6 Things People Completely Miss in Empire Mythology

Myths of the Empire offers a huge amount of freedom from the moment you start playing. This freedom begins with the map and the world, based on Ancient China. There is so much to do and see what is known as the Eastern Continent. This is a huge 64 square kilometer space in which you can slowly and surely become stronger as you build alliances with friends and other players, battling others by Use the wide range of weapons available and gather resources to build an impregnable base from which to proceed all this from.

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So it makes sense that with all this going on, you might have missed a few things. With this in mind, we’ll go through some of the secrets from the Myth of Empires, ranging from game-changing to helpful tidbits to help you on your way. The great thing about games like this is that there are always more secrets and missed game mechanics to uncover.

Fast travel

Myth Of Empires: Establishing a Base to Return

Start with an aspect that you may have overlooked: ability quickly go through the map and get from A to B much faster than what you did. Book a bed and you’ll be able to return to it from anywhere in the world.

Another component of this is making sure you place chests in and around your bed as you will lose all the items you are carrying when you move fast. This adds the complexity required for fast travel, and you can put these chests down once you reach level four.


two-handed weapon in game screenshot

The Eastern Continent has several caves in its world waiting to be discovered and used. To provide some examples: there is one located underneath the waterfall that provides a great place to stash your most valuable resources from others and another is located in the deep marsh next to the areas. vast area with valuable resources.

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These caves provide new parts of the world that you can explore as well as a multitude of other functions. These include being used as a quick travel point for the area, a place to build a base away from prying eyes, or as a hub for resource extraction activities in the area.

Farming / Gathering Resources

Dragontongue bow cinema screen shot

Trying to survive in the early stages of Myth of Empires can be daunting, and it can be easy to focus on the short-term goal of surviving the next day or night. However, it is important not to miss out on planning for the long term.

Unfortunately, farming for resources on the game is both tiring and inefficient, so you’ll want to find a way to make this as easy as possible. Trolley icons may appear on your map – these represent resource collection points. A group of powerful human NPCs will guard the loot and must be defeated for you to collect them all.

Daily quests

Myth Of Empires: Stress because inventory is almost full

When starting the game, it is easy to start from where you left off and continue with your mission. However, in the early game, you should not only complete the quest lines early, but also log in and make sure you complete the daily quests.

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Daily quests are usually expensive ones but come with generous rewards that are sure to get you through the notoriously difficult early levels as quickly as possible.


War Siege Cinema Screenshot

The Magistrate building itself may not be a secret, found in the eastern part of the map surrounded by various prison camps – not to be missed while in that area. What you might have missed, however, is how this building and more specifically, the control over it determines dominance in the area.

Keeping the building Magistrate allows you to control the local copper and iron resources that abound around the building. Controlling this resource is a sought after position and you can get up to 100k coins per day. But, of course, be prepared for a fight for and control of this area.

Guild Building

Myth Of Empires: Setting Boundary Markers

Earlier, we covered finding ways to make resource gathering easier, to avoid having to farm as often as you might have done. With these capture points on the map, you can also start building lumberyards, mines, and quarries to take your abilities to the next level.

Once you’ve defeated the enemies guarding the base, you can select the flag and see what structures can be built there to begin harvesting resources for you. Once you have your building materials ready, you can go right ahead and start building. Do this enough times, and you’ll build a formidable network of clans. Therefore, it is important to watch out for attacks whether you are playing on a PvP or PvE server.

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