8 lingering questions we have after completing Vampyr

Dontnod Entertainment breaks into vampires, dark fantasy genre leading up to their 2018 debut Vampy. An exciting and refreshing look at vampires set in 1918 London, Dr. Jonathan Reid is reincarnated as a young, powerful Ekon to defeat an ancient evil.

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Caught between the need to earn and the vow to save, Jonathan adapts and navigates his new life as he discovers his Creator’s identity and why he was turned around. However, there are some questions in Vampyr that still linger in our minds.

Why did the Morrigan awakening happen only in London?

Vampyr Jonathan fights the awakened Red Queen

Jonathan Reid eventually discovers that Harriet Jones is technically a vessel to awaken the Red Queen. His creator, Myrddin, told him that the Red Queen was the Celtic goddess of war, the Morrigan.

However, Jonathan’s investigations revealed that the famous fire of London in 1666 was an event that coincided with the awakening of the Red Queen. But we don’t hear about other awakenings in different parts of the world. So, what is so special about London that the Red Queen is only awake there? Is it because London was a real dump compared to other cities in the 1900s? Or is it simply a plot device?

Is There A Chance of Magical Creatures Other than Vampires?

Vampyr Myrddin talks to Jonathan for the last time

Near the end of the game, Jonathan Reid learns that King Arthur is also another of the Descendants of Myrddin. He was apparently placed on the same mission as Jonathan, although it was never determined whether he faced the same threat.

According to Myrddin, he spoke of Arthur slaying a dragon, to which Jonathan responded with mockery and distrust. Since Myrddin said in the puzzle, could it be another metaphor for the awakening of the Red Queen? But if not, is it possible that vampires aren’t the only mystical beings existing in the Vampyr universe?

Why can’t Myrddin Wyllt help Jonathan Transition?

Vampyr Jonathan was bitten and turned into a vampire

Jonathan Reid’s Maker is none other than Myrddin Wyllt, also known by the infamous Merlin nickname in Arthurian lore. Myrddin rejected Jonathan because he saw him as a suitable candidate to be her champion in defeating the Red Queen.

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However, Jonathan resented being turned away and ended up killing his sister Mary. Even Lady Ashbury said that Maker’s treatment of him was too cruel. So why couldn’t he be there to guide Jonathan? It did not seem so when Myrddin became Field Marshal William.

Is it because of his ethereal form? Or perhaps he was too busy watching the Red Queen? But would it be better to lead the way to a champion who wants to defeat her?

How are sewer monsters created?

Vampyr Jonathan fights the Sewer Monster

Jonathan Reid first encountered the Sewer Beast in … well, the sewers of London. One of the game’s first bosses, the Sewer Monsters look like werewolves, but they crave blood like any other vampire.

However, Drain Monsters seem to have lost their basic instincts, being territorial as well as aggressive. We have somewhat explained how Ekons and Skals are created, but the Monster in the Sewer is still a mystery.

How can Sean Hampton stand around the Relic?

Vampyr Sean Hampton shows Jonathan his tolerance for holy icons

Sean Hampton, also known as the ‘Sad Saint of the East End’, is a devout and selfless man who works to help the homeless in Whitechapel. Jonathan meets him during his encounter with William Bishop, not realizing that Sean has also been infected with vampires.

Unlike Jonathan, Sean transforms into Skal. Jonathan thinks Sean killed Harriet Jones and many others, but he realizes he didn’t kill. In a scene before the main choice, Jonathan asks how Sean can stand around the divine symbols. But Sean simply said he wasn’t bothered by them. Would his faith help him somehow tolerate them? Is this some form of evolution or is Sean merely experiencing pain?

How do Old Bridget and her team of Skals stay calm?

Vampyr Jonathan meets Old Bridget and her Skals

During the quest ‘The Sad Saint of the East End’, Jonathan meets Old Bridget, the guardian and leader of the Skals. We see that she and her group of Skals retain their sanity and are not as hostile as the Skals on the ground.

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Even Sean retains his sanity for a while longer but eventually becomes aggressive and bloodthirsty if you spare him. In a sense, Ekon blood sustains Skals but why are some Skals sentient while others (like those street-fighting buddies) are aggressive? Is their will stronger than the hostile Skals?

What about the Relic that wards off vampires?

Vampyr Jonathan fights Priwen's Guardians

In popular culture, vampires can be repelled by religious symbols and relics. But in Vampyr, there is a bit of a muddy and gray area that needs to be cleared up.

For example, when Jonathan fought McCullum, the latter said he drank the blood of King Arthur to strengthen himself. Then you find out that King Arthur is actually the Descendant of Myrddin, and therefore a vampire. This relic turned out to be just the blood of an elderly vampire. So what exactly is a relic that repels vampires like Jonathan when it’s just the blood of another vampire?

Also, as mentioned before, Sean Hampton doesn’t feel repulsed around the relics. The mystery behind vampires and supposedly ‘holy’ relics continues…

How does someone become a Vulkod?

Vampyr Fergal Bansha fights the boss

Like the Monsters of the Sewer, Vulkod is a branch of vampires much larger and more ferocious than the Ekons and Skals. This is evident in your fight with Fergal Bansha, but how does a particular human turn into a Vulkod?

It can’t be a human build, because if you grab Thelma Howecroft, her friend Thomas Elwood becomes Vulkod. And Elwood was thin, sick from the war. Is Vulkod the one who infects a human so that it turns into another Vulkod? It remains an enduring mystery.

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