7 Safety Measures for Employees in High-risk Workplaces

If you work in a high-risk environment, you understand the importance of maintaining safety measures at all times. Risky workplaces have seen some of the most gruesome injuries, some of which have claimed lives. But that shouldn’t be the reason for you to stop earning your bread and butter. You can easily avoid trouble if you maintain safety measures at your workplace.

If you ever face an injury at the workplace, you can always hire a personal injury attorney to claim your compensation. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney, on behalf of The Barnes Firm, says, “Not only to help you obtain the maximum compensation you’re owed, but to also make sure accidents aren’t repeated for others to suffer.”

Below are seven safety measures you can maintain at your high-risk workplace.

Learn to operate machinery properly before handling

Learning to operate machines and tools before working with them can reduce accidents by a large margin. Many workplace accidents take place because of a malfunctioning machine or wrong usage. You can find manuals with every new machine. Study them well. Attend training before working with the machines and tools. Use them as intended, not for anything else. Some tools are used to reduce strain on your body, such as forklifts for lifting heavy loads. Adhere to their proper usage to avoid getting injured.

Wear all safety gears

Your workplace will equip you with various safety gear, starting from non-slip shoes to fire-retardant uniforms. You must wear these safety gear before engaging in the task if you want to ensure total safety at your workplace. Non-slip shoes might seem unnecessary. But workers have slipped over the smallest of things and sprained their ankle or had a bone broken. Wear a mask if you’re handling dust and debris, or chemicals emitting harmful fumes. Wear your helmet at a construction site to prevent getting hit in the head.

Take breaks between work

Continuous work creates exhaustion and increases the risk of workplace accidents. If you work with a screen, take occasional breaks to give your eyes some rest. If your work includes lifting heavy objects, take breaks periodically to regain your stamina. Do the same if you have to move around a lot in your workplace.

Eat well and stay hydrated during these breaks. Hydration alerts your body and keeps you awake for longer hours.

Report potential risks

Fix or report potential risks right when you spot them. If the electric wiring is causing trouble, or a machine is malfunctioning, inform your supervisor immediately. If you have the authority to fix the problem, fix it as soon as possible. If you’re not authorized, inform the management and wait until the problem has been resolved. Ignoring potential risks can cause injury to you or your colleagues at work. Flagging them will help not only you but also everyone related to that task.

Reduce long-term exposure to poor working conditions

Other than machines and tools, you can also hurt your health by exposing yourself to unsafe work conditions over a long period. Maintaining poor posture can cause permanent damage to your backbone. Long exposure to noise can reduce your hearing power and cause heart problems. Working unsafely with toxic chemicals can cause skin cancer or lung diseases.

While you can’t control all situations, you can minimize them by asking for safety measures from your employer. Wear protective gear and reduce exposure to adverse conditions to protect your health.

Pay attention to your environment

Pay close attention to your environment to avoid small accidents. Tripping over small objects and falling is one of the most common accidents at the workplace. When not on duty, take a few hours to declutter your workplace to avoid tripping or colliding with these objects. Keeping your workplace clean also ensures better productivity.

Watch out for spills on the floor to avoid slipping. Carefully enter hazardous areas, and wear protective gear. Don’t leave any machinery turned on after you’ve finished working, or don’t leave them unattended. Know the shortest route to the first aid box. Remember where the emergency exits are. Being aware of your surroundings can help prevent accidents better.

Follow the company’s safety policies

Every company that employs people in high-risk duties has a set of safety policies. Get educated on them and attend all training. Participate in the drills. Try not to go beyond these policies and always practice them.

The company may update these policies based on any upgradation of the work type or the working environment. They can also introduce new machinery, tools, or ways of work. Attend the new sessions and drills to stay updated on the safety policies, and pay close attention to the changes. Maintaining them can reduce the chances of accidents by a large margin.

Workplace hazards are not completely unavoidable, but employees can minimize accidents by following proper safety measures. However, you could still be a victim of workplace accidents. If you want to claim compensation, you can always take the help of a personal injury attorney.

Huynh Nguyen

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