

  • NO commission given

    The group’s dating commission is NOT given because Clayton feels he can’t make a decision because he’s unsure of what to trust.

    He doesn’t feel confident giving the group dating commission based on the movie that took place that day.

  • Sarah sent home

    Clayton decides to take Sarah home because he feels he cannot trust what she tells him.

    “Was made.”

  • Caught in a fake cry

    When Sarah cried, Clayton stopped her and said that it looked like she was crying fake.

    “I have no more tears,” Sarah defended herself.

  • ‘Throw it under the bus’

    Sarah was pulled aside by Clayton and started to cry when she said she felt girls were taking over her.

  • Rachel spills over to Clayton

    When Clayton asked Rachel if she was the one who performed during the lessons, Rachel began to cry as she talked about a night she spent in Croatia.

    Rachel said that one night Sarah came to her and Teddi’s room and told them about the day she had with Clayton.

    Rachel says this makes her question her connection to Clayton.

    Clayton seemed stunned that Sarah had hurt these girls’ feelings.

  • Group day analysis

    The girls who come to the couple’s therapy get together so Clayton can hand out the date rose to the group.

    Before the rose, Clayton asked the girls about the psychotherapist’s claim that someone on the date was performing.

  • ‘Performances’

    The couple’s therapist said at the end of the date that while she feels most girls are having productive sessions with Clayton, she feels some of them are being productive.

    Clayton looks shocked to hear this analysis, and the girls plan to talk to him about how they think Sarah is using tactics in the competition.

  • Sarah and Clayton’s Date

    Sarah began to cry at the start of the couple’s therapy session discussing her struggles with the other girls in the house.

    Clayton confirmed their relationship and Sarah feels more confident in their relationship than ever.

  • Rachel and Clayton’s Date

    Rachel expressed during the couple’s therapy session that she trusted Clayton’s decisions even when she felt insecure.

  • Clayton brought Genevieve home

    “It’s hard for me to see your family when I haven’t seen you tear down your walls,” Clayton said.

    Genevieve understands and says she knows they don’t have the same close connection he has with other girls.

  • Clayton asks Genevieve to speak privately

    Clayton expressed he feels their relationship wouldn’t have progressed if Genevieve hadn’t broken down her walls so he could understand her.

  • Genevieve and Clayton’s Date

    Genevieve started the session by saying that she doesn’t like to show her emotions.

    When asked to talk about his feelings, Genevieve was silent and tears welled up in his eyes.

    “I want to get through and I want to understand who you are,” says Clayton.

    “My fear is if it’s possible.”

  • Teddi and Clayton’s Date

    “The more she talked to me, the more attracted I became to her,” Clayton said of Teddi after their appointment.

  • Gabby and Clayton’s Date

    Gabby was the first for her couples therapy appointment with Clayton.

    Gabby talks about how she is a deeply emotional and open-minded person about her relationship with her parents.

  • Couple therapy

    The group’s date was revealed to be a couples therapy session, where each girl would be paired with Clayton to reveal their true feelings for each other.

  • Group day card

    Sarah, Rachel, Teddi, Gabby and Genevieve will join the group’s date.

    This means that Serene has one last private date with Clayton.

    The revelation worried Genevieve, who is yet to have a private date with The Bachelor.

  • serenade slow dance

    Irish-British singer Chris de Burgh sang his song “Lady in Red” as Susie and Clayton danced slowly and kissed during their romantic date. Bachelor 2022 – Clayton Echard fans SHOCKED as he knocks out ‘mean girl’ Sarah before being disqualified


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