Arceus’s Hyper Beam is overkill

If you’ve encountered the giant Parasect you found early on, you know all too well about its super-terrible beam.

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Pokemon Legend: Arceus finally arrived last Friday and many of us spent the weekend playing it. Between last week’s reviews and the rest of the world sharing their opinions and experiences over the past few days, it seems like everyone loves it. How good the game looks is is up for debate, but as for the gameplay and the premise itself, it looks like things are being appreciated.

If you haven’t had a chance to play Legends: Arceus yet, without spoiling the game for you too much, you’ll play as a trainer who’s fallen out of a rift in the sky (no, it really is). You are then entitled to work to assist the residents of the nearby Jubilife Village in learning about Pokemon and put the first Pokedex together. Everyone acted perfectly fine when the hole in the sky that had been a feature for a while, now someone fell out of it. Again, really.

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You’ll then embark on a journey to find, catch, and research every Pokemon you can find. Some will be sneaky and run away if you get too close, while others will rush in and attack you if they think you’re up to something. You can also use Pokemon you’ve caught to fight these wild monsters, and some of them will be more aggressive than others.

One of the angrier Pokemon you encounter in the early game is Paras. The Paras can be found in what is actually their own habitat, with a rather terrifying Parasect in the middle. If you choose to join that Parasect, you’ll likely be swayed by what could be the most amazing Pokemon super spark the series has ever seen. As you can see in the clip above, the poor trainer’s Ponyta never got a chance.

Hyper beam has always been a pretty powerful move and has been a part of Pokemon games since Red and Blue. It is never framed as a move that can blast its opponents to a powder like this one seems to have done in Legends: Arceus. The advice, although there are some tempting items to collect in its lair, is possible to stay away from the giant Parasect until one Pokemon in your party knows the super ray and can at least fight.

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