A glimpse into This Morning’s ‘bullying culture’, from the ‘scary’ boss to accusations of misogyny to six-figure payouts to employees

“THE cozy world of daytime TV” is one of the most used phrases in show business journalism.

Turns out it’s absolute crap too.

The wheels are toxic this morning after Phillip Schofield admitted'imprudent' behaviour


The wheels are toxic this morning after Phillip Schofield admitted ‘imprudent’ behaviourPhoto credit: Rex

“This Morning” has long been one of the most toxic, fraudulent, and brutal shows in the industry — but it’s only now that the wheels are finally coming down.

A lot has been written about Phillip Schofield in the last two weeks.

But this column isn’t about him, it’s about the behind-the-scenes culture, which appears to be rife with gross misogyny, bullying, and favoritism.

For far too long ITV executives have apparently put their fingers in their ears, enabling, if not actively encouraging, this behaviour.

Martin Frizell, the chairman of This Morning, is widely known in industry circles for his bullish, antiquated manner.

A former colleague described him as “a relic from a bygone era, full of shouting, swearing and non-PC comments.” He can be incredibly charismatic but also scary.”

He has long been a staunch and very loyal supporter of The Holly And Phil Show.

If metaphorical bodies are buried, one would assume Frizell would know where.

Emma Gormley, Head of Daytime at ITV, also has questions to answer.

Why was Phillip’s ex-boyfriend transferred to Loose Women as relations cooled? Who is this supposed to protect?

On February 1, 2020, I emailed the ITV advertising team, alleging that This Morning had been called ‘Toxic Towers’ by staff – and that a potential tribunal over bullying and misogyny allegations had been settled out of court.

No doubt I was told that it was a “thorough internal investigation”. [was undertaken] and we are glad that these complaints are unfounded.”

But mysteriously, I can see that the disgruntled employee was paid a six-figure sum.

The resulting article never saw the light of day.

This Morning leader Martin Frizell is known for his bullish, antiquated nature


This Morning leader Martin Frizell is known for his bullish, antiquated naturePhoto credit: Getty
Emma Gormley, Head of Daytime at ITV, also has questions to answer


Emma Gormley, Head of Daytime at ITV, also has questions to answerCredit:

And in June 2019, I revealed for the first time tensions between Phil and Holly and a “breakup” at a live event in Birmingham.

Although I was well briefed by several people, some famous and some not, both Holly and Phil did their best to downplay any tensions.

Other journalists have also made allegations of awkward behavior away from the sofa and have been similarly thwarted.

On Sunday, Dr. Ranj, who previously worked on the show, to confirm everything.

He said: “As time went by, I became increasingly concerned about things going on behind the scenes and how people, including myself, were being treated.

“It takes more than one person to create a culture.”

One of my best friends worked on the show at a very high level a few years ago; She quit within six months, citing bullying and sexism in her exit interview. No action has been taken.

I’d like to reiterate a few select conversations she witnessed. Even Jim Davidson might wince.

Two familiar faces told me they were diagnosed with health issues – one mental, one physical – as a result of working on the show.

The latter wrote to me yesterday via WhatsApp: “I still suffer from the pain of this condition on a daily basis, but I don’t want to look weak when I come out and discuss it.”

Yesterday, Phillip loyally defended the program he has worked on for 21 years, adding: “The thousands of guests over the years, thousands of staff and crew members, hundreds of presenters and contributors all know it’s a family of wonderful, talented, kind, hard-working people.”

In a flash, Eamonn Holmes hit back and replied, “Schofield just made a delusional statement.”

The gloves are really off.

Of course, there are hundreds of decent, kind, hardworking and smart staffers at This Morning – the ones who have to read about the altercations and are heartbroken.

They are also wrong to fear for their jobs.

It’s also important to note that the show — and Frizell and company — have worked tirelessly during the pandemic, raising invaluable awareness of a variety of health issues over the years, most likely saving lives in the process.

But ITV, which proudly launched a campaign for Mental Health In The Media in March, can’t sit back and do nothing now.

It is required to both investigate its original “investigation” and start a new one.

In the meantime, everything is business as usual for bullish bosses.

“This Morning” aired yesterday, filled with the usual sunny cheer (which none of us believe in anymore).

But how much longer can this farce go on?

An ITV spokesman said: “As a producer and broadcaster, ITV takes its responsibility to speak out seriously.

“We have robust and established processes.”

Boris: Let it rest

The year is 2043. Electric cars are flying, AI robots make up 73 per cent of the UK workforce and the BBC is gone.

And Boris Johnson faces his 712th inquest for breaking Covid rules.

A further inquiry has been launched into Boris Johnson's actions during the pandemic


A further inquiry has been launched into Boris Johnson’s actions during the pandemicPhoto credit: Getty

Yes, once again the former Prime Minister has been referred to the police for allegedly having visitors at Checkers during the pandemic.

His allies claim the latest “smear campaign” is a “political intrigue”.

Whatever the truth, it doesn’t help anyone to be reminded of the government’s almost daily Covid disasters after the event.

Boris got his salary quite rightly.

Can we all continue now, please?

WHY are male politicians so obsessed with our genitals?

Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, is the latest to join the trans debate, claiming that a woman can “quite clearly” have a penis.

If they could please focus more on what’s between their ears instead of women’s legs, that would be great.

The BBQ Pig Theory

BBQ season has officially begun in the Moodie household.

“Barbecue” is, of course, a euphemism for “all-you-can-eat gluttony masked as a high-protein meal.”

I mean, would I ever walk into a civilized restaurant and order a burger and a half (with a piece of cheddar), three sausages, a corn on the cob (with butter), two spicy chicken thighs, and a symbolic mouthful of salad? Topped off with a “double raspberry magnum” because “damn it’s summer”? NO.

But a “barbecue”? Totally socially acceptable to do like Augustus Gloop.

In what may be a regular, exciting feature called “Bench Of The Week,” I’ve been inundated with photos of readers* showing their favorite park bench plaques over the past few days.

After demonstrating Huw Davies’ memorial “In loving memory of Huw Davies who used to sit here and roar at the seagulls”, we have a sequel this week.

A reader sent in a fun park bench plaque in tribute to Roger Bucklesby


A reader sent in a fun park bench plaque in tribute to Roger BucklesbyCredit: Included

Many thanks to Rob Bull for this week’s winner and, as Rob wrote, “I would have had a beer with Roger.”

Dito. *12 readers

Kylie snubs an age blunder on Beeb’s part

For a painfully awakened left-leaning organisation, the BBC really knows how to shoot itself in the foot.

Radio 1 refused to playlist Kylie Minogue’s new song – “Belter” – because it is far, far too old for the young demographic.
Sure, Kylie is 55.

Radio 1 had refused to play Kylie Minogue's new record


Radio 1 had refused to play Kylie Minogue’s new recordPhoto credit: Getty

But she’s a global icon that transcends age, gender, sexuality and class.

I don’t know a single gay man under 30 who doesn’t adore the hotpanty floor she walks on.

In contrast, stations like Capital FM play the song “Padam Padam”.

At the same time, this is a company that’s going all out to attract younger listeners to Radio 2 – and weed out DJs over 60.

So while people’s pronouns must be respected, gender neutral, historical facts reinterpreted and warnings posted, the BBC does not respect life experience.

In an aging society, this seems increasingly short-sighted.

Farewell to Jeff Stelling who received a standing ovation at the end of his last shift this weekend.

It’s the rare station that you can hardly say anything derogatory about.

Soccer Saturday legend Jeff Stelling received a standing ovation at the end of his final shift this weekend


Soccer Saturday legend Jeff Stelling received a standing ovation at the end of his final shift this weekendPhoto credit: Getty

After 30 years at the helm of Soccer Saturday, it’s almost impossible to follow him.

The art of losing face

Oh the horror. Is it just me, or is it literally categorically impossible to end an accidental FaceTime call?

At the risk of listening to all Piers Morgany here (sorry Piers), I accidentally sat on my cell phone and video called a very famous pop star whose name rhymes with Dobby Dilliams (yes, yes, I can hear the name bell ringing ). .

Realizing my mistake, I desperately tried to turn the thing off.

Nothing. It rang and rang and rang, my increasingly reddened, huge, fat face and seven chins projected onto the small screen in front of me.

The wilder and more frantic I got, the louder the ringtone seemed to get. The (verified) call was INTERMINABLE. I must have looked like a real stalker.

As a side note, I also once FaceTimed my boss from the restroom and the exact same thing happened. The shame.

MY girlfriend sent me a screenshot of a Hinge match (dating app) where the other person identified their sexuality as “allosexual”.

um what? We both googled and didn’t get any wiser.

So, for the equally uninitiated, “Allosexual, also known as Zedsexual, refers to people who are not on the asexual spectrum.”

Police say Nikki Alcaraz is in danger after traffic stop by Steven Tyler Stratton
Expert says Kim K is enforcing a'master plan' for Khloe to get back together with Tristan

In other words, it describes someone who regularly feels sexual attraction to others, but it doesn’t necessarily refer to a sexual identity per se.”

Clear as mud.


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