AGT fans are complaining about a key detail of the new format that is “ruining” the show and begging producers to go back to the old style

AMERICA’S Got Talent fans have complained about a specific detail on the show.

They want the producers to “go back to the old format” and say “sob stories” are ruining the episodes.

America's Got Talent fans are tired of the judges acting based on her backstory


America’s Got Talent fans are tired of the judges acting based on her backstoryCredit: NBC/America’s Got Talent
The Mzansi Youth Choir sings Nightbirde's audition and she passed away last year


The Mzansi Youth Choir sings Nightbirde’s audition and she passed away last yearPhoto credit: Getty

AGT fans complain that the episodes are too long due to the backstories.

A fan took to Reddit to express their opinion.

“Why do episodes feel so drawn out now?” someone asked.

They continued, “I feel like the episodes used to flow a lot quicker. But now I feel like it takes 20 minutes to go through a single act with all of its ‘backstory’ and the intro and all that.”

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“It kind of ruins the show for me because I want to see the acts, I don’t know.” [sic] So much for her backstory.

“Also, it sucks because you know that if you give them the whole introduction, the gig will go through. I’d rather not know if the show is going to be good or shit.”

Fans call “sob stories” a person’s backstory that makes the judges and audience feel sorry for them.

For example, if someone lost a loved one or is homeless, that could be considered a backstory.

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AGT observers on the Reddit thread agreed with the original poster.

“I think it would make more sense if the background information on the acts was only shown on the live shows,” one fan suggested.

To which someone replied, “Honestly, I don’t think there should be a backstory.”

“It’s a ‘talent show’. The backstory has nothing to do with her talent. Have them state their name, age, and where they come from.

“That’s it. I hate that so many winners are chosen based on their sob stories. But it would definitely be an improvement to only see it on the live shows.”

“That’s a good idea,” replied another.

Someone else replied to the thread and said, “It’s not called ‘America’s Got Talent’ anymore, it’s ‘America’s Got Sobbing Stories’.” I hate it.”

“I agree, now it’s an act and then a commercial break, again. Also, there’s never any doubt or variety as to what the jury will say.”

“They almost always give a standing ovation and vote yes after giving high praise.”

“I feel like years ago people wondered what the judges would say,” said another.

An example of this is the Mzansi Youth Choir.

They sang a song by a former contestant, Nightbirde, who passed away last year.

The blind Putri Ariani also received the Golden Buzzer from the jury.

No joke

Another aspect that fans would like to see changed would be to have fewer children on the show.

People from all over the world, of all ages, ethnicities and genders, audition for AGT.

But in this particular season, fans have found that the kids seem to have the upper hand.

in one preview In Tuesday’s upcoming episode, Mikheeva Marina Eseniia was seen dancing and wowing the judges.

The audience seemed to enjoy their performance as well, but fans at home want a variety of attendees.

Simon Cowell mentioned on last week’s episode that he would like to do just a children’s version of AGT.


Fans followed the Instagram comments of Mikheeva dancing and writing what they think of the kids on the show.

“I would be happy about an AGT Kids.

“The cuteness factor blinds the judges and isn’t fair to the other older contestants,” said one fan.

Many fans agreed with the original poster, saying it was “correct” and that children should “not perform in Las Vegas.”

“Cute, but not Vegas-worthy! Why are little kids allowed to audition????” wrote one fan.

A third added, “Cute, but that’s it… in about 10 years… they should just do a kids’ edition of AGT!”

“WHO is going to Vegas to see a children’s play? Shouldn’t the participants at least be adults?” asked another.

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One fan asked, “Can we put a minimum age on this show for parents to stop exploiting their kids?”

The fans didn’t necessarily scold her, it was the kids on the show in general.

Putri Ariani received the Golden Buzzer after telling the judges her backstory


Putri Ariani received the Golden Buzzer after telling the judges her backstoryPhoto credit: Getty
AGT fans also want the series to have a separate kids-only spin-off


AGT fans also want the series to have a separate kids-only spin-offPhoto credit: Getty
The Mzansi Youth Choir also received the Golden Buzzer after making the jury cry


The Mzansi Youth Choir also received the Golden Buzzer after making the jury cryPhoto credit: Getty


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