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Warning: Vandals ahead for Screaming 5

Characters in 1996 Screaming already mastered the basic rules for horror movies. As Woodsboro, Calif’s resident film enthusiast. Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) made it clear in the first installment of the franchise, abstinence The word sex is your best chance to turn it into a scary movie that comes to life. He also advises you to never say “I’ll be right back” – because you certainly won’t.

More than 25 years later, a Screaming introduced some new rules. Early in the film, on January 14, former police chief Dewey Riley (David Arquette) gives up-to-date instructions on how to survive a horror movie. Dewey’s new rules aren’t as conservative as those shared by Randy — pure rings have been around since the ’90s, after all — but they’re still very meta. You can’t survive nine hits through four films without noticing a few patterns. Unfortunately, new ScreamingThe Last Girl of, Sam Carpenter (In The Heights‘Melissa Barrera), doesn’t realize what the prophet Dewey’s directives are like until the film’s final act.
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Dewey’s golden rule is to directly recall the original Screaming: Never trust the care of love. In the 1996 film, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) learned this the hard way when her boyfriend and horror maniac Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) revealed the murder in his hometown was a crime. act of revenge on her mother, Maureen, who had an affair with his father. to the separation of his parents. Maureen was his first victim and he wanted Sidney to be his last so he could pin murders on her.

Pictures of ParamountNeve Campbell and Courteney Cox in Screaming

Dewey’s new rules are an early clue to this Screaming has more in common with the source document than its title. At their core, Screaming movies are not teen murder movies, but gory movies where anyone and everyone could be a suspect. Figuring out who’s behind the Ghostface mask is the fun part – and often the killer is the most obvious choice.

Take the original: Billy’s red flags can be misinterpreted as red blows, which makes the ending reveal that he’s the one doing all the stabbing a satisfying shocker. The fact that his accomplice Stu (Matthew Lillard) has no real motive other than “pressure from friends” adds to the shocking value of the finale. It also lets fans know that a character doesn’t necessarily need to have a complicated reason to kill – which seems a bit weak for Woodsboro’s Generation Z teenagers seen in the 2022 film. This high school kid is more obsessed with “Increase horror” like Witch, It follows, and The Babadook than classics like Halloween. However, they must respect previous killer movies to solve a new mystery. This time, Ghostface is killing whoever was involved in the original Woodsboro murders, was the inspiration behind Stab movie franchise, a running joke in Screaming series.

The new one Screaming neither a reboot nor a sequel; it’s “asking” as Randy’s niece, Mindy Meeks-Martin (Yellow jacket‘Jasmin Savoy Brown) tells her friends in the early days of town’s latest tragedy — in front of a literal shrine dedicated to Randy, anyway. The old rules don’t necessarily apply, but ScreamingFilmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett nor reinvent the wheel. A “precondition” that sets the line between the past and the present, offering a new take on a classic while respecting the legacy of the franchise. With the year 2022 Screaming, which means connecting the present and the past by introducing a surprising family link: Sam is Billy’s daughter.

How new Screaming suitable for franchising

The trick of turning a killer into someone’s relative from the original murders has been used in the three sequels with varying degrees of success. 1997 Screaming 2, Billy Loomis’ mother (a deranged delicious Laurie Metcalf) follows Sidney to the university to seek revenge. It’s basically impossible to guess that she’s the one behind it all, an ending that delighted some viewers while aggravating others.

Three years later, Scream 3 introduces Roman (Scott Foley) as not only the murderer, but also Sid’s secret half-brother, the bastard son of Maureen, who is the architect of this entire tragic story. Director of Stab 3, ScreamingThe franchise in the series, revealed that he showed Billy video evidence of his father’s infidelity, which encouraged him to commit murder. It’s a long retcon that doesn’t quite match the ending of the original.

However, when Screaming 4 turns Sidney’s teenage cousin Jill (Emma Roberts) into a psychopath who wants to be famous in order to be the sole survivor of the imitation murders that have turned her cuz into a legend. That feels like a satisfying change. More than a decade later, a narcissistic killer is willing to kill his entire family for Instagram “likes” ahead of his time.

Like Billy, Jill’s accomplice is her movie buff friend Charlie (Rory Culkin), who wants a remake. Stab movie, but ended up just becoming another victim. It’s important to remember that movie buffs often fail in this franchise—especially when they’re trying to rewrite the series to satisfy fans.

It’s so refreshing Screaming make it different from the original

Pictures of ParamountMelissa Barrera in Screaming

The new one Screaming resist the urge to turn Sam into the killer, a choice that would be a lovely callback to the original in a less confident franchise. Sam doesn’t want to take down Sidney, the woman who killed his beloved father. Instead, she fears she will be like Billy, whose ghost appears to her as an angel and a demon on her shoulder. Sam is just a pawn in this cat-and-mouse game to get Sidney, who swore never to set foot in Woodsboro, back into town.

To bring her back, this Screaming raises the stakes, brutally kills Dewey just before he plays the hero — and regains his estranged wife, Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox). Sidney returns as the wise sage who currently lives the life of LuluLemon mother with her husband Mark, real name Screaming Fans will recognize as Patrick Dempsey’s character in Scream 3. Sidney returns to pass on some of the girl’s last knowledge, seek revenge for her fallen friend, and possibly pass the torch.

The finale takes place in a familiar location, Stu’s home, where another group is being thrown out despite a killer at hand. Just like the original, the house’s newest occupant is Amber (Mikey Madison), Sam’s daughter, sister Tara (Jenna Ortega), who is one of the killers. Like any true crime fan, Amber did her homework on the house’s history and befriended another. Stab stan on Reddit, who happens to be Sam’s boyfriend, Richie (Jack Quaid).

Not like before Screaming movie, Richie doesn’t care about revenge or becoming a star, he’s just a fanboy with bones to choose from. Specifically, he thinks Stab 8 jumped on the shark and he wanted to remake the movie. It was a motive that seemed a bit unpredictable given the malicious craze of #SnyderCut campaign or The Last Jedi discourse. Richie doesn’t see himself as a serial killer but as a budding screenwriter just trying to get it right with the movie and its fans because he’s clearly the one who knows best.

However, the joke is on him because his rewrite is as slick as anything Hollywood can come up with. In his version of Stab 8, Sam is not the hero of the story, but the villain. Having Billy Loomis’ daughter appear at the scene of the original crime that killed Sidney 25 years until the day she killed Billy was like resurrecting Palpatine because Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It’s not shocking or creative, it just lazy fan service.

Pictures of ParamountJack Quaid and Melissa Barrera in Screaming

The problem with rebuilding grueling storylines is that someone is bound to catch up, which Sam does. (Richie blaming his sister for the murders seemed like a real gift.) Sam could tell that Richie wasn’t as good a guy as he claimed to be, but rather a toxic fanboy. She channeled some of her late father’s energy to kill her lover, whom we shouldn’t have been able to trust. After all, Dewey had foreseen this outcome the moment he met him.

As for Amber, she offers a new twist in her defense of Stu “the movies made me do it” by claiming that she was radicalized by 4Chan. But “the message board made me do it” was a weak excuse that even she couldn’t commit to. Amber was burned alive by Gale, a bit karmic for killing her belated love, but like every other killer in Screaming movie she returns to hell when she completes her plan.

When the scorched Amber tries to kill Sidney and Sam one last time, it’s Tara who saves the day while saying the last word. “I still like it” The Babadook,” she said as she pulled the trigger. Moviegoers may feel the same way, but new Screaming managed to find new life in a fascinating genre. A fascinating break of the new Scream


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