America’s Got Talent 2023 LIVE – Sofia Vergara calls Philip Bowen’s performance ‘sexy’ as fans question the front runner’s suitability

ELF acts are competing for two spots in the America’s Got Talent finals – and one judge was particularly impressed by a violinist on Tuesday’s episode.

The judges were stunned by violinist Philip Bowen’s energetic performance and Sofia Vergara told the musician: “You are a great entertainer. Great energy. You make the violin sexy.”

At the end of the live show, Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act Putri Ariani sang an emotional U2 cover that ended with a standing ovation from the audience – but fans took to social media to express their shock that Putri already had one similar competition has won competition.

The blind 17-year-old singer won Indonesia’s Got Talent in 2014 when she was just eight years old, leading some viewers to argue that she shouldn’t be eligible for AGT, as someone wrote on Reddit: “Putri has already won. She won.” Indonesia Got Talent. She shouldn’t be on this show.

“Any act that made it to the finals or won another Got Talent show in another country should be automatically banned from participating in another Got Talent show. Putri Ariani has already won Indonesia’s Got Talent. It’s not fair to other acts,” said another slammed on X, formerly known as Twitter.

AGT fans can now vote for their favorite of the 11 contestants via the official AGT apartment or to 7 p.m. ET.

The results will be streamed live on NBC Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, along with a special appearance from last year’s finalist, Chapel Hart.

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  • Crazy moments this season – Heidi is almost spat on

    The Human Fountains returned to the AGT stage to promote their Las Vegas show.

    The three men are known for resembling a human water fountain, and when Heidi showed off her talent, she decided to go on stage and help them.

    Each man put water in his mouth and spat it into the other’s mouth.

    Then Heidi filled her mouth and ended up spitting in the guy’s mouth.

    The path continued downhill until he reached Heidi again.

    When the man looked like he was about to spit in her mouth, she flinched and immediately ducked.

  • Crazy Moments This Season – The man is on fire on stage

    Ray Wold and his mother Corinne have come under fire from fans for their dangerous act.

    Throughout the performance, Ray himself was on fire as he twirled a lasso, which also burst into flames.

    In her first appearance, he threw flaming darts at targets and his mother, causing everyone to flinch and look away.

    For her second act, Ray placed chains on his wrists and neck and had to try to get out of them by lying face down in a flaming bathtub.

    Luckily, he freed himself from the chains and stood up in the flaming bathtub before burning himself.

    Howie gave them an X while Simon and the audience seemed to love it.

  • How to vote on AGT

    The voting process is simple and can be done through the official AGT apartment or

    Remember that voting is time sensitive. So make a note of the voting window when it opens.

    The voting window opens at the start of the show on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and closes at 7:00 a.m. ET on Wednesdays.

  • Simon is speechless

    Simon said he was speechless after Putri Ariani’s performance.

    He says talents like Putri’s are the reason he keeps doing the show.

    Sofia says, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so beautiful in my life.”

  • Fans say Putri should be “ineligible”.

    Since Putri’s audition, fans have pointed out that the singer has already won several talent contests, arguing that she shouldn’t be considered for participation in AGT.

    One wrote on Reddit: “Putri has already won. She won Indonesia Got Talent. She shouldn’t be on this show.”

    Another added, “I think there were more actors this season who deserved it just because she’s already won and others haven’t.”

    Other fans fiercely defended the singer, with one asking, “Are you saying she should have retired at eight?”

    Another noted: “Last season three former Got Talent winners were in the finals. You better get used to it.”

  • Simon’s Golden Buzzer enters the stage

    Putri Ariani is the final act of today’s live show.

    The 17-year-old blind singer performs an emotional piano rendition of U2’s Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.

    Simon Cowell presented Putri with his Golden Buzzer after her audition.

  • Sofia and Heidi panic

    During Herwan Legaillard’s performance, Sofia and Heidi were shown freaking out in front of the jury.

    The two judges clasped hands and hid their faces while the sword swallower braved great heights.

    Heidi says: “I love you, you are my favorite actor of the evening. You give us circus couture.”

  • Simon is disappointed

    Simon says he was hoping Barry Brewer Jr. would have brought his musical accompaniment for tonight’s show.

    He says if he had made the music he would have given himself a “better chance”.

    “I like you, I just preferred your first audition,” says Simon.

  • Barry Brewer Jr. is ready to win

    The comedian says he may be the first comedian to win America’s Got Talent.

    Barry Brewer Jr blew the judges away with his audition – but tonight he’s performing without his keyboard.

  • Chapel Hart is performing tomorrow

    Former AGT act Chapel Hart appears on tomorrow’s live results show.

    The country group are in the audience tonight — and told Terry it feels like they’re “home with the family.”

  • Tap dancer adds some tricks

    Justin Jackson said he will add tricks like confetti and jump rope to his tap dance to make it stand out from the other performances.

    “I’m putting everything out there to make sure I get America’s voice,” the dancer said.

  • The choir receives a standing ovation

    The Mzansi Youth Choir received a standing ovation from all judges after their magnificent performance.

    “I think we all got goosebumps, it was so beautiful,” says Sofia.

    You can also see Nightbirde’s family cheering for the group from the audience.

    Simon adds: “I think this act is spectacular.”

  • Golden Buzzer Act performs

    The Mzansi Youth Choir performs Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” with a dance twist.

    The South African choir won the Golden Buzzer after their audition of former act Nightbirde’s song ‘It’s Ok’.

  • Philip Bowen is a rock star

    Philip Bowen played a rock song on the violin and brought incredible energy to the AGT stage.

    “Hopefully America likes it and votes for you,” Howie says.

    Simon says, “I can feel how much this means to you.”

  • Howie was active in the dance group

    Phil Wright and Parent Jam performed a hip-hop dance — but Howie half performed the feel-good act.

    Simon says the performance “got a lot of attention”.

    “I love this gig,” said Simon.

    Howie agreed with Simon but said the gig was not a Las Vegas show.

    Sofia agreed with Howie, saying the group may not be able to match the competition’s talent this year.

  • Simon barks at the audience

    Simon says tonight’s performance felt “overproduced” and wasn’t as good as her audition, but he still has his fingers crossed for her.

    The crowd booed Simon’s criticism, leading to Simon snapping at them.

    He shot into the audience, “What’s your problem?”

  • Summer Rios enters the stage

    Singer Summer Rios sings “Control” by Zoe Wees after her audition shocked the judges.

    The 19-year-old said her audition was life-changing and that although it was “hard” for her to sing the song, she was determined to stay in the competition.

  • Trigg called it “boring”

    Despite a stunning reveal at the end of his magic trick, AGT viewers echo Simon’s criticism, calling the magician “boring”.

  • Simon beats up the magician

    Simon says Trigg’s presentation is “annoying”.

    He says his magic trick was clever, adding, “Good for you.”

  • Heidi draws her wedding

    Trigg asked Heidi to draw a special moment of connection on a piece of paper and sign the drawing.

    She distinguished her marriage to her husband Tom Kaulitz.

    Trigg took the drawing and somehow passed it to his friend through a video screen.

    At the end of the act, he revealed that the video call was never actually a video call — it was a poster.

  • The magician proves himself

    Trigg Watson says that after his audition, fans were skeptical about his act of magic and asked if it was fake – so he’ll now prove everything he does is real.

    Trigg combines magic with technology for his performance.

  • How to vote

    The voting process is simple and can be done through the official AGT apartment or

    The voting window is open now and will close at 7am ET tomorrow.

  • Warrior Squad stuns the jury

    Heidi says she was “on the edge of her seat” during Warrior Squad’s acrobatic performance.

    She asked Howie to take her pulse.

    “I know the show has just started, but this is definitely a highlight of tonight,” says the judge.

  • How to vote on AGT

    The voting process is simple and can be done through the official AGT apartment or

    Remember that voting is time sensitive. So make a note of the voting window when it opens.

    The voting window opens at the start of the show on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and closes at 7:00 a.m. ET on Wednesdays.

  • Terry is dressed like a king

    Host Terry Crews wears an all purple suit on today’s live show!

    Voting on tonight’s 11 acts is now open.


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