As part of the undercover operation, Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss’ stolen macaw is rescued from a 100-acre bird sanctuary in the desert

HOLLYWOOD Mrs. Heidi Fleiss has changed.

Not only has she traded pimping in Tinseltown for rescuing macaws at a sanctuary for about 30 birds in the Nevada desert, but she now admits she’s even worked hand-in-hand with law enforcement.

Former Hollywood madame Heidi Fleiss with Miller the golden macaw at her bird sanctuary in Pahrump, Nevada


Former Hollywood madame Heidi Fleiss with Miller the golden macaw at her bird sanctuary in Pahrump, NevadaPhoto credit: The US Sun
Lisa Higgins was sentenced to six months in prison for stealing from Miller


Lisa Higgins was sentenced to six months in prison for stealing from MillerPhoto Credit: Nye County Sheriff’s Office
Fleiss sent a picture of the $10,000 reward she was offering for Miller's safe return


Fleiss sent a picture of the $10,000 reward she was offering for Miller’s safe returnPhoto credit: Heidi Fleiss

Speaking exclusively to The US Sun, Fleiss, 57, revealed she agreed to carry a wire for police when one of her beloved birds was kidnapped to save it.

The caper came after Fleiss offered a $10,000 reward for the safe return of the golden macaw Miller after it was stolen from the 40-acre Pahrump bird sanctuary she has been running for 17 years.

Fleiss was known to have been arrested for incitement police spike in 1993 about a high-profile prostitution ring whose clients included celebrities like Charlie Sheen.

She was sentenced to seven years in prison Jail on a separate bundle Tax Allegations of evasion and money laundering.

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But with Miller’s life at stake, she decided to cooperate with him Law for the first time in her life.

The former wife explained, “Someone came to my house and the first bird they saw must have thrown a blanket over it, taken it and fled.”

“I was in another room feeding one of the other birds and wasn’t sure if I heard anyone calling because there was a storm.

“I walked in and saw Miller’s pal Macho looking around a place he wouldn’t normally go and I could tell something was wrong.

“It was fun because they had to get every bird they could get, but they took Miller, who’s the biggest asshole there is. You took the wrong thing.

“These birds are beautiful but terrible pets. They make so much noise, destroy things and are very difficult to fight, that’s why so many people give them up.

“Miller is a super asshole, he’s the worst. I call him Miller the Killer.”

Fleiss said she spent eight days combing the desert around her sanctuary after the abduction in late March 2021, but was unable to find the bird.

In desperation, she decided to offer a $10,000 reward for any piece of information that might bring him back.

She said, “In fact, someone called and said, ‘I know where your bird is.’

“I requested proof that Miller was alive, sent a photo of the money, and then went to the police.”


After contacting the Nye County Sheriff, Fleiss said she gave the number of the man who contacted her.

Although officers were afraid to let her get into a car with him, Fleiss insisted.

She explained, “I told them, ‘I’ve been in jail, I’m fine with myself.’ I’m not afraid of anything. Just let me get my bird back.’”

The sheriff reluctantly let her go but insisted she wear a wire so they could intervene if things got ugly.

Despite going against all her instincts as one of America’s most notorious outlaws, Heidi said she had no choice.

She drove them Bentley She picked up the man at a casino in Pahrump and took them to the property where the bird was kept.

“He got in the car and I had my wire on and was just trying to make small talk,” Fleiss said.

“He told me that the people who had Miller were animal lovers and took really good care of him.

“As soon as we got there, this big gate opened up and what appeared to be 40 cops jumped out and searched the place like it was a meth lab.

“I just wanted my bird, so I went in and saw that he was in a cage with the Great Dane dogs surround him. What kind of animal lover does that?

“Miller was terrified, he jumped on me and tried to flutter to the door.

“I went out and tried to hit the girl who was holding him there, but the sergeant grabbed me.”

Lisa Huggins, the woman who housed Miller, initially claimed that she found the bird in a park fence, rescued it and took it home.

But in March last year she was sentenced to six months in prison for theft.

Huggins was also denied a request to do community service at a local animal shelter instead.

Fleiss, who attended the sentencing hearing at Pahrump Justice CourtHe said: “I wanted her to face the death penalty, but I knew that if I stood in front of the judge for more than 30 seconds, I would be done for.

“I can’t just go in there with my usual weirdness.

“So I did a roughly 20-second compilation to show that these aren’t stuffed Animals and they form bonds.

“I’m like an urban version of Gorillas In The Mist. People think I’m just a crazy bird lady, but to me, they’re the same as my kids.

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“It was so weird working with the sheriff because I’m used to being the one who’s handcuffed and in the brig.

“But for me it’s nothing more than kidnapping a child.”

Fleiss has managed the bird sanctuary in Pahrump for 17 years


Fleiss has managed the bird sanctuary in Pahrump for 17 yearsPhoto credit: The US Sun
The sanctuary sits on 100 acres in the Nevada desert


The sanctuary sits on 100 acres in the Nevada desertPhoto credit: The US Sun


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