‘B Positive’ Part 3: Crew Leaves Alaska – Renewal or Canceled?

CBS’ B Positive officially ended the book in Chapter 2 – but a final pair of actors signaled that the story of Gina, Drew, and the inhabitants of the Valley Hills is far from over.

During the fifth season ending, Gina finally realizes that she wants to pursue a relationship with Drew. Alas, when she ran out into the parking lot to confront the man she loved, he drove his camping truck, and decided to spend the next few months in Alaska to put some distance between them. And though the senior residents decided to stay in the Valley Hills instead of hopping for Golden Horizons, it quickly became clear that that decision was out of their hands. Their children (and their wallets) will be up to them to make those choices available to them – especially with Golden Horizons offering such a deep discount in an effort to eliminate Gina’s retirement home.

Below, chain co-creator Chuck Lorre weight B Positivethe evolution of Season 2, as well as the personal journeys Gina and Drew must embark on to get ready for any potential romance (assuming the Eye Network refreshes the sitcom for Season 3).

TVLINE | Gina was offered a lot of money to sell Valley Hills, which she admits could be used to help more people than she is currently helping. But in the end, she decided not to sell. Why so?
The emotional attachment she has with the people in her life. Right now, she doesn’t want to lose [those connections].

TVLINE | Drew had told Gina about his feelings in advance. On the other hand, Gina was more reserved. Is it because of the value she places on their friendship? Is she afraid of losing that?
B Positive back for Season 3?From Gina’s perspective, she understood, largely from talking to Linda Lavin’s character Norma, that she had always put relationships first and foremost in her life, and ended up putting relationships first and foremost in her life. As a result, she didn’t take the time to fully realize herself. your own values ​​and values ​​and as a person. She’s making a concerted effort to slow things down, not racing into relationships that have inherited a huge amount of money. She was directed by Norma to slow down, and that’s what she did.

She had good reason to hesitate. She is on a journey of self-discovery. The character we started the series with is a girl who loves to party. She is irresponsible. She was somewhat reckless. Gina running Valley Hills is a completely different woman. A big part of that is having to endure a relationship long enough to figure out who she is, and by the end of Episode 16, it’s clear to her that she can be in a relationship with Drew and still be in a relationship. self-consciousness. She doesn’t need to sacrifice one for the other.

TVLINE | Was part of keeping Drew and Gina physically apart throughout this season was determining that any feelings they had for each other didn’t just stem from what they went through with the kidney transplant. ?
Yes, a lot…. There is a lot of evidence that when people donate an organ to another person, it creates a very strong emotional bond and is often mistaken for love. And I hope we can clarify that Drew’s emotional attachment to Gina may have been a mistake on his part, given the fact that she saved his life, but then he passed. through that. His feelings for her, his love for her, became more justifiable over time, extending beyond the kidney donation.

B Positive Part 2And frankly, what seemed more interesting to write about Drew, now given a second life, deciding to start living – to stop shrinking as a human, and go out and live and take control. take the chance. With the encouragement of Hector Elizondo’s character Harry, Drew doesn’t simply return to life as it is. Harry urged Drew not to wait for life to happen, but to go and make it happen. We’re going to write about a man who suddenly jumped into his truck and drove across the country, which added value to his time in the Valley Hills, when he was around Gina. I’m no longer for her, I’m gone [most of the time] – and you know the old saying, “How can I miss you if you’re not far away?” That impacted Gina and was part of the reason she understood her feelings for this man, especially in that final scene.

TVLINE | The last time we talked was Prediction Chapter 2. Now that you’ve read to the end of this chapter, what are you most excited about about the many changes you’ve made to the program this year?
I love that we’ve grown this community. The best part about making comedies like this, at least hopefully, is that you can develop an on-screen community where you have a group of people that you want to associate as a viewer. You want to have a cup of coffee with these people, just like you want to sit and have a beer with Norm and Cliff Congratulationor share a booth at the diner with the characters above Seinfeld. Having a community created in front of you and being part of a community is very appealing to humans. B PositiveI think we really got there, starting with Linda Lavin. We built this community that has its own taste, has special and unique characters who care about each other and make each other suffer, it’s kind of a family, you know? It is never one thing, it is both. But the general aspect of it is really important. And that’s what happened in Season 2. And honestly, I did three seasons Kominsky’s method. I find the issues surrounding aging fascinating, horrifying, and hilarious. And I want to keep writing about it.

TVLINE | As someone who has witnessed family members battling Alzheimer’s disease, I was particularly touched by Ben Vereen’s plot, which involves Peter’s declining abilities. That moment between Peter and Gina in the finale really brought tension…
B Positive 2x16The stuff with Peter and Gina in the final episode was amazing. One of the best parts of this job is that you get a side chair to watch the amazing actors at work, and Ben Vereen is a legendary performer. It was an opportunity not only to show off his extraordinary abilities as an actor, but also to take a moment and show it off. [caring for Peter] not just a job for Gina. This is not business, it is personal. One thing that this giant corporation [that wanted to acquire Valley Hills] cannot provide this personal connection – that the people there know you and care about you, not as a number or as a source of income, but as a person.

TVLINE | Now, if Chapter 1 of B Positive is about Gina turning her life around, and Chapter 2 is about Gina finding her life’s purpose, what should we expect from a hypothetical Chapter 3?
There is hope for Season 3 which explores the true relationship between Gina and Drew. Yes [still going to be] Life and death problems are inevitable among the residents of the Valley Hills… and we too have built in this constant stiff competition with Golden Horizons, the threat posed by a corporate organization…. I worked with Ryan Cartwright [who plays Asher] before Mom and The Big Bang Theory. He is just the ruthless, heartless, heartless face of this corporation.

TVLINE | As we said, CBS has yet to renew the show for a third season. Have you had any preliminary discussions with the network? How do you feel about your renewal rate?
No, there is no discussion. Yes, I am worried. You know, there are no guarantees. The only thing I try to focus on is creating a great program every week, because the results are out of my hands. But the process of making the show worth watching – to build a show worth watching when the audience has so many other choices – is the only thing I can focus on. If I get caught up in the results, the Nielsen ratings or whatever, and what CBS chooses to do, I get very displeased, so I try to stay away from that and just work on making the right choices. every scene, every moment, every dialogue, every plot, every casting. The results belong to someone else.

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https://tvline.com/2022/03/10/b-positive-season-3-drew-leaving-alaska-renewed-cancelled-cbs/ ‘B Positive’ Part 3: Crew Leaves Alaska – Renewal or Canceled?

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