7 pro tips and tricks to dominate the big group battle in Halo Infinite

Microsoft wrapped up Xbox’s 20th anniversary with the launch of a free game Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, a month before the game’s full December 8 release. Following a year-long delay that was widely announced last year, players got their first taste of the game’s multiplayer through recent preview flight tests.

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A mode that seems to get most of the attention and praise in preview is Big Team Battle, a 12v12 matchmaking playlist that harks back to the fun and tumultuous days of Halo 3. And now, matches are open to anyone using an Xbox recently or PC is capable, you can bet that the matches will be filled with players of different skill levels. That is the new to Halo or fail to reap the benefits of training during test flights, though, there’s no need to stress about it too much, if they practice the following pro tips and tricks.

Updated November 22, 2021: To really master Halo Infinite’s massive Team Battles, we’ve included a video tutorial with our pro tips. It will further illustrate how to be the top player in a match.

Learn the basics

Screenshot showing Spartan Academy recruits in Halo Infinite

Gone are the days when the only way to get good at Halo multiplayer was to rush into the fray against more seasoned players. Halo Infinite offers newcomers as well as veterans a much better option, Spartan Academy, a training mode where they can train at will without the added pressure of disappointing his teammates.

The academy has a full tutorial that covers all the basics, as well as weapon drills that help you practice at a shooting range with the different guns available in the game. You can even join a match against the bot and adjust the difficulty to suit your needs, making it a viable option for more seasoned players looking for a challenge. fit while honing their skills.

Getting to Know the Map

Screenshot showing Deadlock map in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta currently includes three dedicated Big Team Battle maps: Deadlock, Fragmentation, and High Power. While that number will certainly increase after the full game’s release in December, players looking for skill sets and their current status should try to familiarize themselves with each.

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The good news is that all three maps are laid out in a way that makes the use of vehicles possible. Also, there are areas that need to be fully covered from enemy fire, so it’s not just all open ground. You should find out the locations of all regenerative weapon pick-ups, as well as drop-off areas. That way, you’re more likely to get those sought-after weapons than anyone else.

Hold on your toes

Screenshot showing the gunfight between two players in Halo Infinite

Due to the large size of the Big Team Battle map, the temptation to camp somewhere out of reach and wait for enemies to show up can be greater than ever. But you have to resist that temptation because doing so will most likely backfire and make you an easy target for invisible snipers.

Instead, you should make the most of the available map by finding strategic points that you can move through. This will allow you to cover more ground while making it harder for enemies to pin you down in one spot.

Tracking Radar

Screenshot showing the HUD and radar in Halo Infinite

Another thing you’ll want to make sure you’re doing while playing Big Team Battle in Halo Infinite is keep an eye on the radar. It allows you to spot nearby enemies even if they may be behind a wall (as long as they don’t crouch or stand still).

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You can also mark enemies you’ve seen or even items and they’ll show up on the radar, which makes it much easier for you to move them if they get out of your sight during the match. fight.

Mastering photos taken with Grapples

Screenshot showing the graphics in Halo Infinite

One of the new mechanics introduced in the gameplay of Halo Infinite is Grappleshot. This is basically a grappling hook that allows the player zip from one area of ​​the map to another. But it doesn’t end there, as it has other uses.

You can grab items from afar, for example, or even pull weapons out of enemy hands into your own. You can also grapple with moving vehicles like Banshees, allowing you to loot them instantly. The possibilities are seemingly limitless, so the sooner you master the insights of Grappleshot, the better.

Stick with your teammates

Screenshot showing the gunfight between opposing teams in Halo Infinite

Big Team Battle as the name suggests is all about teamwork. So you’ll need to make sure you work together with your teammates to achieve objectives, whether this is to capture an enemy flag in Capture The Flag or to defend an already established control point. captured in Total Control.

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However, an easy way to pass or be destroyed in those game modes is to stray away from your party members. This immediately puts you at risk of being taken down by a group of enemies with no one there to help or avenge you. Basically, there is power in numbers, so keep that number high and increase your chances of survival when encountering enemies.

Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal

Screenshot showing a melee attack in Halo Infinite

There’s no shortage of guns in Halo Infinite, from sturdy assault rifles to alien booms. On the right hand, each can offer plenty of opportunities to take out some mid- and long-range kills.

But let’s say the enemy is right in front of you and you barely fired their shield before you ran out of ammo. What is your job? Well, when all else fails, don’t hesitate to use your elbows and fists. Sometimes, all it takes to take down a stubborn Spartan foe is a well-timed melee attack.

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