Anatomy of a scandal ending explained: will James be found guilty?

Anatomy of a Scandal is a new British courtroom drama series streaming now on Netflix. Written by David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson, many fans have been anticipating this series as it is based on Sarah Vaughan’s bestselling book of the same name. The six-episode first season is perfectly laid out for a fun weekend of binge-watching.

The psychological thriller is about James and Sophie Whitehouse (Rupert Friend and Sienna Miller). James is a respected parliamentary minister with close ties to Prime Minister Tom Southern (Geoffrey Streatfeild).

But when James’ ex-lover, 28-year-old parliamentarian Olivia Lytton (Naomi Scott), shows up with a rape charge, everything in James’ life begins to crumble. Sophie must decide if she believes her husband is truly innocent and stand by his side, but as dark secrets from the past surface, she begins to question her marriage.

Spoilers ahead for Anatomy of a Scandal

Whether you’ve seen the series or not, read on for all the answers you need when you’re ready to know how the season ends!

Anatomy of a scandal ending: Will James Whitehouse be found guilty?

The jury finds James not guilty of raping Olivia Lytton, but by the end of the episode he has to return to full trial on another case. And whether he raped Olivia or not, the show difficult implies he did, and now he’s gotten away with it. He almost admits it in a conversation with Sophie after the trial.

Anatomy of a scandal ending: What is the connection between Kate Woodcroft and Holly Berry?

Kate Woodcroft Michelle Dockery is holly berry. The twist comes at the end of Episode 4. After James raped Holly in college, Holly dropped out of school and changed her name. She took the case because she wanted James punished for his rape, and now Olivia. Given that Kate is Holly, taking the case was a truly unethical decision that could get her fired, disfellowshipped, or worse. But apart from her friends Ali and Sophie, no one finds out.

Anatomy of a Scandal Ending: What Happens to Sophie Whitehouse?

By the end of the season, Sophie has had enough of her husband. After the jury found him not guilty, James admits that he used “pr*ck tease” language and said essentially everything he needed to say to convince the jury that he was not guilty .

James might even believe he never raped anyone, which speaks to his inherent privilege and inability to believe a woman would ever say no to him. Anyway, he’s a rapist and chances are he’s raped other women besides Holly and Olivia.

After realizing what kind of man James is, Sophie goes to the press and tells them what she knows about James covering for Tom Southern in college – all about the drugs and how they left Alec for dead. Considering that Sophie was James’ alibi a long time ago, her emergence will carry a lot of weight.

She tells Kate what she has done, essentially handing her an olive branch to let her know she has another opportunity to seek justice against her rapist.

Anatomy of a scandal ending: is James going to jail?

By the end of the season, it is implied that James is going to jail, or at least being punished in some form, for his involvement in Alec’s death and subsequent cover-up alongside Tom. The last we see of James is being shoved into the back seat of a police car and it looks like Kate is following the new case.

Anatomy of a Scandal Ending: What Happens to Olivia Lytton?

We don’t see Olivia in the present after the third episode, it’s unclear what happened to her. I imagine she’ll have a hard time dealing with the jury finding James “not guilty,” but maybe she’ll end up following the new indictment against him.

Does Anatomy of a Scandal have a post-credits scene?

No, there is no post-credits or even mid-credits scene at the end Anatomy of a Scandal season finale.

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