All endings and how to get them

Scarf may be an indie puzzle game, but it still has multiple endings based on your actions.

Scarf - Screenshot from the ending cutscene of the mother and the hero

Scarf is a succinct indie puzzle platformer in which you play as an unrepentant protagonist who wears a scarlet scarf. That scarf is actually some kind of dragon creature, looking for its mother, and you are tasked with helping it!

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Of course, there is a catch. While adventuring around this world, you can sometimes come across Squid. These are memories of another life in which the narrator will tell you a very different version of events than you were told at the beginning of the game. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Well, going to the end is a good way to tell. Yes two possible finishes to the Scarf, and we detail both here.

Standard end

Scarf - End of BadStandard

The standard ending is the ending the game assumes you’ll get the first time you play. (That’s not necessarily the case, though, if you’re a perfectionist or just a curious person.)

In the ending, it was revealed that everything you are told in the game intro is a lie.

The Scarf did not lose its mother to the nomads. The mother is just using you. She is manipulating you emotionally, leaving you to chase the nomads and quell their rebellion. The mother reveals that you, the ‘Hero’, will sleep in a “dream without a lid” for as long as you need to – briefly before sucking you into yourself. The mother’s last words seemed to imply that it was inevitable that the nomads would try to rise again, but she was convinced that they would fail.

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The end of the secret

Scarves - Good Secret Ending

Requirements for secret termination:

In the secret ending (sometimes called the game’s “good” ending), you rebel against your mother when you face her after exploring all three worlds. Since you have seen Squid and heard the truth about the mother, you can use the darkness you gather to defeat her. Your prize is the core of the mother: pure life.

You can return the “themes” you stole to the nomads and give them even more power to unlock new worlds and explore farther than ever before. In the final moments of the game, you ask yourself if this power will turn the nomads into power-hungry and whether the cycle of violence will ever end. However, you decide that, even if that happens, there will still be hope because there is never darkness without light.

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