All 250+ monsters featured in D&D’s new Multiverse Monsters

Mordenkainen presents the Monster of the Multiverse is the latest book for Dungeons & Dragons, something that will help build a bridge between the 5th version of the game and what comes next. It gathers together over 30 different playable races for the first time in a book, and also introduces more than 250 monsters from across the D&D multiverse. That’s the most monsters published in a book since the 5th edition Monster User Manual and, according to main rules designer Jeremy Crawford, many of them should “terrify” veteran players.

“Many of these monsters, especially those with higher challenge ratings, are much more dangerous than they were last seen in print,” Crawford said during a preview event. “We have received fairly consistent feedback since the release of our core books in 2014 that some [high-level] monsters, in many cases, just feel a little too weak – like they’re punching below the challenge rating. ”

Challenge Rating (CR) is an easy-to-use metric to gauge a monster’s relative strength. Crawford and his team at Wizards of the Coast say they redesigned some monsters extensively, creating multiple battle options to allow them to truly live up to their powerful CR. In other cases, the team simply reworked a monster’s full strength, skills, and traits.

“We constantly ask ourselves, ‘Is this monster the best version of itself? Crawford continued. “In many places, we have also created new features. As you go through the book, you’ll find some monsters that at first you’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, I know this one. I even used it in my game. ‘ But when you look at the stats block, you see, ‘Oh, there’s a new twist.’

While most creatures in armor have appeared before in places like Volo .’s Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, some appear here for the first time in print. That includes an eerie Dolphin Delighter with telepathic powers – the perfect addition to a newly released ongoing campaign. The Wild Beyond The Witchlight.

Here is the complete list of monsters included in Mordenkainen presents the Monster of the Multiverse. The book will be available as part of Dungeons & Dragons Rule Expansion Gift Set, retails for $169.99 and launches January 25. Pre-orders for the indie book – and for digital platforms like Fantasy Grounds, Roll20 and D&D Beyond – are now Available with delivery on May 17th.

Chapter 2: Evidence from Mordenkainen presenting the Monster of the Multiverse

Abishai, Black Stegosaurus (Dinosaur) Hutijin Suffering, Hunger
Abishai, Blue Velociraptor (Dinosaur) Hydroloth Sorrowsworn, Lonely
Abishai, Green Dolphin Juiblex Sorrowsworn, Lost
Abishai, Red Dolphin Delighter Ki-rin Sadness, misery
Abishai, White draegloth Kobold Dragonshield Laying eggs of Kyuss
Alhoon Dow Arachnomancer Inventor Kobold Star Spawn Grue
Alkilith Drow’s favored coordination Kobold Scale Sorcerer Star Spawn Hulk
Allip Captain Drow House Korred Star Spawn Larva Mage
Amnizu Drow Inquisitor Priest Kraken Star Spawn Mangler
Annis Hag Drow Matron’s Mother Kruthik, young Star Spawn Seer
Archdruid Drow Shadowblade Adult Kruthik Directing, Female
Archer Duergar Despot Lord Kruthik Hive Directing, Nam
Armani Duergar Kavalrachni Leucrotta Steel Predator
Astral Dreadnought Duergar Mind Master Leviathan Cursed Stone
Babau Duergar Soulblade Adept Martial Arts Stone Giant Dreamwalker
Bael Duergar Stone Guard Marut Storm Giant Quintessent
Balhannoth Duergar Warlord Master Thief Rot Grubs
Banderhobb DuergarXarror Maurezhi Swashbuckler
Baphomet Duergar Hammerer Maw Demon Commander Sword Wraith
Bard Duergar Screamer Meazel Sword Wraith Warrior
Tallest Dybbuk Meenlock Tanaurk
Berbalang Eidolon Merregon Titivilus
Bheur Hag Eladrin, autumn Merrenoloth Tlincalli
Blackguard Eladrin, spring Mentality Turtle
Bodak Eladrin, summer Moloch Tortle Druid
Boggle Eladrin, winter Molydeus Trapper
Boneclaw Elderly brain Morkoth Troll, Dire
Bulezau Elder Tempest Grolantor’s Mouth Troll, Rot
Cadaver Collector Elemental Myrmidon, Air Nabassu Troll, Linh
Canon Elemental Myrmidon, Earth Nagpa Troll, Venom
Catoblepas Elemental Myrmidon, Fire Narzugon Ulitharid
Aurochs (Cattle) Elemental Myrmidon, Water Neogi Hatchling Vampire Mist
Deep Rothé (Cattle) Fire Giant Dreadnought Neogi Vargouille
Ox (Cattle) Imix’s Firenewt Warlock Neogi Master Vegepygmy
Stench Kow (Cattle) Firenewt Warrior Neothelides Vegepygmy Chief
Cave Fisher Flail Snail Nightwalker Vegepygmy, Thorny
Champion Flind Nilbog War Priest
Chitine Fraz-Urb’luu Nupperibo Warlock of the Archfey
Choker Froghemoth Oblex Spawn Warlock of the Fiend
Choldrith Frost Giant Everlasting One Oblex, Adult Warlock of the Great Old One
Clockwork Bronze Scout Frost Salamander Oblex, Big Brother Lord
Clockwork Iron Cobra Gauth Ogre Battering Ram Wastrilith
Oaken Bolter Watch Gazer Ogre Bolt Launcher Wizard, Apprentice
Clockwork Stone Defender Gervon Goblin Chain Brute Magician, Abjurer
The giant cloud is smiling The Giant Strider Howdah the Elves Mage, Conjurer
Corpse flower Giff Oinoloth Wizard, Diviner
Cranium Rat Girallon Orcus Wizard, Enchanter
Cranium Rats, Herd Githyanki Gish Orthon Mage, Evoker
Darkling GithyankiKithrak Phoenix Magician, Illusionist
Darkling Elder Supreme Commander Githyanki Quickling Wizard, Necromancer
Kiss of Death Githzerai Anarch Red cap Wizard, Transmuter
Deadlock Githzerai Enlightenment Retriever Wood Woad
Deathlock Mastermind Gnoll Flesh Gnawer Rutterkin Xvart
Deathlock Wight Gnoll’s Hunter Sea Spawn Xvart Warlock by Raxivort
Deep Scion Gnoll Withering Shadar-Kai Gloom Weaver Yagnoloth
Demogorgon Gray rendering Shadar-Kai Shadow Dancer Yeonoghu
Derro Grazizt Shadar-Kai Soul Monger Yeth Hound
Derro Savant Grung Shadow Mastiff Yuan-ti Anathema
Cannibals Grung Elite Warrior Shadow Mastiff Alpha Yuan-ti Broodguard
Dhergoloth Grung Wildling Shoosuva Yuan-ti Mind Whisperer
Brontosaurus (Dinosaur) Guard Drake Sibriex Speaker Yuan-ti . Nightmare
Deinonychus (Dinosaur) Hellfire Engine Skulki Yuan-ti Pit Master
Dimetrodon (Dinosaur) Hobgoblin Devastato Lord of the skull Zaratan
Hadrosaurus (Dinosaur) Hobgoblin Iron Shadow Slithering . Tracker Zariel
Ouetzalcoatlus (Dinosaur) Howler Sad, Angry Zuggtmoy

All Monsters Included in Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse

Wizards of the Coast All 250+ monsters featured in D&D’s new Multiverse Monsters

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