Anne-Marie’s demise was Madgeic’s only moment in the UK

Go ahead, admit it. The highlight of Tuesday night’s Brits ceremony was the passing of Anne-Marie.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t reflect you or her.

Anne-Marie fell down the stairs while performing in Brits


Anne-Marie fell down the stairs while performing in BritsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Madonna also fell while performing at the 2015 awards ceremony


Madonna also fell while performing at the 2015 awards ceremonyCredit: Reuters

Annie-Marie seems to be one of the more likeable performers, and if you had the choice, you’d probably enjoy seeing Little Simz’s mate in a satellite hat, or Idris Elba, who’s wearing glasses. shady in the house, let’s listen.

It’s still very funny.

One Minute Anne-Marie is being helped out of a fluorescent space capsule by two of Ken Dodd’s Diddymen, who I assume are several Animals on the Digital Farm.

Next, she lost her footing and nearly bit the microphone in half.
“There’s my stuff. I’m out of duuuuuuuurgh. . . ”

Like Madonna in 2015, it was the perfect and necessary antidote to the arrogance and exaggerated ego of The Brits, or as I think of them, The Sadlies.

As in “Sadly, Dua Lipa can’t be here tonight”

“Sadly, Billie Eilish couldn’t make it tonight,” and sadly, it looks like Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak can’t make it either.

Hand grenades It’s debatable whether the four of them, or anyone else for that matter, could have come to the rescue that night, because it’s clear the 2022 ceremony will be a long way from the old days. scores ITV2 on the red carpet with Maya Jama, who told each arrival is a variation of the same thing.

“You broke it.”

She was still smashing an hour later when the coverage switched to the main ITV channel, where Maya was joined by main host Mo Gilligan, who seemed a little too excited and under the impression it was an honor to host The Brits.

It cannot. It’s a grenade that has only ever been successfully knocked down by Ben Elton and Jack Whitehall, and can be fatally traumatic to a career if it’s done really badly.

Mo Gilligan is probably pretty safe in that respect, but he didn’t smash it on Tuesday night, or even get close.

In fact, a lot of his material is barely understandable, and none of it is humorous enough to distract from performances and awards, most of which make it clear that People who see me as intruders are not welcome.

Of course, there is a perfectly valid argument to say that anyone who spends the night asking “Who is ATB x Topic x A7S?” There’s probably no point in watching The Brits in the first place.

However, age and reason won’t stop me from saying I really like Sam Fender, I think Adele has come closest to holding a tune and given Mo Gilligan’s impressions of Liam’s 1995 version Gallagher is slightly softer than Liam Gallagher’s impression of 1995 Liam Gallagher.

Nor will it shake my conviction that the pivotal moment of the night has come when, with common whispers of consent, Mo Gilligan gently reprimanded Boris Johnson for organizing a party. ‘Because that’s the world ahead we live in right now.

British rock ‘n’ roll stars are quite right to think that the Prime Minister is a fun fake old man who can’t be trusted with the maracas in the band celebrating Happy Mondays.

But if you give them a microphone and an audience, they’ll preach all night long about their own classroom, health, education, social mobility, and very real struggles.

They painfully wake up and self-important as the organizers have witnessed the political correctness that kills the British TV comedy, but have begun to participate in the same devastation on the Internet. The Brits by being gender neutral with genres.

It’s an irreversible and never-ending process and those caught in the middle are, as always, the poor spectators, who have nothing beside them here but the gift of honor. Optical is live TV and fun game.

So thank you, Anne-Marie. You broke it.

Liz has several fronts

Out of sheer kindness and love of journalism, I was lulled to sleep watching a Channel 4 documentary called Boobs on Monday night.

A precious hour of life is wasted in the company of director/showrunner Elizabeth Sankey, who, through watching films like Showgirls and Fast Times At Ridgemont High, has come to the conclusion that women have “lost ownership of her breasts to the tyranny of the male eye”.

Megan Barton-Hanson on C4's Boobs


Megan Barton-Hanson on C4’s Boobs

A bit like my seven-year-old self believing that international crime rings could be destroyed by a Volkswagen Beetle, after watching Herbie Rides Again.

Of course, the simple solution to Elizabeth’s problem was to stop watching movies.

However, TV runs on wake-up rage, so she’s looking for confirmation of her bias from Love Island’s instead. Megan Barton-Hanson and lots of classy women from the Hometowns who live up to every stereotype except their very obvious disgust for working-class men who are seen as ( hold his nose) “builder” and (turned away with real disgust) “a little security guard”.

Of course, all these well-timed comments must also be accompanied by an empty gesture, which leads Elizabeth to the Waldorf Hotel in London, where an artist named Sophie Tea has somehow spoken to 50 women women strip naked and paint their breasts in every shade of the Dulux palette, until they look like the 2001 Castleford Tigers home kit.

An Emperor’s New Clothes project really leaves even gullible Elizabeth groping for answers.

“The women are empowered and excited,” she assured Sophie.

“You hit something, but I don’t know what it is. What do you think it is?”

Ironically, Elizabeth, I think it’s a mess.

Unexpected fools in the bagging field

CELEBRITY Weakest Link, Romesh Ranganathan: “In Great Britain, in 1964, a sign was installed at John O’ Groats saying it was 874 miles from the Cornish headland?”

Melvin Odoom: “Welsh.”

Weakest Link's Romesh Ranganathan was shocked by a contestant's answer on the show


Weakest Link’s Romesh Ranganathan was shocked by a contestant’s answer on the showCredit: BBC

Romesh: “In math, what is 29 minus 26?” Melvin Odoom: “Four.”

The Chase, Bradley Walsh: “Which Scot wrote the novel Master Ballantrae?”

Peter: “Walter Smith.”

(All contributions are appreciated)

Random TV stimulation

Countdown Server WORST-EVER Anne Robinson trample on all the jokes of Tim Vine’s Dictionary Corner.

Sheridan Smith TV series blurs a long story about a woman being wronged.
Celebs Go Dating Toxic Ryan-Mark Parsons joins the rare Z band, who are simply too uncomfortable with reality TV.

Anne Robinson tramples on all the jokes in Tim Vine's Dictionary Corner on Countdown


Anne Robinson tramples on all the jokes in Tim Vine’s Dictionary Corner on CountdownCredit: Unknown, clear with picture desk

Nadine Dorries, everyone, lynch crowd leader Jimmy Carr.

And “comedian” John Bishop didn’t make the story extremely clear when live chat Courteney Cox began telling about her royal ancestry: “The great great great grandfather of I am King Edward.”

Indeed, one of our tastiest potatoes.

60 days with Gypsy

NOTE to convey the community in a better light than Dispatches’ very brave 2020 documentary The Truth About Tourist Crimes, Channel 4 submitted Ed Stafford spends 60 days with Gypsy.

In episode one, someone tried to break into his convoy, then climbed onto the roof of his car and smashed the windshield.

Ed Stafford on Channel 4's 60 Days With The Gypsies


Ed Stafford on Channel 4’s 60 Days With The GypsiesCredit: Unknown, clear with picture desk

In episode two, Ed will try to explain it’s all the Government’s fault.

No, seriously, he will. . .

BOOBS, a chic elderly woman: “I cannot understand why a man would encourage his wife to have large breasts. What is he expecting? Does he get pleasure from being petted by nothing but a balloon? “

To clarify: Yes.

Great Sports Insights

PAUL MESON: “Sometimes it’s better to get a draw than not to win.”

Chris Sutton: “The decision was wrong and certainly not right.”

Paul Merson: “It will never work and if it does, the fans will never have it.”

(Composited by Graham Wray)

The WORST TV Lies and Illusions of the Week. Boobs: The History Of Breasts, Megan Barton- Hanson upgraded three times: “Becoming a decent person is far more important to me than being proportionate.”

Celebs Go Dating, Miles Nazaire: “I’m Not Selfish and Self-obsessed.”
Popular celebrity, Michaela, mother of Chloe Veitch: “You’ll be amazed at my daughter and where she sleeps.”

Bet I won’t.

Gold TV

SAM FENDER is revitalizing the British.

Ben Whishaw’s superb performance conceals “comedy or drama?” Identity crisis at the heart of BBC1’s This Is Going To Hurt.

Sam Fender rocked the show


Sam Fender rocked the showCredit: Getty

Joan Collins appeared to get flashbacks to Empire Of The Ants on The Masked Singer.

One of Scotland’s Calcutta Cup heroes, Zander Fagerson, told BBC2 the rugby highlight on Sunday: “A couple of boys definitely ripped it off last night.”

And Ayleen Charlotte has her satisfying revenge on The Tinder Swindler (Netflix), the best show anywhere on your TV right now, by a normal mile.

On Celebrity Hunting Sunday night, Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke-Locke and his husband Gareth were arrested in the Cotswolds, shortly before they entered The Hollow Bottom.

However, I’m sure there will be other occasions.

The look of the week

THIS week’s winner is Denise Welch and Esmeralda Poofenplotz in the animated film Phineas And Ferb.

Emailed by Reenie E.

Denise Welch, right, and Esmeralda Poofenplotz in the Phineas And Ferb cartoon


Denise Welch, right, and Esmeralda Poofenplotz in the Phineas And Ferb cartoon

Image Research: Amy Reading Anne-Marie’s demise was Madgeic’s only moment in the UK


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