7 months after this girl went missing, her mother found a camera in the bathroom which left her in shock

After Sara Bose finally got the courage to get her daughter’s room, she went in to clean it. After not setting foot in it for a full seven months, her world fell apart again. When she saw her daughter’s things, she just couldn’t handle the emotional weight she was putting on her daughter. Jessica was missing for seven months.

Jessica woke up one day and decided to leave her childhood home, never to return. Her departure and sudden disappearance devastated the entire family, but the one who had the greatest impact was her mother, Sarah. The story of Jessica’s escape made no sense as it just wasn’t in her nature. Although she had an argument with her mother before her disappearance, she would never run away no matter how many arguments she had with her mother. Initially, both her family and the police suspected that Jessica had simply run away from home.

There was no evidence of forced entry and nothing seemed out of place in their bedroom. Also, both her bag and foam were gone, leading them to assume she had left of her own volition and that she had actually planned the whole escape. But as they would later find out, this was their first mistake. After the search party stopped, Sarah lost hope and her world collapsed as she realized she might never see her daughter again. Sarah had to find a way to get law enforcement to redouble their efforts and continue the search for her child.

She had to be somewhere and she should be found. Sarah needed something that would prove Jessica hadn’t run away. It was time to think outside the box, but first she had to face the facts and acknowledge that her daughter might never be found and that she would probably have to go with it. Although her daughter is gone forever. To get the evidence she needed, Sarah decided to do something she had avoided for months.

She gathered her courage and entered Jessica’s room. She was sobbing and in pain as she cleaned her missing daughter’s room. She had not been there since the police search. Seeing her normally clean room in such a mess only reassured her that Jessica wasn’t coming back. At first everything seemed fine in the room until she entered the bathroom and there her world was turned upside down.

It was the first piece of a terrible puzzle. Sarah noticed a strange red light in the mirror. She walked towards it to see where it was coming from. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be the mirror handle. At first she thought it was just an odd reflection, but as she got closer she realized it wasn’t.

Sarah looked at the mysterious red light puzzle and then she remembered. Her heart started racing like crazy when she realized what she was seeing. It was a camera, a hidden camera in her daughter’s bathroom mirror and it was still recording, the camera looked too suspicious and oddly placed. It seemed like it was set there. Maliciously, Sarah managed to pull the camera out of the mirror and called her husband.


Hearing the concern and panic in her voice, he rushed inside. They had no idea what was to come. The cameras had it on and planted. Why would Jessica feel the need to put cameras in her own bathroom? Her husband took the camera from Sarah and ran to the computer.

He couldn’t type fast enough as he researched all about his model and how to find the device it connected to. He spent hours researching and browsing each website until he finally found the answers he was looking for. It was possible to track the device, but for this they needed professional help. Immediately, the parents decided to contact the police, who in turn contacted the FBI. The newly found piece of evidence was just what Sarah needed to convince police that there was a lot more to her daughter’s disappearance than meets the eye.

Sarah and her husband had an anxious few days waiting to hear about the investigation and the FBI’s findings. When they were finally contacted by investigators, they couldn’t believe what they heard. Police told them the camera was connected to a device just a few blocks down the street. The camera led to the home of Jessica’s friend Max. Despite warnings to wait for the police before approaching the house, Sarah and her husband ran down the street as soon as they found they had no time to waste if theirs daughter was actually held captive there.

God knows under what conditions. The door of the house was locked and they could not get in through the front door. Just before Sarah was about to throw a rock through the window, the cops came and burst through the door. They ordered Sarah and her husband to wait outside and stay away while they searched the home. After a few minutes of the robbery, Jessica ran out the front door and almost fell when she saw her parents waiting outside.


With her heart racing, Jessica told them everything from the start. When she first found the camera plant in her bathroom mirror, she was shocked at Levin and she immediately confronted Max about it, even threatening him to go to the police. And then he freaked out. Not wanting anything on his record, he freaked out and locked her in one of his next bathrooms, where she had been for the past seven months. Thankfully, Jessica was never hurt or physically abused in any way.

She was fed and even given a television, but her phone was taken away from her so she had no way of communicating with the outside world. She happily hugged her parents and apologized for causing them all the grief and worry. Sarah felt like she was living in a surrealistic movie. These were the kind of stories you only hear about in books or thriller TV shows on streaming websites. Despite the hellish months she’s been through, Sarah was overwhelmed with happiness to finally hold her daughter in her arms again.

But a few questions still ran through her mind. How did the police miss the bathroom camera during their first stop? And how could her friend’s parents not notice that their son was hiding their daughter in their own house? Sarah needed answers to her nagging questions and she needed them soon as it later turned out that the camera was controllable from the device. The red light was only on when it was recording, so police never noticed when he turned it off while searching the church.

As for your other question, it turns out that Mark’s parents had actually moved out of state a year ago and left the whole house to him.

https://news.detroitdailynews.com/2023/02/18/7-months-after-this-girl-vanished-her-mom-found-camera-in-bathroom-that-left-her-in-shock/ 7 months after this girl went missing, her mother found a camera in the bathroom which left her in shock


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