All Series Monsters Guide (So Far)

stranger things is good at many things. From writing, character development, story and much more. The show also nailed its monsters!

The creepy creatures from Upside Down always give you goosebumps. And that was definitely the case from the beginning when we met the Demogorgon. I had never seen such a monster!

Where that came from, there was a lot more. And every season, the monsters have gotten bigger and scarier. stranger things Season 4 brings us perhaps the scariest yet.

Ahead of the upcoming fourth season, we’ve compiled a list of every monster our Hawkins friends have encountered so far on the Netflix hit.

Guide to All Stranger Things Monsters (So Far)

Season 1: Demogorgon

The main and only creature we meet in the first season is the Demogorgon. It terrorized Hawkins and was able to enter our world from Upside Down when Eleven accidentally opened The Gate. This happened when Dad’s experiment at Hawkins Lab unintentionally went too far.

The predatory humanoid has claimed the lives of many in town, including fan favorite Barb. The Demogorgon stole Will to Upside Down. He was stuck there for days trying to communicate with his mother, Joyce. Ultimately, she and his friends are able to save him that way.

Thanks to Eleven’s powers, she kills the creature in the showdown at Hawkins Middle School. But in doing so, she is taken to the Upside Down. The good news is that she was able to escape and return to our world.

stranger things

Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix

Season 2: The Mind Flayer and Demodogs

We will be introduced to The Mind Flayer in the second season. Also known as the Shadow Monster, the main antagonist of season two is the supreme ruler of the Upside Down. It is able to command the Demogorgon and other creatures such as the Demodogs and vines (Will was attached to a vine while suspended in the Upside Down).

The Mind Flayer first attempts to take control of our world when possessing Will. Eleven is able to close the gate she previously opened at Hawkins Lab and sever the psychic link. But that wasn’t the end of Mind Flayer.

We also meet the Demodogs in Season 2, including Dustin’s beloved darts. Demogorgons are also part of a species and go through six stages in their life cycle: Slug which we saw will cough up at the end of season 1, Pollywog, Frogorgon, Catogorgon, Demodog and Demogorgon.

Stranger things season 4

Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix

Season 3: The Mind Flayer

When Eleven closed the gate, Will’s friends and family had to force out of his body a piece of the Mind Flayer, which became dormant when the gate closed. But in Season 3, it opens up again, meaning the Flayer’s psychic connection to our world has been reactivated. This time Billy used it as the host. The Flayer begins abducting and possessing humans and rats, melting their bodies to create physical form to fight Eleven and the rest of our young heroes.

This physical form becomes the hospital monster that Nancy and Jonathan encounter, and then the larger spider monster that defeats the group in the finale. Hopper makes the ultimate sacrifice (when we thought he was dead!) and signals Joyce to close the gate. The Mind Flayer is no longer in control of our world and is banished back to the Upside Down. Hopefully forever.

Stranger Things Season 4 – Vecna

STRANGER THINGS. Vecna ​​Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Season 4: Vecna

Season 4’s big bad villain is Vecna, who we catch a glimpse of in the Season 4 trailer. We don’t know all the details about him yet, but this monster sure looks scary! Haven’t the Hawkins heroes been through enough already? But this season’s antagonist is already making me super excited for what’s to come!

stranger things Season 4 Volume 1 will be released on May 27th.

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