Analyst and Architect in the Restoration Matrix, explained

[Ed. note: This story contains spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections.]

Even after four seasons of The Matrix and some side stories, viewers still don’t know too much about the Machine, the series’ artificially intelligent villain. Most of what we learn about the inner workings of AI society comes from what we learn through programs that exist and assert some control over the Matrix. As far as fans of the original trilogy know, two of the oldest programs in existence are Oracle, a “visual” program that helped create the version of the Matrix seen throughout the films. and Architects, the program was originally created and tasked by Machines to create the Matrix itself.

Analyst, rival of Matrix Recovery performed by Neal Patrick Harris, introduces a new wrinkle into the evolving dynamics of the power behind the creation of the Matrix and its continued hold on man and machine type.

Architect is a program originally created by Machines to create a working version of the Matrix. Can’t do that, Architect supported by Oracle, a program that helped develop a version of the Matrix that could keep humanity sedated at the cost of the periodic anomaly of humans known as “The Only One” and a small fraction of the population. Some will learn of the true nature of the system, escape and then rebel against it. At the end of Matrix Revolution, Neo brokers a truce between Machines and humans in exchange for defeating Agent Smith, a mutual existential threat that threatens the integrity of the Matrix, and with it, survival of both Humanity and Machine. After defeating Smith, Neo’s body was carried into Machine City. Matrix Recovery takes place 60 years after the events of Matrix Revolution, with Neo currently living his life as a video game programmer named Thomas Anderson while experiencing eerie eerie images of his life in the Matrix trilogy.

It turns out that a program called The Analyst was present when Neo sacrificed his life to defeat Smith, and was instrumental in resurrecting both Neo and Trinity. After the events of the third film, Machines agrees to the terms of Neo’s truce, allowing anyone who wishes to leave the Matrix to do so. This decision led to a reduction in the energy sucked up by the Machines’ power plants, creating an energy shortfall that then threatened the very existence of the Machines. This despair over power led to the outbreak of a “civil war” between the Machines, as the different factions of the Machine world disagreed over whether to continue the truce. to fight for supremacy and survival or not. Later, some of the Matrix’s oldest programs – including Oracle, The Architect and exile programs – were removed from the system, while The Analyst seized the opportunity to propose a new version of Ma. The battle will not only force humans to stay in the system, but will be built around special energy extraction from Neo and Trinity.

When Neo’s body was taken away, The Analyst began attempting to rebuild both he and Trinity’s bodies in order to access The One’s source code. After recreating them, he discovered that Neo and Trinity generate large amounts of energy whenever they are near each other. Delighted with this discovery, The Analyst built a special power plant to house Neo and Trinity separate from those used to contain the rest of humanity, placing them in adjacent shells to suck up the air. their energy safely without the risk of overload.

On top of that, The Analyst has created a new version of the Matrix, one that relies on people’s emotions connected to it to make them dependent. Although not explicitly stated, it strongly implies that social media platforms exist in this incarnation of the Matrix and play an important role in keeping the population sedated and reluctant to leave. from the Matrix. With the success of these new developments, Analyst became the new Architect of the Matrix, keeping a close eye on Neo to keep him energized while trying to unravel why. “Human” anomalies continued to occur, presumably in search of a way to generate even more energy.

At the end of Matrix RecoveryDespite losing both Neo and Trinity, The Analyst maintains that he won because he is confident that he has created a version of the Matrix that humanity will never voluntarily leave. Despite the challenge, Neo and Trinity tell the Analyst that together they will change his world and remind humanity of what it means to be free again. If we get a sequel, we could see the Analyst having to report back to his bosses… and get an even more revealing peek into the world of machines.

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