Addison Rae Launches Broken Screen, Blue Light Protective Mist, After Valkyrae’s Canceled RFLCT

The impact of artificial blue light is “negligible”, but that hasn’t stopped Addison Rae from launching a skin care product for gamers.

Addison Rae

Valkyrae received a lot of criticism after revealed a new gamer skin product that would protect users from artificial blue light, citing dubious scientific provenance unsupervised, marketed to young people despite being the equivalent of an anti-aging cream. But Addison Rae decided to repeat recent history, launching her own version of the product.

Rae has announced Screen Break, a new “skin mist” that will protect you from the blue light of computer screens, phones and TVs to keep gamer skin smooth. “The blue light emitted by devices can really make skin tired,” Rae claims in the announcement video. “So this is clinically proven to help protect your skin from those artificial blue light.”

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However, a study from Beiersdorf’s Dr. Ludger Kolbe, lead scientist in photobiology, looked at the effects of artificial blue light and found that the effects were “negligible”. He states, “The amount of artificial blue light emitted during the use of conventional electronic devices is not sufficient to cause harmful effects on the skin.” According to their research, spending a whole week in front of a screen equates to one minute outdoors on a sunny day. Kolbe adds that “concerns about negative effects on the skin are unfounded,” so products like Rae’s are completely unnecessary.

The ad embedded above says that Screen Break is packed with ashwagandha extract, niacinamide, glycerin, and dandelion. If you didn’t know, ashwagandha is commonly used to lower blood pressure, niacinamide normally balances oil in your skin and makes pores smaller, and glycerin is a humectant that helps your skin retain moisture.

It To be a skin care product being peddled, just not a necessity for the reason it is advertised, and nothing specific about the product that helps with artificial blue light exposure.

After the backlash, Valkyrae defended himself by saying she thinks it will help everyonebut the product was then canceled. History seems to be repeating itself with Rae and Screen Break as the general reception is everything but positivity.

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