A mind-blowing optical illusion promises to show what it’s like to hallucinate

THIS mind-blowing optical illusion promises what it’s like to hallucinate – so buckle up for an incredible journey.

The zany clip left viewers stunned after they managed to shift their perception of their surroundings in just over a minute.

The crazy optical illusion promises to show viewers what it's like to hallucinate


The crazy optical illusion promises to show viewers what it’s like to hallucinatePhoto credit: YouTube

It promises a “complete visual hallucination” and will transform your world into a warped wonderland – but don’t worry, it wears off quickly.

But be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart and is best completed while seated.

For those who like to take a look through the mirror, all you have to do is watch the weird video while staring at the screen.

The only rule is you can’t look away until the screen goes black.

Viewers are greeted by a red and white striped screen that appears to be moving, with an olive green circle in the centre.

The optical illusion, which lasts about 1 minute and 15 seconds, simply requires you to focus on the screen.

After remaining enchanted, illusion enthusiasts are treated to a journey – and experience a brief “hallucination”.

Brainteaser fans couldn’t believe their eyes after they looked up to see the room seem to “dance” around them.

The amazing trick works because the communication between your eyes and your brain gets messed up when you watch the confusing video.

The information your eyes gather doesn’t get to your brain right away for some reason.

As a result, the viewer sees things in motion that are actually still.

The extraordinary clip was shared by content creator and visual admirer DrDIYhax.

The YouTuber regularly shares wacky videos with his subscribers to freak out brain teasers.

Stunned fans of his work were amazed at the illusion’s impact, calling it “cool” in the comments.

If you’re into optical illusions, don’t miss this one either, which appears to show a woman’s very shiny legs.

Social media users were amazed by what appeared to be a pair of oiled pins – but were actually a few dashes of white paint.

Bizarre and silly are words often used to describe such brain teasers – and this one will make you question your counting skills.

The interesting image shows six women seated on a sofa, but only five pairs of legs can be seen.

Another amazing illusion claims that with a quick question, it can even reveal whether you have a female or male brain.

And this riveting mind trick promises to reveal whether you’re happy in life or questioning your relationship – so what do you see? A mind-blowing optical illusion promises to show what it’s like to hallucinate


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