7 Things People Totally Miss in Shin Megami Tensei 5

The long-awaited fifth game in the series, Shin Megami Tensei 5, combines the best elements of the previous titles. Takes you through a post-apocalyptic setting, breaking the bleak human world against an army of demons. Fight your way through the many personalities that stand in your way, sometimes the size of the main story can distract you from the little details.

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From hilarious dialogue to ridiculous jokes, you’ll be thrown from place to place at breakneck speed. A lot of the most unique items in the game can be picked up from quests that most players won’t come across, taking away the best parts of the role-playing game. Noticing the specifics helps you appreciate the effort put into the game and breathes life into the experience.

Break the fourth wall

chat creatures

One of the brand new role models for Shin Megami Tensei 5, Hydra is a classic demon that has appeared throughout the series. If you join the conversation as Cerberus, another iconic character, then you get a unique fourth wall when you try to recruit him to merge.

Cerberus knows that this is a game series while Hydra is very confused and lost in conversation, an easter egg that few can see. This isn’t the first time the game has broken the fourth wall, giving you dialogue options so you know the characters are up to something.

Collection of ten thousand leaves

read poetry

Developers often bring in things from the real world, show off their fandom on other mediums or make creative choices. Few guest works like the Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves, the oldest collection of classical Japanese poetry known to man. Divided into three parts, this book includes songs written by people from all walks of life, from emperors to soldiers.

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Besides the clear quote at the beginning of the opening, you can also catch a glimpse of the book if you keep your eyes peeled. The main character is reading it as he walks through the train station, a very odd book for anyone but scholars. The series features numerous cultural and religious easter eggs, but many of the monuments are considered among the most important to Japan.

Mitama Madness

against tears

Mitama each represent one of the four aspects of the human soul, explaining their wild diversity. Taking them on is tough, but it will give you some of the best rewards for such an easy battle, especially against such nervous opponents. In previous titles, they can be purchased from Rag’s Jewelry, But now you have to fight them to reveal their prizes and abilities.

Mitama takes every opportunity to run away from the battle, much to their frustration when they try to defeat it. They only have one randomly chosen elemental stat, making all other attacks a waste of time. You will only know through trial and error or a spy glass to reveal their stats. Once you spot a weak point, you hit them once and they’re instantly defeated, making that hit all the more important.

Recycling model

shin megami tensi yoink

Fans waiting for the full release thought they’d get a brand new set of demon models, giving them something new to look at. Unfortunately, fans of the latest Persona games will know that’s not the case most of the time, recycling the same images and splicing them into the new title.

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The game also borrowed a lot of its UI content from Tokyo Mirage Sessions, a 2015 crossover that combined Megami Tensei with Fire Emblem. While the new story and witty dialogue make up for the old installments, there’s more than enough time between titles to create new gear. Then again, why fix what’s broken? The new always brings a certain level of risk to the party.

Surprise attacks

demon battle

Using a world map can be a useful resource if you’re trying to locate demons quickly, letting you know their exact location and whether there are any demons around. . However, even if you map out a perfect ambush, isolating a demon from any other possible fallback, there can still be some surprises as soon as you enter the battle.

Random reinforcements can appear at any time, placing you in a fight for which you are not prepared. This isn’t usually a big deal unless you’re really pushing your limits and facing demons that you should probably avoid. The spawning ghosts will only end the fight and make it a more tedious process.

A Fools Trap

face 2 enemies

Pretty early into the game, you can stumble across a chest that – usually a good sign – ends up giving you more than just some useful items. If you pay attention, you can see slimy demons around the perimeter and hopefully make a wise choice to avoid it, unless you’re looking for a five-on-one battle.

Early in the game, there is a chest with five slime demons behind it, if you get greedy they will ambush you and cause a fight. Given that the failed slimes weren’t top level opponents, flaming gunfire wouldn’t be too bad for experienced players. However, if you’ve never played the Shin Megami Tensei game, avoiding this fight too early in the game is probably the best option, so that you don’t stand a chance of being overwhelmed by a multitude of enemies.

Moon effect

moon god

The moon transforms from a graphic decoration into a sophisticated mechanic in Shin Megami Tensei V. Although it doesn’t affect anything explicitly, you’ll find that the demons you’re playing with Trying to talk or negotiate is acting differently depending on what stage of the cycle you are in. Trying to socialize during different moon phases can get you ignored, depending on which demon you’re talking to.

When the moon is full, the demons become more excited and chatty, making deals will become a lot easier and you will have more personality to chat with. Fusion accidents are also more likely to occur during the full moon, limiting your activity during that period, unless you enjoy gambling.

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