All the archetypes in the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie The Grand Creators!

By Yu-Gi-Oh! The first set of 2022 was a collaboration between Konami and players, who were asked what kind of archetype they’d like more support for. The result of this little experimentation was The Grand Creators: 60 Card Booster that launched two brand new prototypes and provided some of the fan-favorite creations with much-needed support.

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However, it may not be the next core booster – Battle of Chaos is just days away – The Grand Creators will be a huge hit for fans of some of the company’s most beloved monsters. Yu-Gi-Oh!. Here’s everything you need to know about the archetypes you can find in The Grand Creators.



The first of two prototypes introduced for the Yu-Gi-Oh! in The Grand Creators is The Exorsisters. Their strategy focuses on hating the graveyard by punishing your opponents whenever they try and using your graveyard to an advantage.

Prototype controlled by powerful Exorsister Monster Xyzlike Exosisister Mikalis, who cannot be destroyed in battle by monsters Special Summoned from the graveyard, or completely stop summoning from the graveyard with Exosisster Kaspitell.

The Exorsister booster card also has an active theme of using your life points as a resource. For example, the Exorisister Vadis trap card might let you pay 800LP to Special Summon two Exorsister monsters from your deck (although you also shuffle them back into the deck at the end of the turn).



Joining the Exorisister as the new archetype in The Grand Creators is PUNK This Prototype is built around Psychic Modifiers and uses their abilities to pay 600LP for various effects. Example: Gagaku-PUNK Wa Gon draws the PUNK spell from your deck and allows you to draw when your opponent tries to target a PUNK

Although there are many Detectors, there is only one Synchro Monster, Ukiyoe-PUNK Amazing Dragon. However, it is a monster as it can return cards your opponent controls equal to the number of Level 3 Psychic Modifiers you control each turn. It even allows you to Special Summon one PUNK in your graveyard at once.

One interesting thing about the PUNK archetype is that it is based on four Japanese art styles, with each subgroup contributing their own playstyles:

  • The Ukiyo-E PUNK cards are the ones most interested in your Extra Deck, thanks to the Synchro Amazing Dragon and Fusion Rising Carp.

  • The Gagaku PUNK cards play with your PUNK spells more than they do with creatures, like Wa Gon looking for spells, while Wild Picking and Crash Beat both give you an additional effect if they are damaged. destroyed while in the Spell and Trap Zone.

  • Joruri PUNK focuses on trap spells. Madame Spider allows you to place traps in your hand, while Dangerous Gabu and Nashiwari Surprise are the only trap cards in the entire prototype.

  • Noh PUNK is all about memorial summoning, with all of them either requiring tribute to summon (Foxy Tune, Dia Note and Ogre Dance), or having effects that activate when they are taken to the graveyard.

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Adventurer Token / Brave Token


While this is also debuting in The Grand Creators, it’s not really a prototype, as it lacks the full support and unified naming of the likes of PUNK and Exorsister. Instead, it’s a group of cards that come together well and share the same theme…sounds like an archetype. But they are different.

The Adventure Token series is based on classic fantasy RPGs, and you must generate an ‘Adventurer Token’ (some cards call them Brave Tokens, depending on your location) before building your team around it. For example, Magicore Warrior of the Relics is your massive, massive DPS class and can only attack if you control the Adventurer Token. Meanwhile, the Water Enchantress of the Temple can be Special Summoned from your hand if you control the Adventurer Token and act as the party mage.

Most of the cards in this series refer to the Adventurer Token in some way. As how Zaralaam Shadow Palace is a field spell that damages your opponent based on the ATK of a monster they control that was destroyed by an Adventurer, or the Forest of Lost Flowers draws a card whenever your Adventurer kills a monster.

It doesn’t quite unify a theme as a full-fledged archetype (and the tags featured here tend to float between being usable for it and other archetypes) but it is a style. play weird and different from what we’re used to seeing in Yu-Gi -Oh!. Perhaps it will evolve into a full prototype in future sets?

Noble Arms

Noble Arms

Noble Arms was the first of three that existed before The Grand Creators, but was the main focus of the movie and received a lot of new support.

Based on Arthurian lore, Noble Arms focuses on powerful Equip spells to go with the related Noble Knights archetypal monsters. For example, Noble Arms – Clarent (not in The Grand Creators) can equip any Warrior monster, but can specially equip a Noble Knight if it is taken to the graveyard.

Grand Creators introduced only one new Noble Arm – Dunnell, Noble Arms of Light – but it adds a lot of support for Equip spells in general. Armory Call pulls a Magic Equip from your deck to your hand, then allows you to equip it directly on monsters on the field and Hidden Armory when you send a card from the top of the deck to the graveyard to place an Equip on your hand from the main deck or graveyard.

There is a crossover with the Adventurer cards. Some cards like Fateful Adventure care about Equip monsters (and prevent them from being destroyed), while also finding cards in your deck that are interested in that Adventurer Token. Even the new Noble Arms card itself, Dunnell, Noble Arms of Light, mentions the Adventurer Token as something it can equip if it is taken to the graveyard.

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Virtual World

Virtual World

Hime Virtual World – Nyannyan is the only Virtual World card found in The Grand Creators and is a reprint, so it feels a bit out of place. Regardless, you can open this and be more interested in the prototype.

Virtual World cards tend to grind themselves (send cards from your deck to the graveyard) to provide a Special Summon from your hand. As such, they are like the opposite of Exorsisters in that they encourage you to play things out of your graveyard and reward you for putting things in there. However, to counterbalance this, there is also a theme of heavy bans on Virtual World cards, meaning you have to be careful when playing your pieces.

Nyannyan can leave your graveyard and become a Psychic Tuner (give it some synergy with the PUNK archetype). When it is banished, Nyannyan and shuffle another banished card back into your deck.



The main archetype of this series, the community-determined and somewhat ‘generated’ prototype of The Grand Creators, is Inzektors. This is a hugely popular archetype, and The Grand Creators has plenty of new and old cards that would fit it.

Like Noble Arms, Inzektor is all about Equip magic. However, unlike Noble Arms, you usually taunt the Inzektor monster with other Inzektor. Cards like Inzektor Hornet, Hopper, and Ladbybug are Effect Monsters that equip Inzektors from your hand or graveyard with various benefits.

The larger monsters in The Grand Creators include Inzektor Picofalena, a Monster Link it is possible to equip Insect monsters with other Insects (not specifically Inzektor, but it does include them) to give them +500 ATK / DEF. There are two iterations of the Xyz Monster with Inzektor Exa-Stag and Inzektor Exa-Beetle, both of which can steal creatures from an opponent’s graveyard and equip them. There is even an Inzektor Equip spell in the Inzektor Sword – Zektkaliber.

However, the most interesting new Inzektor card is Zektrike Kou-ou. This spell for the Inzektor prototype was specially selected in the One Card Creation Project. Through a series of polls, Konami worked with Yu-Gi-Oh! community to narrow down the design of the card, such as whether it will be a monster or a spell, and even exactly what product it will be included in (with The Grand Creators as the end result).

Zektrike Kou-ou is an Inzektor spell that allows you to send an Inzektor from your hand or field to the graveyard to pull an Inzektor monster or Equip Inzektor spell out of your Deck and equip it to your monster. control.

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