‘Amazing Race’ Summary: Season 33, Episode 10 – [Spoiler] Win

Seven countries, 17 cities, and a global pandemic that followed, Great race Yes final crowned the winners of Season 33.

While best friends Ryan and Dusty lead the group in the early stages of Race, is married to YouTuber Kim, and Penn has been successful, winning three straight legs along the way. But heading into Wednesday’s finale, Raquel and Cayla had some serious steam. Despite their fair share of flaws throughout the run, the two flight attendants teamed up for their first win of the season just last week.

But we all know that it just takes one finish in first place to win a prize of US$1 million. So who went home with cash? Let’s recap the last two games of the season.

ROAD INFORMATION | All teams will be taking charter flights from Greece to Portugal, the westernmost country in Europe, for the penultimate leg of the race. Once there, they had to make their way to Fortale De São Filipe in Setúbal, Portugal. There were only four pairs left, each of which understood that there was no room for error. The finish line was in sight, and everyone’s eyes were on the prize.

Kim and Penn were the first to find the location, and from the top of the castle, they found out Raceflag color featured below. The remaining three teams are right behind them, with only Ryan and Dusty being the main force in Mistake direction. That will cost them.

BARRIERS | In “Who wants to go exploring?” Teams must choose a boat with an explorer’s name on it and paddle to the other side of the marina. But mixed in with the boats were boats with random celebrity names on them. If they choose wrong, it will return to original.

Kim and Raquel join the challenge, but Kim doesn’t recognize any of the names. She had a chance with Fernão de Magalhães (aka Ferdinand Magellan) and rowed. Raquel chose Bartolomeu Dias rightly, while Arun chose António Guterres, a former prime minister of Portugal. (Listen, I’d love to see Natalia and Arun in the first leg final, but let’s be honest.) In the end, Ryan chose Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet. Ruh-roh.

Amazing Race Finals SummaryAfter fighting for what it felt like forever, Arun decided to switch the boat to Vasco da Gama (one correct answer), but Ryan hit him with a punch and jerked it.

Kim was the first to pass and the YouTube Team started walking to the Mercearia Confianca de Troino restaurant. where they had to choose a can of sardines and paint its image on a wooden door.

While the first three teams begin their paint quest, Arun receives bad news that Guterres is Not an explorer. His next pick is Pedro Álvares Cabral, which really gives him a clue.

Raquel and Cayla finished their picture after the second check and started driving to Santuário do Cabo Espichel to find their next clue… but they left their precious map behind! (Not the first team to do it, and certainly not the last.) It didn’t take long for them to realize their mistake, and the panic quickly set in.

BARRIERS | Kim and Penn reached the second ramp, where they were tasked with counting the church’s 106 columns while standing in a designated space. When they count correctly, they will be directed to the next Stop, a lighthouse going out in the distance. Penn says that he and Kim have pretty bad eyesight (“Naturally, we’re all eaten by tigers now,” he said.) Raquel and Cayla finished second, and Cayla completed the mission in first try. (That’s impressive!) But after a few guesses, Penn and Kim followed each other to the finish line.

The final summary of the amazing race season 33PIT STOP | Raquel and Cayla arrived first, winning a trip for two to St. Lucia. Kim and Penn took second place, while Ryan and Dusty took third place in the final. As for Natalia and Arun, their race officially ended here.

LAW FINALLY STARTS! | Teams say adeus to Portugal to fly to RaceFinal destination: Los Angeles. The Next Route information tells them they need to unlock their clue using a combination of up and down. Raquel and Cayla quickly deduce that the code is located outside the elevator, and shortly after, they begin their trip to the El Pueblo de Los Angeles memorial. Kim and Penn also got hold of their clues, leaving Dusty and Ryan behind to scratch their heads for the rest of their lives.

ROAD INFORMATION | The first two teams arrive at the same time and must find three pieces of the clue by smashing multiple piñatas. In addition, a team member is blindfolded and must listen to instructions from his partner. First, Raquel and Cayla find all three clues, and they go to SIR Hollywood. Kim eventually found their last donkey, a small donkey, and the couple left before Ryan and Dusty could even show their faces.

The flight attendants arrive on their next mission, which is to add a foley sound to five classic songs Great race track scene (in case you need to see face watermelon another 50 times – that’s right, we sure do). Using common items like beach balls, a bucket of water, and more, they had to recreate the right noises for now-famous scenes, including the classic “my cow broke down.” !” little.

Kim and Penn catch up and remind us that video editing and lip-syncing are absolutely their forte. If there’s any perfect moment for married people to take the lead, this is it. Just kidding! Raquel and Cayla finally find the right sound and head to the Dignity Health Sports Park to find their next clue! But man, they have some competition! Kim and Penn are licking their heels.

MEMORY QUESTIONS | Teams must correctly answer questions that examine all of the countries and missions they have encountered throughout the season. Kim and Penn, Raquel and Cayla arrived almost at the same time. The questions asked about sayings they heard, portraits they drew and a certain little girl who joined them. The flight attendants seemed to do it all quickly, but Kim’s excellent note-taking was very helpful. (HELLO, HAS BEEN TESTED ON DUST AND RYAN?!)

The final summary of the amazing race season 33The hardest question concerns specific coins hidden under the rocks. Raquel and Cayla seem to be drifting apart, but then both the teams begin to change the answers they have answered correctly. (OK, this is stressful and I just close a race for 1 million dollars!)

WINNER? | At the end of a two-hour conversation, Kim and Penn completed their quiz, raced into the soccer stadium, and crowned the new winners of Great race! Raquel and Cayla came in second (after a horrible fight), far ahead of Ryan and Dusty in third.

Tell us: Did the right team win? Rate the finale and season below, then hit Comment!

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