A curriculum of chaos, ranked

Strixhaven’s School of Magic, the latest campaign for Dungeons & Dragons, is a unique setting filled with drama, powerful spells, and flavorful items. Like most D&D source books, there are some magic items introduced in Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Choasand whether you’re playing a Strixhaven campaign or want to include these items in your own game, these can be great options for low to mid-range parties.

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Since the campaign itself doesn’t rely much on combat, the items don’t provide a strong benefit in battle. But they are great additions to roleplaying and socializing, and some of them are quite unique and fun to have for your D&D character.

Strixhaven Pennant

Dungeons & Dragons Strixhaven students waving school flags

This simple pennant bears the stamp of Strixhaven or one of its five colleges, and in addition to its role-playing merits, you can wave it to light up a small 20-foot radius around you when signifying. the statue on it shines.

Considering that in a school filled with magic users, non-magical darkness shouldn’t be too much of an issue for the school’s students as a simple light switch can help them in most situations. situation, the mechanical aspect of this item is not as important as the taste and the role-playing opportunities it offers.

Unlimited coffee bottles

Iron pot with chain

Even students of a magic university run over coffee, but luckily for them, they don’t have to wait in line to get it with the misspelled name on the cup. This magic item always carries warm coffee inside, with a few limitations.

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You cannot pour the coffee into a cup or other container as it will disappear immediately and you can only drink it directly from the container. On the other hand, every time you drink coffee from a bottle, you have to roll a d20, and on one roll, the bottle is empty in the next hour. The Unlimited Coffee Bottle is just a role-playing item, but it’s still a compelling item.

Lorehold Primer

Dungeons & Dragons Wizard research a scroll

Each of Strixhaven’s colleges has its own textbook, called Primer, and each has certain benefits for the character. All of them were magical items, and they required the service of a charmer. They have three recharges, and they charge 1d3 every day at dawn.

Lorehold Primer allows you to expand the fee after you check history or religion and gives an extra 1d4 for those ability checks. Alternatively, after a long rest, you can study the diagram and select a tier one spell from the Wizard or Cleric spells list. You can cast that spell once without using the spell slot before your next long rest.

History and religion ability tests are among the rarest checks required in the game, but they can have an impact if you’re trying to discern important information about specific objects or events. body. Wizard and Cleric’s list of spells also provides a variety of useful first-tier spells for the player.

Quandrix Primer

Dungeons & Dragons wizard studies mysterious runes

Quandrix Primer’s respective ability tests are nature and arcana, and you can use the primer’s charge to add 1d4 to these reels. Both of these abilities, especially arcana, are more useful in most campaigns, and in the Strixhaven settings themselves, they can be very useful.

This software allows you to select and use level one spells from a list of druid and wizard spells. Although the druid’s magic list at level one is somewhat limited, the wizard’s dictation list remains one of the most flexible of any class and there are great options to choose from.

Witherbloom Primer

A druid exploring the wilderness

Witherbloom Primer allows you to add 1d4 to your nature or survival tests. These ability tests are all extremely useful for exploring the wilderness, tracking other creatures, and finding your way.

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This primer, like Quandrix Primer, allows you to select a spell from a list of druid or wizard spells, and cast it once without using any spell slots. Both Witherbloom and Quandrix Primers offer similar benefits, but 1d4 for Witherbloom’s survival test may be more useful than Quandrix’s benefit for arcana scrolling.

Prismari Primer

Dungeons & Dragons Tiefling Wizard

Prismari Primer allows you to expand the charge and add 1d4 to your acrobatics or test your performance. Of all the lures, the acrobatic testing benefit that Prismari Primer offers is the only one that can have a direct impact in combat situations.

Also, this lure’s extra spells are from the bard or sorcerer’s spell list, providing great first tier spells in both combat and social encounters. While performance testing isn’t the most popular ability test, the benefits of acrobatic testing and the spells available through Prismari Primer make it one of the best lures in Strixhaven.

Silverquill Primer

Dungeons & Dragons wizard performs a ritual from a spell book

The last and arguably the best primer is Silverquill Primer. This textbook allows you to expand on the charge and add 1d4 to your persuasion or intimidation test. These ability tests are some most popular in role-playing and social encounters, and they may be more useful than the situational ability tests of other primers.

In addition, this lure allows you to choose a tier one spell from a list of bard or clerical spells. These two spelllists provide some of the best support and utility spells, in particular, the cleric spelllist offers some of the best first tier attack spells like Guiding Bolt or Inflict Wounds.

Cuddly Strixhaven mascot

Dungeons & Dragons Strixhaven students and various university mascots

And finally, the best magic item introduced in Strixhaven, both in taste and usefulness, is a plush toy. The cutest feature of the Cuddly Strixhaven Mascot is that it hugs you back. When you press it to your arm, shoulder, or leg, the mascot clings to you for an hour.

The other effect that this mascot gives, is that if you have it on you, you can gain an advantage against fear effects. Fear effects are very strong in D&D, and it is extremely helpful to have them save. The idea of ​​a favorite toy that gives you the confidence to fight your fears makes this one of the most exciting and powerful magic items introduced in the Strixhaven campaign books.

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