Arceus looks like a bad PS2 game, but who really cares?

Like Pokemon Legends: Looks like Arceus amrite? I know I’m hilarious, but that’s not why you’re here. Or maybe yes, in that case, thank you for your continued support.

Anyway! Game Freak’s latest major entry in the Pokemon series arrived last week in the form of Legend: Arceus, an ambitious evolution of the formula that makes some of the changes many of us have been waiting for decades. The act of fishing, combat and exploration has undergone such seismic changes that now taking a step back is impossible.

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I can’t imagine random battles pulling me away from the magic of exploring Hisui every few minutes, even if the ancient landscapes in which I live are often barren and lifeless. It feels like we’ve reached a point of no return from a mechanical perspective, so it’s a shame that Pokemon is still shackled to so many nasty evils that have prevented it from becoming great. We’re moving forward, but it still feels like we’re stuck in the past.

Legend of Arceus

However, no one cares about these shortcomings. Let’s be real, millions upon millions of people bought a copy of Legends: Arceus and were immediately captivated by its refreshing approach to catching them all, even if its open world resembles a swashbuckling session. Breath of the Wild that your father brought home. from the pub one night. He promises you it’s completely legal and the perfect way to play a game like this, and you don’t have the money to disagree anyway.

Imagine Game Freak is your dad in this scenario, and you’re eating away at Legends: Arceus like a good little gamer even when there are very real complaints that need to be raised. Maybe I’m skeptical, but Pokemon totally gets the free ticket because of its popular branding, while it’s also tested to a higher degree if it doesn’t include every Pokemon under the sun or humor fans in specific unnecessary ways. There’s no consistent loyalty among hardcore gamers, which makes the current atmosphere around Legends: Arceus all the more confusing.

Legend of Arceus

The game looks bad, no doubt about that. It is not a hardware problem. The Nintendo Switch is a console that holds games like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Splatoon 2 – all gorgeous, imaginative games that work well and look great thanks to a combination of optimizations Smart and unparalleled artistic design. By comparison, Legends: Arceus is like a student project that we’re happy to display on the fridge because we’re really proud that Pokemon is trying something new for once. It could have looked a lot better, but the development philosophy that Game Freak operates on ensures that such advancements are never made the way many of us are hoping. Both Pokken and Snap look better than this – it’s not a Pokemon problem, it’s a Game Freak problem.

I prefer a studio that takes in new talent and lets them join the franchise with the survival powers of Pokemon, but it’s definitely wiser to let them incubate new projects and assets instead of pushing the kid. your golden child into permanent infant status. Pokemon has been going through the motions for decades as change fails to mount on its own, and Legends: Arceus has come close to breaking the mold but is still held back by its own technical limitations. I’m not saying the graphics make a game – they almost never do – but a game that doesn’t spark the imagination can be detrimental to your personal enjoyment, which is sadly a part of me feels about Arceus. It doesn’t look like a magical world with uncharted secrets to uncover, it’s more like a handful of poorly rendered fields and buildings coming together to form an inconsistent whole. .

Legend of Arceus

Every piece of fanart I’ve seen since the release of Legends: Arceus goes beyond the game that inspired them creatively, taking the basic blueprint provided by Hisui and turning it into something amazing. miraculous. The fact that Pokemon can inspire such things is a testament to what this universe can achieve, it’s a shame that it continues to feel like it hasn’t reached its full potential. But I’m not sure we’ll ever get to that point, which is unfortunate, but a compromise I’m willing to accept because of the way Legends: Arceus is making people love it despite its many shortcomings. Games that aren’t worth it just don’t do it, and perhaps this evolution in the overall formula will be enough to inspire further changes in the years to come. Or at least, maybe the next one won’t look as trashy.

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