All Far Cry 6 Animal Companions, Ranked Worst To Best

Far Cry 6 continues the franchise’s custom of enlisting native wildlife to help gamers in fight, however some companions are way more helpful than others. Far Cry 6 equips players with various weapons and instruments to finish aims and win battles. Equally, every animal companion enhances a distinct playstyle and makes use of distinctive skills to defeat enemies, discover or collect assets, stun opponents, and extra. Far Cry 6’s animal companions are referred to as Amigos and are unlockable all through the sport’s major marketing campaign, aspect missions, and DLCs.

Not like different Far Cry video games, gamers solely obtain animal companions reasonably than people. A part of that is because of the significance of human numbers within the guerrilla forces towards the army of Anton Castillo, Far Cry 6’s main villain. The sport itself has acquired combined critiques from followers resulting from an absence of Italian translation and failure to innovate on the franchise’s present methods. Fortunately, the Amigos – animal companions – are a step in the fitting path and provide an entertaining technique to make the most of in fight.

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There are presently seven Amigos to recruit, together with a crocodile, dachshund, rooster, some panthers, and a few familiar characters from old Far Cry games. Most creatures are native to Yara, Far Cry 6’s chosen setting, although some are heartwarming callbacks to earlier titles within the franchise. Although every Far Cry 6 animal companion is equally lovable and presents lethal potential, some are far more practical in fight than others. Fortunately, gamers can pet and work together with each Amigo, making them a helpful addition to the struggle for Yara’s freedom.

#7: Far Cry 6’s Chorizo Is Cute However Does not Do A lot Else

far cry 6 chorizo dog

Chorizo was Far Cry 6’s poster dog and probably the most beloved Far Cry 6 Amigo in promotional supplies. His lovable child eyes make this dachshund one of many cutest animal companions to ever be a part of the Far Cry franchise. Chorizo’s “Consideration-Seeker” perk weaponizes his lovable look, distracting enemies till Dani can carry out a stealth kill. Sadly, most of Chorizo’s skills give attention to gathering assets, making him one of many weakest companions in fight. His “Bloodhound” skill tags assets as a substitute of enemies, and “Sure, You Can” permits Chorizo’s well being regeneration solely when Dani pets him. “Eager Senses” is sometimes useful in finding hidden assets, however Chorizo would do higher as a pet than a guerilla’s preventing animal companion.

#6: Far Cry 6’s Guapo Is A Good Companion To Begin With

far cry 6

Guapo is among the first Amigos that may be recruited and can be arguably probably the most self-sufficient. Sadly, his energy degree is considerably weaker than Far Cry 6’s other animal companions. Guapo’s “Historical Survivor perk” equips him with passive well being regeneration whereas out of fight and permits self-revives whereas feasting on useless enemies.

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Unlockable traits improve this perk’s usefulness, with “Physique Regulation” routinely initiating well being regeneration and “Reptile Metabolism” refilling 90% of his most well being after a profitable revive. Guapo’s “Cornered Beast” skill is his Most worthy, growing harm resistance as soon as his well being reaches 50% or beneath. Sadly, Guapo lacks dependable takedowns and executions, which threatens Dani’s security throughout stealth-oriented missions.

#5: Far Cry 6’s Chicarron Punks His Enemies

Far Cry 6 Rooster Amigo Fang For Hire

Chicarron options distinctive designs alongside Okay-9000 for Far Cry 6’s Amigos. This rooster is decked out in punk jewellery and dyed feathers, making its design way more lovely than the typical Yaran rooster. Although Chicarron is among the smallest Amigos, he has immense rage and is extraordinarily lethal to enemies. Chicarron’s “Indignant Hen” perk permits him to fling himself at enemies from a higher distance than different Amigos and might knock them down as soon as gamers unlock his “Angrier Hen” skill. The “Roid Rage” skill will increase the harm output and assault velocity of this terrifying rooster, making him way more environment friendly in fight. Chicarron’s remaining unlockable skill is “Rooster Toes,” which will increase the prospect to dodge his opponent’s subsequent assault.

#4: Far Cry 6’s Increase Increase Is A Blast From The Previous (With Presents)

Far Cry 6 Boom Boom

Longtime followers of the Far Cry franchise could acknowledge this pleasant pooch as Boomer, the Deputy’s (the Judge’s) trusted companion in Far Cry 5. It is unknown how the beloved canine made his method over to Yara, however he is wanting to help (or paw) in fight as soon as extra. Increase Increase’s “Fetch, Boy” perk permits him to retrieve assets from useless enemies, however his unlockable skills are the place his usefulness shines.

“Pointer” permits Increase Increase to mark hostiles, giving gamers important info on foes’ motion routes and places. “Knowledgeable Tracker” will increase the effectiveness of this skill, permitting Increase Increase to find enemies from a higher distance than earlier than. “Thick Coat” is by far his most useful skill, growing the quantity of injury Increase Increase can take. Like most Amigos, Increase Increase can be capable of carry out takedowns on enemies when commanded and might make the most of info he is provided to the participant to make sure success.

#3: Far Cry 6’s Champagne Will get Gamers Wealthy Fast

Far Cry 6 Champagne

Sadly, not all gamers can entry this majestic white panther, as Champagne is exclusive to Far Cry 6’s VICE Pack DLC. Champagne is the one feminine Amigo and emphasizes useful resource retrieval and counter-attacks on her enemies. Her prior perk is “Standing Image,” which permits her to gather extra Yaran Pesos from defeated opponents. Champagne advantages from Dani’s wealth with “Greed Is Good,” which will increase the success fee of her takedowns. “Predatory Intuition” permits gamers to fill their pockets extra readily, as Champagne can loot enemies after killing them with a silent takedown.

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Lastly, the “Sonic Snarl” skill equips Champagne with a counter-attack which all different Amigos lack. When Champagne takes harm whereas geared up with “Sonic Snarl,” she unleashes a roar that knocks opponents to the bottom and permits Dani to complete them off. Gamers fast on the draw can benefit from Champagne’s rage and get wealthy doing it.

#2: Far Cry 6’s Okay-9000 Terminates All Its Foes

Far Cry 6 K-9000

Okay-9000 is one other extraordinarily helpful Amigo in Far Cry 6 blocked behind a paywall, forcing gamers to purchase the Far Cry 6 Blood Dragon Pack on the Season Move to entry him. His design as a robotic canine is modern and trendy, giving Yara’s tropical surroundings a novel sci-fi theme. The “Iron Pores and skin” perk equips him with an computerized resistance to bullet harm and complete immunity to poison and fireplace, making him extra highly effective than different Amigos. His “Improve” skill alerts gamers to safety cameras, alarms, tripwires, and turrets, whereas “Improve!!!” permits Okay-9000 to inflict extra harm on tagged enemies.

His third and remaining skill is barely unhappy however ensures Okay-9000’s effectiveness even in loss of life. “Termination Protocol” initiates Okay-9000’s self-destruct, turning the beloved canine right into a bomb as soon as he receives would-be deadly harm. Fortunately, like the opposite Amigos, gamers will not lose Okay-9000 completely and might benefit from the devastating harm whereas awaiting a time to summon Okay-9000 to their aspect once more.

#1: Far Cry 6’s Oluso Is The Deadliest Amigo

Far Cry 6 Oluso

Oluso is probably the most helpful and efficient companion present in Far Cry 6’s Yara nation. This black-spotted panther can help Dani in eliminating complete outposts earlier than any enemies are conscious of the risk. His “Shadow Strike” perks make him the proper confederate for stealth-oriented gamers, whisking enemy our bodies away in a burst of smoke and ash to remove any hint of his actions. Oluso’s unlockable skills solely enhance his stealth capabilities and make him a deadlier opponent in fight whereas additionally growing his survivability.

“Mimo Abosi’s Luck” ensures Oluso’s takedowns are extra profitable and unlocks after killing twelve enemies in a restricted zone. “Rage of Ida” makes enemies flee in terror after a profitable takedown, pairing properly with different skills in Oluso’s package. “Mist of Oku” makes Oluso immune to break, much less detectable than ordinary, and permits computerized well being regeneration – making him the very best animal companion in Far Cry 6 proper now.

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