A non-combat horizon game that will be amazing

A new one Horizon the game is on… um. Good. Anyway, it will be here soon and at an unspecified date in the future, Horizon can also deliver VR’s Breath of the Wild moment. Horizon Zero Dawn was a huge hit and convinced Sony to bet on this farm for the PS5 generation. It did a great job, so I only have one suggestion for it – it’s going to be completely different.

Maybe that’s not entirely true. In a year piled up with even greater crowd joys Like Elden Ring, God of War and Starfield, Horizon might just be my most anticipated game. It’s definitely the one I’m most looking forward to out of all the greats – but it’s unidentified sleeper hits could topple it on my 2022 GOTY list. For all I love about Horizon, though, it’s always seemed like the triple-A game most equipped to be purely pacifist, and we’ll unfortunately never see it.

Related: Call Of The Mountain horizon needs to be more than a virtual reality technology demonstrationHorizon’s battle is great. It can be a bit tiring, especially in the early stages, when you need to manage inventory and gather resources for pretty basic weapons, but let’s explore a little deeper and the traps and attachments. Various elemental attachments give Aloy a wide range of options. Judging from the game demo shown to us in mid-2021, combat is even more complicated this time around, with new weapons, new ways to trap your enemies, and more to do with your staff rather than just killing things. Despite all this, I don’t want to get out of the battle because it sucks, but because the world around me feels so alive.

Horizon Forbidden West's Companion

This is a controversial issue in the Horizon fandom. Some say the world feels barren and lifeless. Sure, it’s empty in some places – it’s a game set in the wilderness, and wandering through open spaces (or riding various tame machines) is part of the thing. there. But when you visit every campsite, every village, every tribe, everyone is alive. Everyone has a role to play, and everyone plays that role. They don’t always talk to you, and as a result they may feel more like a mini concert for the illusion of life than life itself, but the idea that the world doesn’t feel I’m living has never come true for me. The problem is, unlike many games, you don’t feel like the star. In Pokemon, you can be a ten-year-old girl who strays into a stranger’s house, and instead of saying “get out before I call the police and their trusty Growlithe!” They sit you down at the table, offer you a cup of tea, and explain the mechanics of the game.

I love the world of Horizon. I hope Forbidden West can be more interactive – we knew Aloy would spend less time alone – but there’s something about Zero Dawn’s peaceful emptiness that appeals to me. Of course, this serenity is often punctured by having to shoot ice arrows at a mechanical jaguar, which is where the idea of ​​non-combat comes in.

I don’t think all video games should be combat-free – I’m picking Horizon on purpose. For example, God of War works in its quiet moments, but without combat there isn’t really much to do other than walking in a repetitive straight line. The Last of Us Part 2 (and indeed Part 1) is steeped in suffering and violence, and the game’s themes wouldn’t work without them. Ghost of Tsushima is, in a very different way, also shaped by its violence, while Ratchet & Clank’s animated battle is what makes the game so frenetic. In fact, out of all of Sony’s big prestige games, only Spider-Man seems equally suitable for the non-combat part, and I argued that a THPS-style game would work wonders.

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy

But Horizon, unlike Spider-Man, doesn’t have a lot of dynamic motion. The swing in Spidey is the best part of the game – the stroll in Horizon is not. But that’s why a non-combat game sounds so appealing, it presents this world – the misunderstood world, full of malice – in a way that a fighting-based game can’t. . Aloy can climb, run, and explore, but only in specified places (though Forbidden West will fix that), and not in a way you feel encouraged. There are a lot of markers on the map, but you can complete the game and collect high level gear without even seeing half of it. Just running and adventuring can be an important part of Horizon, but it plays a second role in skirmishes and because the world building from the hubs happens without interaction. by Aloy, it can make people feel cold.

This is unlikely – video games are largely built on violence and combat, with Horizon driving the success of this formula. But if Forbidden West, Call of the Mountain, or a future game can offer a peaceful exploration of a world begging for it, we might find something we never knew existed. we want.

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