Amazon’s demise is better than New Vegas

The Fallout live-action series from Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan seems to be on the right track at Amazon. Variety reported last week that presenters have been hired, with Nolan set to direct the first episode. We don’t have any details about the movie yet, but I do know this: if the movie isn’t set in New Vegas, they’re making a big mistake.

The original Fallout games took place in California, New California Republic to be exact. Fallout 3 takes place in Washington DC and is arguably the most iconic setting – at least compared to Fallout 4’s Boston and Fallout 76’s Appalachia. Washington DC would be the obvious choice for the series, with California likely second simply because it’s convenient for the TV shows to take place there. A Mojave desert setting seems unlikely, since Fallout: New Vegas is technically a spin-off game developed by a separate studio – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good choice. Best.

Fallout’s strength is in its ability to build worlds and be iconic, and New Vegas has some of the most iconic locations in the series’ history. The giant dinosaur in Novac, the roller coaster in Primm, the slums of the Freeside where casinos and hotels have been turned into gang hideouts and supply warehouses, the New Vegas Strip, where the number of neon lights illuminating the desert wasteland, Jacobstown mutant paradise, Camp McCarran, HELIOS One, I could go on. When it comes to the visually impressive setting, the rest of the Fallout games simply can’t compete with New Vegas. The National Mall in Fallout 3 is the only place remotely close to the New Vegas Strip, but personally, I don’t need to see the Capitol Building demolished right now. It would be easy to fall into a generic post-apocalyptic setting for the series if it were set in California or DC, but New Vegas would be immediately recognizable and different.

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Fallout New Vegas Thorn Entrance

I wouldn’t expect that the series would use any storylines, characters or factions from the game – other than the Brotherhood of Steel – but if you do adapt the story from a Fallout game, again, New Vegas will is the best choice. Caesar’s Legion, Great Khans, Boomers and Robert House are all ready for the big screen. If pressed, I’m not sure I can even name any faction in Fallout 3. Dave’s Republic? I do not think so.

There are core elements of Fallout that need to make it into the show no matter what. It wouldn’t be Fallout without the Brotherhood of Steel, automatron, vampire, Nuka Cola, power armor, and guns that look like they’re made of rusty pipes. It’ll start with someone walking out of the cellar in a blue jumpsuit, they’ll be wearing a Pip-Boy, and the first neighborhood they find will be like the town from Leaving It to Beaver .

The retrofuturistic aesthetic pervades all Fallout games and is what gives it its signature look and feel. Beyond America and everything nuclear of the 1950s, the Fallout series needed a world filled with places and people. There is no better option than New Vegas. If you need any more proof, New Vegas has a gang of Elvis impersonators called the Kings and a dog with a robotic brain named Rex. Fallout 3 has a large grocery store.

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