A plea to Merrick Garland for the future of our republic

After months of coordination and legal wrangling, the January 6 committee finally released some new documents: those from President Donald Trump’s last former chief of staff, Mark Meadows. For hours, as a violent mob flooded into the Capitol, Fox News hosts, various Republican members of Congress, Trump administration officials and even Donald Trump , Jr. messaged Meadows begged him to get the then-president to call his friends. Like Chris Hayes Note at MSNBC, it proved that everyone knew Trump was behind the scam – he beat the crowd and he was the only one they noticed.

Unfortunately, this embarrassing text message disclosure seems to be all about accountability to Trump and his friends. The Biden administration, especially Attorney General Merrick Garland, is facilitating lawlessness through their unwillingness to prosecute Trump and all of his cronies for crimes against democracy. .

It is not if the prosecution will be dropped on a technicality. Like Barton Gellman write at Atlantic, we have evidence of a tight strategy to reinstall Trump in power, however, the conspiracy is not carried out.

First, they tried to reverse election results at the state level, lied about voter fraud, filed dozens of unjustified lawsuits, and tried to bully state officials, like the Secretary of State of Georgia. Brad Raffensperger (R), to cheat votes. (Remember, we have Trump on ice with Raffensperger Request a clear change to the total number of votes.)

When that didn’t work, Trump and top allies like Rudy Giuliani caused a violent mob on the Capitol building to try and block election certification.

They also planned, as Trump’s attorney John Eastman outlined, to get Vice President Pence to claim to be President Trump through an absurd reading of the election rules. The crowd chanted “hang Mike Pence!” to be because of he intends to respect the election results.

Meanwhile, others conspired to ask Republican-controlled state legislatures to submit new electors. Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) reported texting Meadows personally endorsed the Pence strategy, and another unnamed GOP member of Congress texted him state legislative ideas.

All this is extremely illegal. In 18 United States Code 2383, penalties are imposed for sedition or rebellion: “Anyone who instigates, sets foot in, assists, or participates in any riot or rebellion against the authorities of the United States or their laws” is punishable by fines and imprisonment for up to 10 years, as well as a permanent ban from holding any federal office.

After 2384 dealing with an ambitious conspiracy: “If two or more persons in any State or Territory … conspire to overthrow, bring down, or by force destroy the Government of the United States of America, or go to war with them or resist by force in their authority, or by force to prevent, obstruct, or delay the enforcement of any law of the United States “they may be fined and imprisoned up to 20 five.

I’m not an attorney, but if these two statues (and many more) don’t cover what Trump and his associates did from Election Day 2020 to January 6, then words will. makes no sense. They try to overturn an election through bullying, legal maneuvering, and ultimately violence, from a simple public point of view, to cling to presidential power. There is no crime against the basic foundations of a democratic republic.

However, no such charges have been brought against Trump, Meadows, Representative Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), or any of the dozens of other people who were directly involved in the book and attempt to do the paperwork. (Even those who trespassed on the Capitol were not charged with insurrection or seduction. Every single case so far for trespassing, assault, or other fairly minor offenses.) Garland and the FBI clearly couldn’t believe Trump. Actually committed these crimes. The shock troops are being slapped on the wrists. Leaders are breaking out of scot-free.

Garland’s indication that he won’t enforce the law against seduction and rebellion has had toxic effects downstream. Following the overturn, several large businesses announced that they would no longer donate to Republican politicians who voted to overturn the election. But a few months later, they quietly continue to donate.

One reason for this, of course, is a complete lack of principle. But a more important reason is Garland’s refusal to prosecute. The leaders of these corporations may assume that Trump, for once, will not get away with it, so they calculate that they will sever him and burn their reputations without incurring backlash. . But the establishment of freedom did let him get out of it, just like he got away Violation of gambling laws, construction contract, and inheritance tax law.

So now companies are hedging their bets. Trump tries to take power by force; he and his team are Conspiracy in plain sight to do it again; and the opposition party that controls federal law enforcement did not lift a finger to stop him. Any rational business owner wants to be on the right side of a deranged, vengeful criminal who has a very good chance of being president again.

One often hears a controversy from established bodies such as Law that it’s bad to prosecute former presidents because it’s disgusting.”banana republics“doing. The fact that the president is not accountable to the law is the dictionary definition of corruption. Lots of rich countries (like Korea, France and Iceland) prosecuted former political leaders for breaking the law, setting a good example, and not having a good time.

And, in any case, if Biden or Garland think Donald “locked her up” Trump would show them the same respect if he were in power, they have something else coming up. He would put them behind bars for the rest of their lives if he could.

If I were them, I would value the rule of law and Trump’s various crimes now. File the charges tomorrow, and have him absent forever. A plea to Merrick Garland for the future of our republic


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